Does Pure Love always reaches its destination .. Swasan…Swaragini—Chapter 4 Family time…

Part 4

Sun has just made its place in the morning sky but could not disturb the sleeping prince but someone else is there to wake him up


Boy : (standing on the door) Bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sanskar: (suddenly stood up with a jerk) haan! haan what happen is everything alright ??? badi maa , bade papa r they fine tell me chote !!

Chote : Bhaiyaa how many questions u r going to ask anyways everyone and everything is fine & they came early in the morning so today i thought to wake u up ……(before he could continue)

(before he could continue)

Sanskar: (running behind him) chote u craziness overloaded how can

Sanskar: (running behind him) chote u craziness overloaded how can ……. is this the way to wake someone up (running behind him and throwing pillows on him)(he forgot about his last night’s trauma and was busy chasing his brother)

Chote: Bhaiyaa let me tell me something clearly (laughing and panting heavily )

Sanskar: what (breathing heavily)

Chote: ya listen first of all stop calling me Chote, Bhaiyaa i have my name the one & only VRAJ MAHESWARI ok so u

Sanskar: what i haan and again started chasing each other

A lady in her mid-forties doing the household chores and continuously chanting something ,,,,,let’s see what is she chanting

Lady: Ohh god this boys they never listen to me they must be chasing each other but i think it’s good for Sanskar that he come out of the trauma or else it can lead to health issues and i can’t see that (a lone tear fell from her eyes)

A man came to her and holding her through her shoulders

Man: Anapurrana , why r u stressed out u don’t worry …

Ap: aap , aap kab aaye …… you know right ,that Vraj and Sanskar never behaved like they r not real siblings infact they r always by each other’s side and i hope this bond continue after their marriage too

Dp: Vraj is our son and Sanskar is Ramprasad’s son but how does it matter the thing matters is we have accepted him as our own son so u don’t worry things will get better with time …………………Time heals every pain

Ap: aapne Sanskar ki book padhi ,hai na (you have read Sanskar’s book , am i right)
this line is from his book , ohh god sometimes i think i don’t have two sons but i have three………
I don’t understand once he told u that it is a gift for u then y u read the book …….if he will come to know he is definitely going to be angry…

In the room

Sanskar: chote now u go i also have to get ready and u also get ready for the class but as decided we won’t go together….ok

Vraj : yes Big b

Both got ready in their respective rooms and came downstairs for breakfast

Ap: aagaya mera baacha (with saying this she did Sanskar’s aarti as it was the ritual of the house to do this every morning so that their day goes on smoothly)

Vraj made faces and Sanskar ruffled his hair and said: Badi maa loves me more

Vraj: Maa why y u do this everytime , u always do bhaiyaa’s aarti first this is cheating maa

Dp: Chote , Sanskar is the elder son of the house so ..(before he could complete)

Ap: he will get first priority …

Sanskar took Ap & Dp’s blessings

Sanskar : Bade papa how was the holiday and how was ur meeting

Author’s note:
Sanskar is professor by profession but is keen interested in business and have a good knowledge about their jewellery business

Before Dp could utter any word

Ap: Sanskaar why r u asking him let me tell u , during this days many a times i doubted that whether we r on holiday or on ur bade papa’s business trip … only for 3 days we went but he was too busy with his delegates that he totally forgot that we were on holiday and his meetings were soooooooooooooooo long

Dp: But anapurana that day we went for shopping right

both the boys were chuckling looking at dp’s condition

Ap : ya that was the last day of our trip …..let it go or else i can have one whole complain book written on him com’on baccho let’s have breakfast

Dp: i m also coming ….

Breakfast was done with all teasing and giggling of all of them after a long time Sanskaar have smiling whole heartedly and Ap was very happy for his son

Sanskaar and Vraj went through different bikes to the classes

Precap: Nepu don’t , no wait for me no u can’t go like this ….
Nepu: no dear today i m going to talk to him and tell him what u have done!!!!!

A very big sorry for late update but i will try to update the next soon………………..

Loads of love

hope u guysssssssssssss r liking it if not tell me i will not write further………….

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