A girl’s voice is heard. She is teaching philosophy of love to students in Arts college of Amritsar. “ Students, love is something which wont alert you and come but it will come and then you will become alert.” Her smiling lips are shown. “Love makes everything possible ……. love can make anything….anything possible and…..” and bell rings…… “Oh fish ma’am…not again……. ma’am please continue,” Aarti-a student said to her. “Yes ma’am please do not end this period; we will stay overtime. We always wait and do not come to know when u time passes by….” “How sweet of you all, dear. But now time is up. We will meet again”. She smiles. She turns to leave when she turns around and says “And always remember……” “…….all do not get pure love it depends on us to make our love pure”, everybody shout happily. “Not bad guys.” And she leaves. she comes and her legs are shown walking. She comes out of college. “Twinkle….twinkle….!!!”, someone calls out. She turns and sees and smiles. A guy is shown in black jacket and white shirt with and black jeans a rudraksh bracelet in his right hand while a watch on another. The girl is shownwith blue churidar and dupatta with straight hair open and curls in front[ as jasmine did in recent epi of mrs. Amritsar competition] “ hey kunj….i mean mr. Kunj sarna…”. Their faces are revealed- they are none other than twinkle and kunj. Twinkle comes. “Hi Mr. Kunj sarna……so how are you my dear hubby!!!”“Hmm….Mrs Kunj Sarna……so how was your day…….” “Kunj …..nice!!” “So what say about a drive…..Mrs. Syappa Queen” “Not a bad idea, kunj. I must say that you are improving day by day…..company matters you know…” “Ya…[imitating] company matters….i see come and sit”. She sits and they leave for a drive. They enjoy scenery and matargashti plays in bg. “Love is in the air. How i wished he loved me as i loved him. For me he i my soul; heart; body and myself to him but for him…..do i really matter to him…” She eyes him lovingly. “How i wished she had feelings for me. Oh how desperate my heart is to listen those three magical words from her mouth but i think have to wait for whole of my life…” Lost in his own thoughts kunj doesnot sees a curve and bangs his car with a tree. They both jerk towards front. Kunj had worn seat belt while twinkle had not. She hit her head on front and it started bleeding. “Twinkle…..Twinkle……get up. I am here na…..ur kunj is here…its my fault I did not notice and banged my car.” “No kunj its neither your fault nor mine…. it…its[breathing heavily] fault of my luck…my life. Happiness; love and peace is not in my luck…..” They share a very painful eyelock. A tear rolled from twinkle’s eye while kunj cried bitterly. He came out and fetched her out of the car…… “Kunj, i think my time is finished. I have to go” “No…no…no…twinkle u can’t go….did u get that?? U can’t leave me like this[Jag soona Jag soona lages plays in bg]He takes her in arms and rushes…….

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TIME PASSES BY{AFTER 20 DAYS}<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< A beautiful mansion is shown with board stating SARNA MANSION. The view shifts to a beautiful room with many pictures of twinkle and kunj. A very large portrait of TWINJ. “Twinkle, how could you leave me alone like this......” “When did i leave you yaar kunj”, someone comes and hugs him from the back. “You have left me twinkle.....only ur syappa’s are left....”he laugh while funny tone play in bg. “Ahha, very funny kunj...... u are so bad....if i m so bad i will leave you after mahi di and uv jiju’s marriage...ohk???” “ No u cant twinkle.....” “why not??? I will nd surely will” “No ways, twinkle...” “yes and mr khadoos u only wanted to get rid of my syappas na .....then i am freeing you”. She had tears in her eyes. Her tears were like pearls that depicted all her emotions- joy to live with him forever, sorrow to hear his rejection, laughter of their moments spend together and Tashan in their relation and now she wanted to realize his love for her.....she wanted TASHAN-E-ISHQ!!! “Because i want you to always be near me.....i need u....i want u...because” “.....because what kunj...answer me i want all answers to my question...what kunj???” “...because i love u....i love ur syappas...i luv ur simplicity.....i luv u” “kun...Kunj...why did u took so much time.....i was dying to hear this......i love you too....u know what would have happened if u did not.....i would have killed my...” He kept hand over her mouth. They both smile..... