PuRe lOvE caN nEvEr sEperAteD part-1

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Recap = Swasan tashan + home arrest , chocolate wala scene


Swara was eating chocolate lyk kid and sanskaar was staring her loving wen swara felt gaze she immediately looked at sanskaar who was just lost

Swara : Sanskaar i am soo sorry no chocolate is left you were also hungry ( asked ssooo sweetly )

Sanskaar( got startled) : wohh … its okay my tummy got filled by seeing you eating chocolate ( indirectly telling his feelings)

Swara was confused. By thizz statement and asked
Swara ( questioning look): What !!
Sanskaar : arrre nothing you just wash your face you are looking cartoon see around your lips all chocolate is spread saying thizz he laughs loudly ….haaahaa

Swara got embrassed and angry at same tym
Swara: wohh.. toh kya hua and anyways i am not cartoon you are….uuu.you are chotta bheem saying thiz she ranned to washroom and sanskaar laughed at her childshish antics
And after sometym she came out of the washroom and saw sanskaar working in laptop and gets irked
Swara (monologue ): thiz stupid , mokey is not atall looking at me he don’t even knw that i am standing huh ….wait wait why i am thinking abt him wat if he is not seeing me why its bothering mee ..huh just stop thinking stupid things swara

Sanskaar saw swara lost in thoughts and said : swara are u thinking abt me ?
Swara: hmm yess
Sanskar: ohh wow finally you started thinking of me
Swara( got startled): Nnoooo i was just… leave it …

After. 2 hours he checked the tym it was 8:45 pm and he saw swara sleeping peacefully in bed soo without disturbing her he put blanket on her and was lovingly staring at her ….

After next two hours…. swara got frm her beauty sleep and saw blanket over her and looked door opened and after she went to hall insearch of sanskaar but she did. Not found him and suddenly heard sound frm kitchen she got panicked and was slowly slowing going to kitchen and wen she finally reached kitchen she was shocked to see kitchen condition
Yes sanskaar was playing wid flour and whole kitchen ka naksha badal gaya and swara asked : sanskaar wat is thiz wat have you doone to kitchen all flour water and utensils are lying in floor and ….
Sanskaar back was facing now he turned and looked swara and said : ohh swara you woked up
Swara screamed : aaahaaaaaaaa who are you idiot
Sanskaar : swara its me sanskaar and why are you screaming.
Swara saw sanskaar showered in flour n was looking lyk white ghost and swara took steel plate and showed sanskaar and sanskaar : aahhh swara who is thiz donkey
Swara laughed : haahaaa its you sanskaar And now starts wats going on ??
Sanskaar : woha ctually after you slept then i noticed. Beside door their are side window also so unlatched and came out and opened the door and i was verrry verry much hungry and no hotel was ready to give food as it was late soo i thought to make…..
Swara( intreputed ) : ssoo you thought to make food and you didn’t even realized that their is side window …huh and wait wait something is burning she looked stove and asked : frm when. The cooker is on stove ?
Sanskaar : frm last three hours
And suddenly cooker blast
Thud. Tuuud
And all smoke was their and swara huffing and saw sanskaar full white flour face was now black and was huffing and swara said : sanskaar anyone keep cooker for 3. Hours !!
Sanskaar : i did’nt know my first try will be thizz much aggresive
Swara : first you go and clean yourself i will make dinner you goo now

After an hour swara cleaned kitchen usne kitchen ka naksha barbar kiya and made dinner
And they both had dinner and sanskar was very much tired after civil war and went to room and just falled on bed and swara came to check sanskaar and saw sleeping peacefully and she just put blanket over him and smiled at him and was abt to goo he held his wrist and said ( murmuring): swara don’t goo i really love you i didn’t attack you plzz don’t go i can’t lose you ……
Swara was stunned , surprised , shocked she slowly removed his hand and went to guest room and was continuesoly thinking abt sanskaar words and whole night she was thinking and she also dozed off thinking abt sanskaar

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