Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 19


In the morning DT notices that viplav looked very happy, He realizes that his grandson’s happiness is with dhaani and turns positive. Kanak thinks that dhaani has done some black magic and swears that she will ruin dhaani’s life. Viplav is lazing in his bed dhaani comes in and sees him wasting his time.
Dhaani: Do you not have any work?
Viplav: Before marriage my job was to meet you now that you are here only I have no other job.
Dhaani: Hmmm, then go and do some other work.
Viplav: What other work? (He winks at dhaani)

He goes closer to her and pins her to the wall and tells her that he has one pending work, he is about to kiss her and shalu comes and knocks at the door, Dhaani goes to open the door and viplav throws a pillow at her. She asks dhaani to come down and make kheer dhaani goes. Shalu asks him why he is angry and tells him that dhaani will be with him all the time and laughs.

Dhaani prepares good kheer and serves it to everyone but viplav is not there. DT and daadi love the kheer. Shalu praises her and kanak fakes a smile. She takes some kheer for viplav, he insists on dhaani for feeding him she feeds him, he tells the kheer was very good as she made it. She smiles. All of a sudden a masked man enters the room, dhaani shrieks and the masked man closes her mouth. Viplav is also shocked, the man opens his mask and it is kunal, viplav’s elder brother. They both hug and viplav introduces kunal to dhaani, he apologizes to dhaani for scaring her. Everyone in the house is happy seeing kunal. Kanak is very happy as her son is back but kunal gets to know the dark side of kanak and also knows her dark secret against the tripathi family.

Scene change to the ashram were dulaari and others miss dhaani and feel very empty, RL feels that she is alone as both her friends are now married there is a knock on the door and when the open it, Dhaani and viplav are standing there everybody’s face gets lit in happiness and viplav tells them that dhaani missed them a lot, so he brought her here so that she would at least smile.

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. viplav romance are superb and why no precap…..

  2. Sry forgot to add it

  3. Precap: Kunal has lost his way and comes to the ashram viplav and dhaani are stunned to see him.

  4. Wow divya,i really hope these scenes to happen after vidhani marriage.cute romance yaar.and pls don’t forget to add precap bcz many fans are reading this and precap keeps all of us in excitement to read further.

  5. Ok……. I will not forget to add the precap

  6. Nice one but I am yet to read the older parts…plz don’t mind..I am really sorry 4 that as now a days I m getting very less free time…but its sure that I will read them all…all the best fr ur future!

    1. thank you plz do read them……. and all the best to you to

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