Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 18


Dadaji laughs and tells that he must wait; Kanak goes to her room looks at the mirror and says wow! Kanak once Dhaani comes to this house you can show her your true face…Dulaari is happy and says that they can do a lot of preparations for the wedding, Badi amma smiles. Piya thinks that if in one month I can win viplav’s heart then he will have to leave dhaani.

She goes to tripathi mansion viplav comes out and is surprised to see Piya. She tells him that she wants to explore Banaras, our hero Viplav understands her move and agrees. He takes her to the ashram and calls dhaani he tells her that Piya wants to see Banaras, Let us show her Banaras. He makes dhaani sit with him in the front.

(They reach Banaras ghat)
Dhaani: If you ask something here with a pure mind it will surely come true.
They all ask something in their mind. This is what they asked;
Dhaani: I want to be with wakil babu for the rest of my life, let him be happy forever.
Viplav: I want only dhaani, I love her a lot.
Piya: I want to marry viplav …

They all go to a fair and they see a chat stall, they all have gol gappa. Piya, dhaani and viplav have gol gappa eating competition; Piya gives up after some gol gappa’s but viplav and dhaani refuse to give up finally dhaani gives up there is a gol gappa left and she feeds it to viplav and tells that he got his price. He tells her best price please give me one more. Piya tells him that she will also give a prize but he tells that he is full and cannot eat.
They go home and he bids them a goodbye, Piya goes in and viplav tells dhaani that he did not get anything for taking them out. She tells good night and closes the door.

[After a month] Piya fails to win viplav’s heart and the day has come when vidha marry. Dhaani wears a beautiful lehenga and she looks like a princess. Everyone complement her. Our hero is wearing a grand sherwani and is looking no less than a prince.

The wedding goes on very well and they are happily married, little do they both know the plans DT and kanak have set up for them. After the marriage dhaani comes to the tripathi mansion, she is about to go to her room, but DT and kanak tell her that she has to make a hundred ladoos in the night as early morning all the pandits will come at 4. Viplav tries to protest but it is of vain. Dhaani agrees, DT asks shushma ji not to help dhaani. Kanak thinks that dhaani will fail and have to face humiliation. Dhaani changes and starts to prepare the sweets. Viplav comes to help her, they both sit up till 1 and make 101 ladoos , Viplav tells her that the one extra is for them and feeds her.

Precap: Viplav and dhaani have some cute moments in their room shalu comes and pulls viplav’s leg to tease him, Dhaani makes kheer and everybody likes it

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. nice divya…….vidhaani now married that sounds good…… gol gappa means north indian food ena. its pani puri or something.

    1. yes in south I fell it is pani puri, usually delhi people call it gol gappa i suppose

  2. Wow …. amazing yarr…..

  3. Wow finally Vidhaani is married in ur ff 🙂 I loved it thank u so much for making Vidhaani marry, I hope DT n Kanak Rani fails in their plan 🙂 😛
    Well done Divya 🙂

    1. thnx, actually i was waiting for the marriage to happen in IKRS but due to the delay, I thought that at least in my ff the vidhaani fans can read abut the marriage.

  4. Nice divya I wish like this only love I get to see in the actual ikrs. Superb divya

    1. Yes…..even I wish they have the same scenes in ikrs

  5. Spoiler: DT turns positive in my off and viplav’s childhood friend comes to the house…. And causes trouble to kanak

  6. Divya,so that d-day happened,our vidhani united.very happy yaar.more happiness is that viplav is always with dhani.when he is with her no harm to her.

    1. Yes, when they are together the look more good and they also tackle problems in a unique way

  7. finally vidha get married in ur ff ….this become a saas bahu drama with dadaji 😛 ….loved it ….. 😀 😀

    1. no actually i will try to bring less kanak maha drama

  8. Finally Vidhani marriage happened.. Its a really good news..precap is interesting.. Waiting for next…

    1. yes, plz keep reading….

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