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AGAIN TIME PASSES BY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< A very beautiful decorated room is shown..... The theme is red and white; red being twinkle’s favourite and white kunj’s. “Tammana jeene ki tumhaare saath; marte samay ho haaton mai haath.......mar mitenge tumhare liye chahe khaani pade maat” “Ek hasin si ladki ne kaha: pyaar karte ho mujhse?? Laske ne jawaab diya: batane ki zaroorat hai kya??? Ladki keh padi: batane ki zaroorat nahi h.....par is baatkikya guarantee ki mai tumhari mohbat mai marungi nhi.....bas vahi dekhna chahti thi” Suddenly lights go off!!! Spot lights comes on twinkle. She is surprised and turns around but finds nobody and calls out for kunj but there is no response. She stands tensedly. Suddenly she feels a hand around her waist. But before she could react someone pulled herself close to her. It was none but her kunj. “kunj, you and what is all this” “hmm....as if u dont understand haan??? All for u.....Will u give me the gr8 opprtunity to dance with you, mam[and he bows]....the great syappa queen” “ Syappa queen-again kunj...go i won’t talk to u” she gets annoyed and is about to leave when he holds pallu of her saree[yes guys saree she is wearing red and golden saree]. Twinkle at once stop and holds her pallu and closes her eyes and breathes heavily........ kunj comes near her holding his pallu and the lights go off.......!!! That night was a very beautiful one with no sign of moon as if moon also wanted them to remove all their misunderstandings and become 2 bodies and one soul........from there started a new journey........ a journey of love, of marriage, of friendship, of trust and of closeness. That night was auspicious as two unknown lovers became one at last.[ gerua plays] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>After 15 days<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Its mahi and yuvi’s marriage. “di i have met you after so many years and see now you will go away from me and become mahi yuvraj sarna” “ohho, drama queen where am i going infact my sweet twinkle, i am coming na to ur house....imean to our house-SARNA MANSION and i will be ur devraaani, ok jethaani ji...!!!” “ di.....no devraani-jethaani and all haan.....i am ur twinkle and u r my mahi di” “Acha meri maa....oops i mean meri behen....” both share a hearty laugh. “Pata hai aapko di......jab aap aur papa nahi the na to ye hansi mujhe apki photo ke saath baatni padhti thi.....kaash..ki...” “ .....kaash ki tu kabhi hoti hi nahi.....kaash ki tu...normal insaan hoti aur syappa queen nhih na??”, a voice comes from behind and its kunj along with uv. “oh mr sarna so u r there...as expected......jiju why don’t you tell ur brother how to behave with wife.....[ignoring him].....just look at jiju.....how he cares for di.....right di????right jiju????”She smile while yuhi shies. “just shut up na twinkle” They all share cute moments and take a selfie to capture that moment while leela comes and calls four of them as marriage was about to start.” They all comply and are going . yuhi are in front followed by twinj. They are walking on stairs when twinkle feels like dizzy and is just going to fall when kunj holds. “tu theek hai na” “haan kunj ba chakkar aa rhe the mai theek hun” They leave while all rituals are performed. Yuvi and mahi are on cloud nine [marriage shlokas play in bg] All are happy for twinj and Yuhi.As yuhi are taking pheres[ritual and auspicious rounds around fire in havankund], twinkle again starts to feel dizzy but she manages. She sees imli kept near the mandap. She secretly takes it and starts eating it . while kunj sees her and gets amazed “Does she like imli....infact she hates it....then why??”And twinkle also thinks “Why am i feeling like eating it more and more”. As she was going to eat she felt like vomiting. She rushed to washroom and she vomited. She was not feeling well. As soon as yuhi completed their marriage twinkle fell down unconscious. “Twinkle...twinkle get up.....i think she is not well...i will, take her to room.” “yes kunj she has turned pale u take her and i will call doctor”, uv suggested. They all ,meanwhile