Does Pure Love always reaches its destination .. Swasan…Swaragini—Chapter 5

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Love , not just a four letter word but can dissolve the entire world in itself . Things are not always what we desire for but always which is destined to be . Love it is not always about a relation which a man have with a woman but love is in every form , Friendship is an actual synonym to love . Friends, no matter what amount of time they have spent with each other, be it 10years of togetherness or 2 months of togetherness  but they understand each other like no one else do . So strange system we people have developed that one day it will be Valentine’s day , one day will be friendship day, one will be Rakshabandhan and the list goes on but every festival for one day , exceptions are always there like Navratri or Durga pujan (Indian festivals) but mostly we have single day festival but i always have a thought that why we celebrate things for one day but everyday we should make our near & dear ones happy and contented . i know u guyss r getting bored with my so-called-lecture but it was just my thought on this wonderful day and 2 months of our friendship …………………..what say guysss…………..cheered Swara with all her enthusiasm and the whole class hooted with yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Swara standing on the stage and recalling her memories how they started their journey first day of the class, Sanskaar sir’s lecture , being audience to Nepu and Vraj’s fight , jelling up with them like salt dissolving in water , their bond getting stronger with every passing minute .

Swara stepped down and started walking towards her friends but
Nepu came running , with all her love & affection took Swara into bone crushing hug

Nepu: Happy friendship day meri jaan !!!!

Swara: Happy friendship day to u tooo

They broke their hug and Nepu saw tears in her eyes and got panicked
Nepu: Swara what happened doll? why r u crying ? don’t…….

but could not continue further

Vraj : I HATE TEARS PUSHPA (all in filmy style)

Swara giggled a little on looking at her melodramatic friends

Someone standing on the corner of the stage was keenly observing the trio who was none other than their professor Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari


when for the first time i saw her she was different , different in the sense she was upset though she was smiling but the emptiness of her eyes was the most biggest obstacle for her smile to reach her eyes . Swara , how cute her name is , but today when she spoke the first word which was love made her look into my eyes , but y ? what connections do we feel towards each other and y do we always share mysterious relationship . My mysterious girl …………… ohh wait did i say “my ” but y ohh hoo its damn confusing . let it be


i m so lucky to get friends like them , they r the best . Thanku so much bhagwanji this really means a lot coz not everyone get friends like those of mine but i can feel someone’s constant gaze on me when i turned around to see i saw sir looking at us or should i say specifically “me” i did not felt awkward by his gaze but somewhere deep in my heart something is happening which is making my inner turmoil happy but y ? Always this “y” takes me away from my realisation towards what is happening to me but at this very moment of my life i want to enjoy with my friends so i came back from Rajdhani express of my thoughts

Nepu : guyss lets have party tonight , what say guysssssss????

Vraj : yaaa Party …………………for sure we should definitely have one with Swara as she have never been a part of “Our style party ” so what say Swara(looked at her with an urge to get positive response)

Swara: (with little hesitation) Party no guys let me be as i m, as such i have never been to any party kind of so……………

Nepu: no Swara its final that we r having party and u r in

Swara: but Nepu listen ……………………

Nepu: now it is final that we r having friendship day party ………………………but where?

Vraj :(suddenly something stroked his head and he yelled) at my house ok with u both

Nepu was giving murderous glances to Vraj but vraj ignored them all and continued

vraj: so 7 in the evening so for now we should take a leave from each other

Nepu wanted to say something to vraj so she was just going to utter something but vraj playfully hit her head and went running downstairs

Swara: what happened Nepu, what is bothering u to the core?

Nepu tried making her face back to normal but could not make so. And finally started towards Nepu’s two wheeler and preceded towards their respective homes

Nepu dropped Swara to her house building and headed towards her house but suddenly recalled something and changed her route

Nepu entered into a lavish marwari house all screaming her heart out

Nepu: Bhaiyaa where r u , where r u bhaiyaa , come to the hall at the very moment

Before bhaiyaa some known face came towards her running due to the thoughts of upcoming consequences

Boy : plzz meri  maa bhaiyaa ko kuch mat bata(plzz my lord , don’t tell anything to bhaiyaa)

Nepu was not in any mode to spare him , with a constant angry bird glare towards him

suddenly a mild voice touched both of theirs’ ears to which they were brought to the reality

Bhaiyaa: kya hua  nepu (what happened nepu?) y r u screaming like a lunatic person? or i should guess u have become one

Both brothers giggled a little and stopped by Nepu’s glare

Nepu: Bhaiyaa or should i say Sanskar sir

Sanskaar: bhaiyaa will be good anyways and tell me what …..(looked at vraj)

Nepu: u know bhaiyaa ur stupid brother have invited Swara at ur home for a small party today

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