Her pure heart- Episode 7

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Recap:Anika knows Pinky’s truth, she leaves Shivaay and sends divorce papers. Shivaay heart broken, tries to know reason behind anika’s step. Shivaay knows Pinky’s truth and confronts her. He’s looking for anika. Anika refuses to come.
Well this is the LAST EPISODE


S: anika zidd mar karo, mom se mai baat karunga. Agar unhe tumhara ye saaf dil nhi nazar aata, apne bete ki khushi nazar nhi aati to is vajah se hum apni life barbaad nhi kar sakte.
Dadi omru prinku papa, badi maa sab tumhe apna maante hai, sirf mom ki vajah se tum sbko dukh dogi?
{{don’t be so stubborn, i’ll talk to mom. If she can’t see your pure heart, her son’s happiness then we can’t spoil our lives because of her. Everyone has accepted you, they consider you as family, you can’t hurt them because of mom}}
A: or aap shivaay, aap kya mante h? {{and what about you, what do you think of me}}
S: jaan (then he realizes what he said and covers it up) jaanti nhi ho kya tum, biwi ho meri {{life… wife you’re my wife}}
A: hmara divorce hone wala hai {{we’re going to be divorced}}
S: anika, maine vo papers sign nhi kiye, fek diye the {{i didn’t sign the papers, i threw them away}}
She keeps on looking at him, drowning in his deep eyes, wondering how much he loves her

S: anika ye sab chhodo tum, ye btao itna tadi me kya kya bol kr gyi thi tum mujhe, huh, nafrat karti hu mujse tum {{leave this, tell me this, you said so much to me before leaving, so do you hate me}}
A: shivaay vo sab jhooth tha aap jante ho (she hugs him and hides her face in his chest) mai ye sab kaise bol payi hu mera dil hi janta h. Lekin aapko kaise pta chala k mai sach nhi keh rahi thi {{It was all a lie you know shivaay. Only my heart knows how i lied. But how did you know?}}
S: iski vajah se. He takes the chaand bracelet out of his pocket and makes her wear it. Tum kabhi ise utarti nahi thi, or ab mere pass chod kr aa gyi
{{because of this,He takes the chaand bracelet out of his pocket and makes her wear it. You never took it off but this time you left it with me }}
A: jab suraj saath nhi tha to chaand bhi kyu rhe. Andhere me rehna seekhna tha {{When i didn’t have the sun, why should i keep the moon. I needed to learn to live in darkness}}

She looked down. Shivaay kissed her forehead and her eyes. Their hearts rejoiced and started beating together in perfect harmony.

S: ab chalo anika apne ghar, mai kuch nhi sunne wala. Tum janti ho mai tumhe khud bhi lekar ja sakta hu. {{Now lets go, i’m not going to listen anymore. I know how to take you otherwise}}
She quickly stood up, coz she knew he would do it. And prepared to leave, she hugged saumya and the happy couple left hand in hand.

In the car
A: shivaay om ne aapse kuch kaha? {{did om come to talk to you?}}
S: anika, maine use tumhara letter nhi dia {{i didn’t give him your letter}}
A: matlab apne dekha usme letter tha {{so you saw}}
S: dekha bhi or padha bhi, usse saaf ho gya tha k tumhe meri fikr hai {{i saw and i read the letter which clearly showed you cared for me}}
A: fikr kyu nahi hogi, pati hai aap mere. Aap to sara time apni tadi me rehte, aapka khayal kisi ko to rakhna hi padega na {{Why wouldn’t i care, you’re my husband. You are always in your tadi, some one has to look after you}}

Shivaay smiled heartily at this, for the first time he didn’t mind her calling him tadibaaz. He loved that she cared for him.

S: tum rakhogi khayal {{so you’ll look after me}}
A: ha or nhi to kon rakhega. Shivaay smiled {{yeah, who else would}}

They reach OM, anika was nervous but he assured her everything would be alright.

Dadi saw them and asked: anika puttar teri ma kha hai, tu unke saath gyi thi na {{anika where’s your mother, you left with her right}}
S: nhi dadi, vo aurat anika ki ma nhi hai. Vo paise k lie natak kar rhi thi. Anika to saumya k ghar gyi thi {{no dadi, that woman wasn’t her mother. She was faking it for money. Anika was at saumya’s place}}

Shivaay stared at pinky who was standing in the corner

Dadi: puttar btaya kyu nhi pehle, or kisne bheja tha us aurat ko? {{why didn’t you tell us, and who had sent her?}}
Anika covered up before Pinky could be exposed

A: dadi vo pta nhi, lekin shivaay ne sab sambhal lia. {{don’t know dadi, but shivaay handled it}}
She looked at him and signalled him not to mention pinky

Dadi: theek hai puttar, tu aram kar dono kitne thake thake lag rhe ho {{ok, now you both take rest, you look exhausted}}
Saying this she left. Pinky came forward, she stood in front of shivaay

P: shivaay muje maaf krde {{plz forgive me shivaay}}
A: Pinky aunty plz aap mafi mat mangiye, shivaay aapse naraaz nhi hai {{plz don’t apologize aunty, he isn’t angry}}

She looked at him and so did pinky. Shivaay was shocked, anika held his held and gently squeezed it. He looked at pinky

S: mom, aapne jo kia vo galat tha lekin agr anika aapko maaf kar sakti hai to mai bhi. Lekin ye aapka aakhri mauka hai, i hope fr aisa kuch nhi karengi. Aapko koi problem ho to mujhse aa kr baat krengi
{{mom you made a mistake but if anika can forgive then so can i. But this is your last chance, don’t even think of doing something like this again. Just talk to me okay}}
P: ha mere bache. She cried and hugged him {{yes dear}}
P: anika, mai bhale hi tujhe pasand ni karti lekin ab mai aisa kuch bhi nhi karungi {{anika although i don’t like you but i assure you i won’t do anything like this again}}
Saying this she left

Anika and shivaay departed towards their room
S: i missed you anika, dobara aise stunt mat karna {{i missed you anika, plz don’t repeat such stunts again}}
Anika got emotional listening to this. She hugged him.

S: tum fir ro rhi ho anika, maine kha na tum rote hue bilkul achi nhi lagti {{you’re crying again. How many times should i tell you i can’t see tears in your eyes}}
A: mai ro nhi rhi hu shivaay, mai theek hu. Ye to bs aise hi {{i’m not crying, im fine.}}
S: tum pagal ho pta hai, crybaby tum ho rudra nhi {{You’re mad, you’re the crybaby not rudra}}
A: mai crybaby hu {{So im a crybaby}}
S: ha MERI crybaby ?? saying that he hugged her tight. {{yes MY crybaby}}

Khanna saw their moment and happily clicked their picture and left.
That night they slept happily in each other’s arms, their happy place.

The end

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      Thank u haridhra, your comment made my day. I believe if we drag a story then it looses its essence and i could have written a whole new future for them but i don’t know if could have justified their nature.
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