completed remaining rituals. After ometime doctor comes and examines twinkle. “Dr. is twinkle okay.....she was feeling dizziness since morning.” “mr.Sarna did u notice something strange today” “Strange....lemme think...ya twinkle was eating tamarind even when she hates it.....” “congratulations mr kunj ur wife is going to become mother and u r going to become father...” “dr....what..me....father.....omg....thank you so much Dr......bebe dad mom ma bhai bhabhi tauji you all heard na what doc said dad u r going to become dadaji and mom u dadi and maa u nani and papa u nana....oh i m so happy. All are happy and share sweets. Kunj requests all of them to be with yuhi and all agrees and he goes near twinkle. He caress her hair and she opens her eyes and asks him “kunj what happened why are u crying” and wipes his tears. He takes her hand and says “if i will tell u the reason u will also cry” “what’s the matter-is it so serious?” “twinkle u are going to be mom and me dad” those words echoed in her ears....are u serious kunj......omg......i m so happy......and all would be happy right?” he nods in agreement. “Twinkle, now our family will be complete and we will live happily ever after” Hearing this twinkle’s smile vanishes ......and she thinks “kunj with coming of our baby our family would be not complete because this baby would come and i will go...but i will surely give u this happiness of bcoming a father.....” she smiles seeing him happy. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SOME DAYS GO WELL WITH GRIHPRAVESH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< OF MAHI AND 7 MONTHS OF TWINKLE’S PREGNANCY Its twinkle’s god bharai rasam going on....... all are happy except twinkle. Her heart is breaking after reminiscing kunj’s words “Twinkle, now our family will be complete and we will live happily ever after”. But he does not knows it is twinkle’s sacrifice of her life that will give him the happiness of fatherhood. Yes twinkle has complications with her pregnancy which she already knows but none of them did....not even leela or Rt....!!! Suddenly someone’s voice broke the chain of her sorrow. “ ohh....mrs twinkle .....” its mahi uv and kunj together. “omg, jiju, di, and u kunj why are u shouting...u knw na it not good for baby” and she keeps her hand on her stomach....and all smile seeing her.... “arre twinkle, dont worry our chottu’s[for baby] chichi or maasi is here na” “leave it twinkle....gudiya rani’s[for baby] chachu or maasa as her wish is here na” “no he will be chottu my chottu.....” “no...gudiya.....my gudiya rani.....” “ohk di and jiju....whether he be di’s chottu or she be jiju’s rani it will spread happiness and bring smile on face of all.......” they nod in agreement and smile “.....and will complete our family”, said kunj. All smile andbecome emotional. After godbharai rasam, twinkle is going somewhere. “twinkle tu kahan jaa rhi h vo bhi aisi haalat mai....” “kun...kun......kunj...vo.....actually mai soch rhi thi ek baar check-up ho jaaye to.....” “to mai chalta hun tere saath . I can’t take any risk for u and my baby” she smiles seeing him and they leave. As they are in car, twinkle asks kunj “kunj, god forbids , but in case u have to choose between me and baby whom will u choose?” “twinkle, u r ohk na.....why are u asking like this....” “no just like this tell na....” “of course u twinkle.....but don’t worry i know nothing will happen ever like this.” Twinkle sees this and think “ it will happen kunj...it will.....because in my case either i can live or our child.....nd i know how attached u r to this child so this child has to live and i have to die.....I knew i have many complications in my pregnancy but i know how much u love me and this child and for this our child has to come in this world.....for u for me for us.....” Till then they reached hospital and twinkle went for check-up while kunj waited outside. Twinkle asked doctor “ doctor i am ready deliver this child and my husband also”[she lied to doctor and convinced him] doctor agreed. Suddenly she starts to have labour pain and she screams. Kunj comes and sees it and asks doctor to start her treatment..... Doctor nod and asks nurse to take her in pregnancy ward. She is made to lie on a bed while kunj holds her hand. “ nothing will happen to u or our baby, twinkle.....but just have faith in me