Hi guys Ishu here !! I am new writer so support me. I am going to write small story i also do’nt knw how much parts it will take but i will try to finish in 3-4 parts okayy so lets starts

Its starts frm the recent track that swara is living in mm and she is getting flashes ( guys sanky ghar chod ke nahi gaya ) she now comformatable wid everyone but except sanky . But sanskaar try his best to get swara get her meomry back but she is slowly slowly improving .. ….. but sahil is fumed in anger so he is filling her mind Against sanky and mm people and swara is trusting him blindly ….. NOW STARTS THE STORY …》》》》

One fine day ap,dp,rp,sujata were gone to kuldevi madir for havan so they will not be at home

Later swasan room

Sanky was in washroom swara hesisently came to take her moblie ( guys swara is living in guest room ) which she forget in their room so while taking her moblie sanskar came out of washroom and he was drying his hair ( guys clothes he wored:-P)
Swara was mesmerized she was just staring him sanskar noticed swara and was surprised

Sanky : SWAra you here at my room am i dreaming ohhh welcom welcome swara

Swara: hey just shutup i just came here to take my moblie … ( angry face)

Sanky (feels bad but composes himself): you are always welcome
Just then they heared thud ……..

Yes door was locked by uttara
Uttara : bhai you did’nt give me credit card na so stay her only now no one i at home i am going to classes and i will stay their only and raglak are gone for bhabhi checkup and then they will directly come at night soo enjoy your punishment at your room

Outside the door uttara was giving thumbsup to raglak yes it was their plan

Sanskar(shouts) : uttara u can’t do thiz plzzz plzzz plzzz open tge doooor uttara …
But but uttara left and rqglak also left

Now swara sanskaar where alone in one room whole day

Swara (shouts) : Its your fault sanskkaar you should have given her credit card you are not even a good bro

Sanky ( deeply hurt by swara words) : see swara i did’nt gave her credit card because before two daysz only she emptied my credit card and without knowing anything you cannot judge anyone ..

Swara (unkowiingly hurt by his words but ignore ) Now juzt do anything and get me out of thizz room i can’t stay with u

Sanky : now nothing can happen u and me has to stay here till anyone comes so sit

Swara : noooo a big noo i can’t stay wid u if you hurted me soo

Sanky : you don’t hav option okay just wait let me think

He took his moblie and call lucky
Laksh was driving and ragini is also sat besides him

Moblie convo

Lucky : haa bhai bol
Sanky: tells everything ) soo just come fast
Lucky: bhai soo sorry yaar after ragini checkup we both had to attend party + meeting so we will try to come okay ( very puppy face and sweetly ) and cuts the calls
And laksh and ragini burst out laughter
Ragini: wht. A acting laksh hope swara get her meomry back
Laksh : don’t worry ragini she will get her meomry back. Challo lets go for long drive
Ragini: yess challo lets goo

Swasan side swara was pacing here and their in room and paniking and said to sanskaar who was engrossed in laptop doing his work
Swara : don’t you have extra key so we can get out of thizz room
Sanky: ohhh holdon madam i have extra key but door is locked frm outside got it
Swara( realize wht she said) : haa okay okay insaan se galti kabhi kabhi ho jati hai
Sanky : laughs: haaaa haaaa
Swara got angry and pouted

Sanskaar : okay sorry don’t be angry ( very very sweetly )
Swara ( sees it melts ) : haa okay okay just stay away frm me okay don’t come close okay
In our sanky mind something got stuck and was smiling nautily
Swara saw and said : why are u smiling .. he was coming towards swara making her sweat … swara said hey i said stay away why are u coming towrds me
Sanky : its my room my legs i can go any where wherever i want saying thizz he was very close to swara
Swara was breathing heavily and said : sanska..ar don’t come cloze to mee
Saying she was moving backwards and in fear she closed her eyes and she was surprised that behind her their was jug of water and glass and sanskaar was pouring water in glass she and after drinking water sanskaar was gigling seeing swara sweat and gave her hankercheif
Sanky ( very innocently) : swara why are you sweating ? I came here tO take water olkay take thiz ( ttook hankercheif and gave her ) she sighs relieved and took deep breath and take hankercheif and was wiping sweat and sanskaar a said : swara wht you were thinking tht ….
Swara widen her eyes : ( fumbles) noo.. i was jus..st nervous

Sanskar: ( clam tone ) : swara i will not touch u without your permission don’t be scared

Swara was stunned by his words and was staring him but reality stuck and avoid eye contact
After 3-4 hours tym swara was bored and sanskaar was still doing his work and swara was thinking something
Swara POV
Yaar he attacked me two tymes but today he had gloden chance then also he did not attacked me or got closed … Nnoo how can i forget ge shot me .. i am thinking too much because i am very very much hungry

And suddenly a big dairy milk silk came infront of her and her mouth was filled wid water and sanskaar was offering her but she was soo stubron
Sanky : take thiz and hav it u must be hungry and so sorry i was working so i did’nt paid attenion on so plzz hav it
Swara : noo if in thiz choco poison is their so i will die naa soo i don’t need it
Sanky ( knws tht she is lieing soo naughty idea came ) : okay as your wish i was also hungry so i will hav it.its very big choco aah in my mouth niagara falls are running saying thiz he opened th wraper at took one bite and says:

Ahh wat a delicious chocolate saying thizz he was licking his hands
And thizz was enough for swara swara eyes were widen and water was flowing frm her mouth and she quickly grabbed and started eating and said : olkay okay give it to me if you are forcing me soo much i will hav it okay
Sanskaar who was surprised was saying : when did i forced you ? Huh
Swara ( diverts the topic ): shutup don’t you knw when anyone is eating no one should distrub them okay now sit quiet .
Sanskaar chuckled annd was lovingly staring her . She was eating chocolate lyk little kid and swara was lost in chocolate


Credit to: ishu

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