Does Pure Love always reaches its destination .. Swasan…Swaragini—Chapter 3

Neptune ‘s character is played by Sanaya irani & Vraj’s character by Barun sobti
In this story Sanskar is English lecturer , Swara has commenced doing C.S. (Company Secratary) Neptune has started doing MBBS & Vraj have started BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration ) All the three are attending English classes together
The classes which they have joined constituted of all kind of study be it either of the streams (Science. Commerce, Arts)

Long story
Vraj: Haan yaar ab toh apni story continue karo(Dear now u should continue ur story)
Swara: It is not really so long story it was like
when i was in 10th i wanted to do arts but due to social pressure like what will people say dad thought that i should do Science but i wanted to do something unique and for the matter of studies , Science never drew my attention towards it and till 10th it was compulsion so i studied but now i was not interested at all so thought to study commerce and life have its own rules which lend me here in Ahemdabad so it was not easy to shift from vapi to here but family supported me and here i m . It is actually tough to leave our own place and shift here (her eyes started forming a thin layer of water recalling her days at her hometown)

Neptune : it’s ok dear.. Now swara u r our friend so never feel dejected by thinking about ur past golden days but now be ready to create new Platinum days
Vraj: (thinking) i understand Nepu that u r very concerned for her it does not mean that u overact in it
(reality) Overacting ki dukaan (store of overacting) and listening to it nepu started hitting him playfully trying to be angry but failed miserably
Vraj: Chal awae (comm’on now) lets to home is getting late as such

Swara if u want i can drop u
Nepu: What no ,not u i m going to drop her
Both again started quarreling and students around them were giving them weird looks
Swara: Bakaoo (guys) stop ittttttttttttt plzzz(trying to shout….. u know na shy type of girl)
Nepu: so its final i m going to drop her
Vraj: okkkkkkkkkkkkk fine do what u want
They all drove to their homes

Back to home
Sanskar’s P.O.V
What a great start , I could have said that but no nothing is complete without u both Maa Papa ………………after composing himself ……..Badi maa & Bade papa takes good care of mine and i m thankful to them but life have no meaning without u guys ………… also when that sight comes to my vision it make me feel goosebumps …………. why did i do that ???? not hundreds or thousands the numbers get short for it …it would be ok for me to go on annual fest alone ….y i forced u & ………… his voice choked and could not talk further
Sanskar went to his room and dozed off due to continuous thoughts and regret took him to deep sleep

I have tried to make it long and for Swasan moments yes there will be Swasan moments ……………
I have question for u guyss

Do u want Swasan moments in next chappy??????????? if yes let me know
becoz next chappy will be last or second last for the time being …………..our story have long way to go…..but due to my exams i won’t be able to manage now but wll start as soon as exams r completed

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