in u and in babaji......ohk.” She agrees but inside she knew that her life their life was going to be finished with this delivery. She eyed him for one last time before dying.....she wanted to see everybody but could not express it” her treatment started. [ AFTER 30 MINUTES]Doctor came out and asks kunj “mr kunj, as u know we will be able to save either mother or child” “ as i would know....how will i know were there any complications???” “U donot know mean Mrs. twinkle did not told u she has a very complicated pregnancy and in fact she told that she convinced u” and he shows reports. He is shocked and asks doctor to save twinkle and not their child..... he complies but comes after sometime and tells him “Mr kunj we are sorry but on ur great insistence of ur wife we had to deliver this baby as it is against hospital norms to disobey will of patient.....now ur wife has very little time plss go fast and meet her....” Kunj stands shocked but goes and sees inside. By this time all had come and kunj told them everything and all were in shock..... “kunj...kunj.....” “twinkle...twinkle....u cant do this with me...u know na how much i love u” “and what about our child kunj...it was an unborn soul how could i kill him and ur happiness..... i have to go.....i have to go......so what if i m dying our love will live in ur heart our baby’s heart in our families’ heart” [turning towards uv] “ yes jiju,its ur gudiya rani .......and di u will take care of ur gudiya rani na.....u have to becomehis ma and not maasi...ok??”[she hand overs baby to them] “nothing will happen to u.....ur di-jiju is here na”,yuhi said togrther. “ maa,bebe,mummy ji,papaji,tauji,cherry bhaiya...everybody take care...now i have to go” “ twinkle so u wont live right.” “yes kunj i can’t” “so fine kunj will live with either his twinkle or wont live.” Saying this he goes to a cabinet takes out poison and drinks..... Twinkle shouts “kunj....what have u done.” Doctor makes him lie on bed near twinkle. “Now we are together again.....one sacrifice u gave by giving ur life and a tribute i gave by giving my life.” They smile and put hands into one another’s hand. All look at them shockingly. Kunj says “Tammana jeene ki tumhaare saath” twinkle says “marte samay ho haaton mai haath” they both together say “mar mitenge tumhare liye chahe khaani pade maat” “Maa we both had written a letter for our child please give it to her when she grows up......” she hand over a letter to usha. “now,wehave to go ma, mom,dad, bebe,bhai,bhabhi....plss meri gudiya ka khayal rakhiyega.....meri twinkle kakhayal rakhiyega.....” twinkle sees him and then child and smiles. “ to syappa queen taiyaar ho jaa..ek naye safar ke liye.....” “taiyaar hun mai kunj....is tashan-e-ishq k eek naye hasin safar ke liye” and they close their eyes peacefully with holding one others hands. All are mourning at their deaths and twinj are taken in same position and even last prayers are over they are in same position. The priests before burning their bodies say: THEY WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER>>>THEY HAVE DIED BUT NOT THEIR SOULS THEIR SOULS ARE HERE AMID U ALL…….ONLY TRUE LOVERS CAN FEEL THEM<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>MAYBE U GET BORED SO PLSS DONOT THROW ROTTEN EGGGS OR TOMATOES>>>>>>>OHK??????


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    1. first of all misha hi there my nameis rakshita andi have written this ff so guys dont be confused……and second plss dont write comments if u dont have manners to write or talk….i am sorry may b i am younger to u…..but please have some etiquette to comment…..and btw its one slot so firt note that that and i hope that u know what a one slot ff means…..and also u r commenting on someone’s efforts and pls take care and think what if i had commented similarly on ur ff…..btw thanks as critics are also important for a writer!! And i did not mean to hurt you….but plss mind ur language or else i wont be able to mind my temper!!!!

      1. And dear misha the ff dp is of twiraj as i posted this epi through my email id and they without asking put default dp….and this content asu can see is of twinj…jut use ur common sense na…… i m really sorry if any of my cmmnts have hurt u!!!! But im just replying u back in ur language/…….

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