Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 14


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Kushal sees the closeness between viplav and dhaani he can’t bear it and decides to marry dhaani and settle up for his problem. The next day he calls dhaani to the temple. She comes but with viplav, Flowers fall on them to greet them both of them look into each other’s eyes and are lost in love. Dhaani goes forward and thanks kushal but he just walks away.
He gets irritated and swears to god that viplav will have to feel the pain for loving dhaani, He is crazy in love with dhaani that he decides to shoot viplav and end his story, He calls viplav near an old temple and dhaani seems to be praying there for viplav’s safety. Kushal fails to see dhaani and sends in the message to murder viplav.
He waits for kushal and does not know the danger lurking over his head, kushal signs the shooter to shoot he gets ready, dhaani sees this and runs to save viplav she stands in front of him and the shooter shoots dhaani. Viplav is shell shocked he holds dhaani and cries he lifts her and promises not to let anything happen to her, He takes dhaani to the hospital and the doctor takes her to the I.C.U ward.
Kushal cries and scolds the man for aiming dhaani he hears the police siren and they both escape kushal’s ring slips of his finger. Viplav is praying to god and asks him to save dhaani’s life. Here dhaani’s heart beats are reducing Viplav keeps a burning hot diya to save dhaani’s life, Deva shri ganesha plays
Dhaani’s life is saved thanks to viplav’s prayers, dulaari rushes in with the others, and Dulaari thanks god for saving her life. Here dhaani’s eyes are searching for viplav and asks about him, badi amma tells he is outside. Viplav comes in and sits next to her he tells her that he thought he had lost her, dhaani tells him that she is fine and they have a nice time together. RL comes in and teases viplav, and tells viplav to let others also look at his ‘going to-be’ wife ‘dhaani viplav tripathi’ and changes the mood.
Kushal comes in and is happy to find dhaani alright. Dhaani points at him and tells murderer, Viplav, RL, kushal are shocked. He denies it, dhaani holds viplav’s hands and tells him that he tried to kill him and she saved him by facing the bullet. Dhaani’s BP comes down and she faints. RL calls the doctor and he advises viplav to keep dhaani calm. He turns to kushal and kushal tries to run but the police catch him, Viplav holds his collar and tells him if anything happens to dhaani he will kill him. The police takes kushal away.
Viplav questions kushal and kushal in anger blurts out that he loves dhaani and planned to murder him to get dhaani, viplav calls this mad love and not mad in love. He reminds him that if he caused harm to dhaani again he will not spare him. Kushal gets beaten up by the police. DT has got the dates for the marriage and calls dulaari to his house she tells him that she will try to come as she has to take care of dhaani, badi amma reminds her that RL and viplav are there with her. Dulaari jokes that bachuwa ji is there that is why I am scared and everybody laugh.


Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. Superb Divya kamaal ka episode wow romance, tragedy, happiness, Miracle, revealation, comedy all in one, wow I m Waitin for next episode

    1. thank you so much………

  2. Super divya wonderful job. go ahead

    1. thnx……. 🙂

  3. Nice poster of your fan fiction,where did u got that.
    In that dhaani is looking really angry ?

  4. Got it from google….. Well in their anger also love is hidden

  5. Superb divya.just loved it.so many things happened in just one day.i too loved that cover pic,it is beautiful.

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