Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 16


DT gets to know about Tania’s plan and mixes something in dhaani’s drink when Tania takes viplav and dhaani out she sees to that nobody disturbs them, but dhaani feels weak after a few spoons of food and goes in abruptly ending the date, viplav feels bad. Tania goes and asks sorry to viplav but he half heartedly agrees she asks dhaani sorry and dhaani forgives her. Tania tells that dhaani’s heart is quiet big…. 

DT adds something and gives it as medicine and dhaani goes and vomits, she faints after sometime. A man comments that she is a widow and these people are masters in making men to fall for their traps, God knows who and all she has been with. Viplav rages with anger and goes to hit that man but DT stops him. Doctor comes and tells them that she was given something just minutes before, and viplav goes in the room and closes the door he hugs dhaani and asks her what did she have the most recent she tells him that she had the medicine that DT gave. She tells viplav that she is allergic to cloves. Viplav goes out and asks dadaji what medicine he gave, He replies clove oil extract with some ginger. Viplav calms down and explains the problem to his family.

Here there is a knock on the door and viplav opens the door and says Piya has come to Banaras. He gets very happy and introduces Piya to his family. He takes her to dhaani and she is surprised and hugs Piya. Dhaani asks Piya to join her as she is going to the temple and viplav also joins them. She tells piya all about Banaras and the temple’s of banaras.

PRECAP: Dhaani and viplav get to know about the dates. Piya gets to know about the true vidha story and mehendi ceremony goes on.

Note: piya is not dhaani’s step sister in my ff… Plz dont forget to comment

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. Nice divya ….then what’s piya role.

  2. Actually she is just a friend for now……. But i will think of a twist for her role

  3. If you guys want me to write a particular scene or if u want another character in my ff please do tell me

  4. Nice…keep writing

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