Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 11


Viplav is excited as the next day he would be getting engaged, dhaani here is also very happy. Dhaani meets kushal he greets her and gives a faint smile. Kushal is a well built smart man and has dark brown eyes which anyone would fall for, his hair was always so neat and he looked perfect but dhaani would not love any of his features as she is in love with Viplav. He got to know that dhaani was getting married he did feel the pain but also wanted to meet Viplav. She bluntly refuses but he gives a naughty smile she turns and sees Viplav she asks Viplav to leave but he refuses, and asks dhaani who is the man she is talking to she tells it is kushal viplav asks who is he? She tells my ex-husbands brother.

Viplav looks at him and thinks “what the hell is he doing here, does dhaani even like this man” Kushal extends his hand for friendship viplav accepts it but still feels insecure for dhaani. She tells viplav that she will meet him later as she has take kushal to the ashram and goes with him.

[IN THE ASHRAM] Dulaari has a liking towards kushal and treats him like a son, she prepare kheer for him and feeds him Dhaani tries her best to avoid him. But he still tags along when she goes to give kheer to viplav, Viplav is happy to see dhaani and irritated to see kushal and mutters under his breath “ kebab mein haddi “ . He takes dhaani to his room but when kushal requests to join along viplav tells we need ‘PRIVACY’ and takes dhaani. {This is the conversation between vidha}
Dhaani: You should have not said like that to him. What if he felt bad?
Viplav: So what? I care only for u and not the rest of the world (Saying this he comes closer to dhaani)

Dhaani: Why do I feel you are jealous of kushal?
Viplav: Nonsense! I don’t care for him as I know u will be only mine.(Saying this he leans to kiss her)

Just then there is a knock on the door dhaani frees herself from viplav and opens the door and it is kushal he asks dhaani to come as dulaari wants her at home, Dhaani nods and asks him to go and says she will join him. Viplav comments that he needs a watch for his bad timings. She laughs and tells I have to give u a gift and tells him to close his eyes she gives him a peck on his cheeks and leaves . Viplav has a big smile on his face ………

Hope U guys liked it this is for all vidha fans…. 

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. Divya u r on a roll wow two consecutive episodes of your ff and both are well done keep it up 🙂

  2. nice divya

  3. Good one…keep going….

  4. Sorry divya,i couldn’t comment on your part ten.i just read it and i must say it was amazing bcz u revealed dhani’s past and it was superb.and about today’s epi it was mind blowing with vidhani scenes.it was really a treat for vidhani fans.just waiting for next part.why no precap?

  5. Take care of ur health dear.

  6. Thank u so much…….. I will take care saranya……. thnx fatarajo,kaviya,suije,sarany

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