Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 15


(Hope you guys like this.)
Viplav takes dhaani to the ashram and goes back home he sees the arrangement for sangeet, he smiles and someone from behind closes his eyes and it is Taniya. He hugs her and thanks her for coming, she tells him that she came for dhaani and not him and they start having a sweet fight. Daadi comes and stops them and takes Taniya to her room.
Viplav calls dhaani but she does not pick up the phone as she was busy, she finishes and gets viplav’s call and he tells her that she makes him get scared for him always by not picking up the phone.
Dhaani: We are going to meet at the sangeet why are you calling me now.
Viplav: But I want to talk to you now, anyways I called to tell that Taniya came to Banaras
(Tanya grabs the phone from viplav)
Tanya: Hi! How are you dhaani?
Dhaani: I am fine how are you?
Tanya: great! 

Dhaani and Taniya have a hour long chat viplav gets bored and goes away, Here someone knocks on dhaani’s room and when she opens it viplav is standing there. He tells you both finished your conversation. Dhaani and Tanya are shocked; Viplav takes the phone and cuts the call.
Dhaani: why did you cut the call?
Viplav: You don’t talk to me so much that you are talking to Taniya.
Dhaani: So?
Viplav: so I came to meet you. (Saying this he goes closer to her)
Dhaani pushes him, but viplav hugs her and says how will you push me now. She smiles and fells shy.
He kisses her on the check she asks him to go or else what will people think. He tells pyaar kiya hein toh darna kya……. They both laugh and ishq ishq plays……

(At the sangeet)
There is a special dance which states the love journey of vidha, viplav and dhaani look at each other and smile, dadaji does not enjoy it and goes in. Kanak and shalu smile. The song dheere dheere plays and vidha have a special moment and everyone clap for them.
Taniya is happy she goes out to look at the surprise she bought for dhaani………

PRECAP: Taniya plans a dinner date for vidha, But dhaani’s health gets spoilt and the date is ruined viplav feels sad, Taniya asks for an apology from dhaani…….. The date for vidha’s marriage is after a month viplav is unhappy with the dates. Piya comes to Banaras

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. Oh poor Vidhanni 😛 too excited for their marriage lol

  2. i am very excited to what happens next, divya great job….. well done

  3. Hmmmm….maybe in the 18th epi….they will be happily married

  4. Amazing divya…eagerly waiting for next part

  5. Divya, really nice.and that phone conversation scene was very funny.superb yaar.

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