Pure love…..chapter 2

Pure love……..

Chapter 2.

Guys I was so happy seeing response. Many guessed sanskar was mad but just wait and watch *winks*
And yes I typed story sleepily yesterday so ignore the spell errors.

Swara comes to her sasural. She has a tear stained face. They finish all the rituals and swara did puma in the temple. All the while Sanskar was standing next to her silently. Swara thought maybe he was dumb!

Later uttara(sanskars sister) took Swara to her room and made her sit on the bed. Uttara did not even talk or smile at swara. Swara gave confused looks all the time.

After some time a lady entered swara’s room. She was Ap.

Ap- Woh….beta I am sanskars badi ma.

Swara: Ji….. Namaste.
She needs and takes ashirvad. Ap hugs her and blesses her.

Ap: Swara I need to tell you something before you see sanskar. Woh…..sanskar he….he is…..
She looked tensed.

Swara: Please tell me what it is. I don’t mind.
Swara was also tensed now.

Ap: Swara after sanskars parents died he became little mentally unstable. He is very kiddish and also sometimes becomes angry. He can get cured very soon with love and care. Please take care of him.

Swara was now more than shocked. Her brother had married her off to mad person. A mental insaan. She was on the verge of tears.

Swara: Matlab……usse kuch…..

Ap: Don’t be tensed beta. I love him more than my own kids. Sanskar is always special to me. Destiny plays with everyone and it played with my sanskar also. I’m folding my hands to you. Please take care of him.

Swara: I?…I will…..I will try.

When they are taking dp comes inside.

Dp: Swara beta please……he is also my son only….take care of him and give him these tablets regularly. Don’t miss a single day else he will lose his mind.

Swara looks at the tablets and nodes. They bless her and go. Swara starts crying as soon as they go. Then she feels two hands tapping her shoulder slowly. She turned to see who it was.

It was guy in wedding clothes. He was supposedly her husband. He was sanskar.

Sanskar: Aa…are….are you crying??

Swara was shocked. She didn’t know what to do. She was hell scared. She remembered ap’s words he can be cured with love and care………

She ignored him and went. She changed her dress and came back. She slept on the bed.

Swara: Sleep……here
She indicated the other side of the bed.

Sanskar: I’m not sleepy…..

Swara: I said sleep!!!
She said a little louder. Seems he got scared. Sanskar slept off……

Precap- Next day…..will swara change sanskar? Is Sanky really mad or what??……Dp real face……

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  1. Cutiie


  2. nice. is he acting is dp is behind sanskar parents died? .. i think sanskar acting as menatl person after some time she comes to know he is alright and swara helps him… what is dp real face.. update soon.. and give some long part

  3. i think that tablets are wrong

  4. I think he isnt……awesome part dr……

  5. Superb…I guessed correct…Precap is scaring…Loved it…Please post next part ASAP

  6. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear

  7. MOU

    I think the tablet is wrong…..continue soon

  8. Awesome chappy… i dnt think dat Sanskar is mad.. may b he is acting.. or may b not .. its just a guss…
    bt i loved ur FF… plz next part soon..???

  9. Arshaanya

    I guess dp is giving him wrong tablets…
    Or maybe sanky z fine jus acting to reveal dpz truth… its jus a guess… abt d chapiit was gud..

  10. Soujanya


  11. Vyshu10

    superb….is dp giving sanky wrong meds? May be sanskar is fine but just acting to find some proofs

  12. I think do is villain

  13. G.Chandu

    awesome…!! Waiting for next part…!!

  14. Mica

    i think…. i think…. uuft i think…. aahh my brain is tired now..
    luv it so much Katie.. continue soon, ty

  15. Different story…mind blowing

  16. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome …

  17. Tamanna

    Awesome… Please update next one soon

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