PuRe lOvE caN nEvEr sEperAteD part-3 ( MAHA EPISODE)part -2


Hello ishu here !! Plzzz if you are not liking my ff so plzz bash me all negative comments and postive comments should be their soo that i can write more properly …

Now story starts》》》

Ragini was now hell worried and something stuck in her mind and took laptop and called laksh
Ragini: ( shouted):Laksh plzzz come fast plzzz plzz( all elders have gone to relative marriage so they are not at home and uttara has gone for her camp )
Laksh: haa ragini i comng …. (huffing) seee i came running lyk i was olympic player
Ragini: laksh drink water see laksh i am tracking swara see in gps its locating that she is going out of kolkata . .( worriedly told in one breath)
Laksh: ragini take a break and breath and tell wats gps and all ???(totallyconfused)
Ragini: ( tells everything): see i think swara is in trouble lets follow her
Laksh : challo lets goo fast that place is far …challlo fast
Sahil car
Swara: we reached or not plzz tell me were we going ??
Sahil: arrey after 5 mins we will reach okay
After sometime they reached and sahil opened the door of car and swara came out and yelled at sahil: sahil can i remove the cloth plzz plzz
Sahil: noo come inside first
Swara: where are we
Sahil: at my framhouse (monologue) swara now you will be mine and we will start a new lyf swara And they went inside and swara… ( evilly said )
…………raglak car
Ragini : laksh plzz fast see swara has stoped somewhere plzz
Laksh : haan ragini u till then call police i think she is in verry big trouble
Swara removed cloth from her eyes and was shocked full fram house was decorated with red heart shape balloon candles and many more….. ( guys i hate sahil i cannot describe more now )
Swara turned to sahil and asked: sahil please tell me what is this???
Sahil: i knw swara you are surprised but all i want is You swara yess swara i love you ate my lyf plzz swara i will fie without plzz say yess ( huh stupid fellow i want too kill him )
Swara( frowned): wat is thiz sahil i am your frnd you very well knw that i am not single i am married and i don’t love you i thought you as my frnd and you …
Sahil: i knw that you are married but your so called bloddy husband tried to kill two tymes and just give him divorce and start new lyf wid me ( angry )
Swara(was now hell angfy becoz he said abt sanskaar na ): just stop it sahil and you knw its my lyf its my decision to give him divorce or not and sanskaar is better than you i was full day locked wid him but did not harmed me infact he took care ….
Sahil: ENOUGH SWARA !!! Swara how can u take his name infornt of meee that bl***y fellow how can you you are only mine just get thiz in your mind and he slapped swara very hard and she got hitted by a pillar and blood was also comming out she falled unconsiouces
Sahil came towards her and carssed her cheeks and said : now you will be mine swara forever haaa a
And he leaned to kiss swar but but.

Credit to: ishu

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    Phir se chotu sa cute sa update.

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    This is chotu Sa part….

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