Pure love…..chapter 1


Pure love……

Hello guys! Here is a new story on Swasan.?
Hope you enjoy it.

A man: Swara!! Tabyar ho Jao! Tomorrow is your wedding. You will get married tomorrow and will be out of my life.

Swara: Bhaiyya! Pls mujhe nai Marni yeh Shari. Please bhaiyaaa. Don’t send me away. I will do as you say and listen to you always. Please i want to study.

Man’s wife: Sahil Ji…..let her stay. She is till 22. Marriage is too early. Let her finish her studies at least first.

(Yes the man is Sahil and his wife is Kavya)

Sahil: Shut up!! Make her ready. She will be the bahu of Maheshwari’s! Surya Prasad Maheshwari’s daughter in law! Hahahaha……Swara your life there will be worse than here. Your husband is…….wait wait. Let be be suspense. You will get to know tomorrow. Enjoy till then meri so called behna!!

Swara started to cry. Kavya started consoling her. Her Bhai always gutted her and her bhabi consoled her. She had big dreams but today everything broke apart. She would be married and had to be like a bahu.

Kavya was also helpless. She had to follow sahil.

Durga prasad(dp)- So you want this deal?

Sahil- I want it at any cost! Please give it to me only sir.

DP- Okay fine. Let it be. The deal is yours.?.
But I have another condition.

Sahil- What is it??

DP- Find a girl for my Brothers son! Sanskar Maheshwari. She should do as I say. I want the marriage to happen in two days.

Sahil- I will find a perfect girl for him. But sir he is a Maheshwari he will easily get girls. Why are you asking me??

DP- Hahaha(Tells him something)

Sahil: Ohh!! Is it?? T I have found the girl already sir. Keep the papers ready. The wedding is tomorrow itself.???

DP- ???


Swara is crying. She thinks her life ruined. She has no one now. Her mom left her when she was 3 years. Her father married Kaveri. Kaveri then gave birth to Sahil. After few years her father passed away. Even kaveri started mistreating her. After she died Sahil was even worse. He used to come home drunk and also got his friends home. His friends used to trouble swara a lot.

One day he got Kavya home. He married her. Kavya was a very nice person and was sister like for swara. They used to enjoy a lot. Swara started smiling again. She felt her mother’s presence. But now even those days were over. She would leave that house and go to a place which she didn’t even know.

She slept cryingly awaiting for the day to dawn upon her.

The next day………
Kavya made swara ready with a red wedding legenga. She made her look like a bride but the bride lacked the smile. She looked sad.

Kavya helplessly took her to the mandap. Swara was crying. No body was there. Only sahil and another family maybe her would be husband’s family. Stood there.

Sahil and Kavya did kanyadan. They took saath pheras and the wedding got over. All the while her husband’s face was under the sehra. She wondered how he looked?

Then inthe vidai swara hugged Kavya and cried. Kavya consoled her.

Kavya: Whenever you remind me call me I will come to see you okay?
She kissed her forehead.

Sahil: Hogya??

Swara: Whatever happened…..you were are and will be my Bhai. No one will change that.

She hugged him. He reluctantly placed his hand over her head. She smiled in her tears.

Swara: You atleast hugged me because of the wedding……

Then she left. Her husband was in the car by then. She sat alone. She waved to Kavya and Sahil. Sahil had tears in his eyes but controlled. How much ever he hated her they were kids of the same father.

Somewhere he had guilty feeling of doing all this to her while she had no mistake. But still he went inside and slept with a heavy heart.

Precap: Suhaagrat………what will happen?? What’s the secret between sahil and dp?? What’s wrong with sanskar?

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