Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 13

Kushal goes to viplav for a chat the topic dhaani comes out, Kushal asks whether he knows anything about dhaani. Viplav admits that he does not know every fold of dhaani’s life, Kushal passes negative comments and calls his love fake, he tells dhaani is pure and you are not, he leave no chance is humiliating viplav. Viplav does not answer but just smiles, Dhaani who hears all this gets angry and tells Kushal to stay away from them and not talk anything bad about viplav as she knows who is more pure. She tells him that you were scared to accept me as the society will speak, but viplav did not care for the society. Kushal is shocked by dhaani’s words and before he could justify dhaani asks him to leave.
Dhaani goes away and viplav follows her, he tells her that dhaani got so angry when someone spoke bad about him and smiles, Dhaani tells why were you listening to him you should have shouted at him, Viplav holds her hand and says he did not say bad about you so I did not care. Kushal here remembers dhaani’s harsh words and cuts his hand he gets angry and walks away dhaani sees his hand cut and tells him to apply some medicine. He asks dhaani why she came here. She tells as a friend.

He asks her as a friend or does your heart still have place for him. She tells him that I love viplav only viplav and I cannot love you so please forget me. He tells her that I will be always there for you and I will love only you. Dhaani leaves the place.
Daadi is preparing sargi for kanak and viplav comes and asks her to make it for dhaani, she agrees dhaani decides to keep a fast for Viplav. Kushal talks to dhaani’s photo and tells “I will keep a fast and u will be mine” and smiles. The next morning viplav gives dhaani and feeds her he tells her not to cheat and asks her to take care. Here kushal eats some food and keeps his fast.

Viplav is sitting on his bed and kanak comes in she spends some time with him and viplav is very happy to get his mother’s love, all the ladies in the ashram have fun talk make garlands till night dulaari is very happy to spend time with her daughter. Dhaani is making garlands and does not realize that the moon has come out, Kushal forgets about his fast and drinks water and then realize that he broke his fast and thinks god does not want me and dhaani to come together. Viplav comes in the ashram to find dhaani making garlands he sits next to her and asks her whether she missed him she tells NO. He asks her whether she broke her fast and tells she forgot about breaking the fast viplav hits his head. Dhaani breaks her fast and viplav and dhaani spend some romantic moments.


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  1. Good going divya here kushal good or bad

  2. For that u must read on

  3. Woah vidhaani’s new challenge Kushal good going m curious for the next episode

  4. Definitely kushal, a big villain

  5. Don’t let Kushal succeed in making Viplav and Dhaani away…..loved it Divya

  6. Khusal ur ek naya twist

  7. Who is Kushal?

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