Her pure heart- Episode 6

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Recap: Anika knows Pinky’s truth, she leaves Shivaay and sends divorce papers. Shivaay heart broken, tries to know reason behind anika’s step. Shivaay knows Pinky’s truth and confronts her. He’s looking for anika.


Part 6

Shivaay asked khanna to track anika’s number, but her phone was switched off.
He left for her old house but it was locked. He went to chanda’s house but anika wasn’t there as well.

Pov: kha ho tum anika, is sso ko aise chod kr kaise ja sakti ho tum {{where are you anika? How can you leave this SSO}}

He was frustrated. He asked khanna to check cctv footage of anika’s street( cameras are there, if you remember that’s how they proved shivaay innocent in gayathri case)
Khanna arranged for the footage. Shivaay looked carefully. He saw a lifeless anika leaving her house with her bag along with someone. He zoomed and saw it was saumya

[In my ff, saumya and rudra got their marriage annulled and are good friends. She lives with her friend in a PG]

S: ye to saumya hai, khanna jldi saumya ka number track karo. Mai aa rha hu anika. {{Khanna, trace saumya’s location. I’m coming anika}}
He got the location and left for her house.

At saumya’s house-
Soamya-som, anika-a, shivaay-s

Som: anika didi plz kuch kha lijiye, kbse aap aise udaas baithi h, mai aapko yha lai thi taki aap apna dard baant sake pr aap na to kuch bta rhi hai na kuch kha pee rahi hai. Aapki tabiyat kharab ho jaygi, plz di ye juice hi peelo, varna mai bade bhaiyya ko bta dungi k aap yha h.
{{Anika didi plz have something. You’ve been sitting glum here. I brought you here so that you could share your problems, but you are neither telling anything nor having anything. This will affect your health. Please have this juice or i will tell bhaiyya tthat you are here}}
A- nhi saumya, plz shivaay ko mat btana. Mai pee rhi hu juice plz saumya. {{No saumya, please don’t tell shivaay. I’ll have the juice}}
She drank some juice, hugged saumya and cried again. She tells her that they are getting divorced but she didn’t tell the reason. She asked her to promise that she won’t tell Anybody about her staying with her.

Few hours later the doorbell rings. Saumya opened the door and saw her bade bhaiyya waiting eagerly. He asked-
S: saumya anika kha h {{saumya, where’s anika}}
Som: bade bhaiyya aap yha, vo didi to ghar pe hongi na, vo yha nhi h {{you here, didi must be at home, she’s not here}}

Shivaay knew saumya is lying coz his anika meter sensed her here. He slightly pushed saumya and went inside. Saumya called out his name but she knew he has come to find his love and he won’t leave without her.
Shivaay opened the room and saw his life, his dearest wife sitting lifeless on the bed.

A- saumya plz gate band krde or bahar kon tha? {{saumya please shut the door, and who was the door?}}

Shivaay stepped inside the room and her heart found its other half. She sensed his presence but didn’t look up, she wanted to avoid him. She was thinking how he got to know her location. Her heart ached to look at him but her mind didn’t allow. She knew if she looked at him, she wouldn’t be able to control. Shivaay came closer.
S: anika..
She didn’t look up.
A: aap yha kyu aaye hai Mr. Oberoi, papers aap kisi servant k haath bhi bhej sakte the. {{Why did you come here Mr. Oberoi. You could have sent the papers with a servent}}

He went closer and cupped her face. He looked at her with love in his eyes.

S: anika, muje sab pta chal gya h {{I know everything anika}}
Anika was shocked, she sat there silently looking into his lovely kanji eyes

Pov: he wasn’t supposed to know. Oh my god, what did he do? Pinky aunty….
Tears blurred her vision and she started crying. Shivay hugged her tight and let her sob.
She reciprocated the hug with all her love

A: shivaay, muje maaf krdi jie, plz shivaay I’m sorry
Shivaay broke the hug and cupped her face

S: anika tum kyu maafi maang rhi ho, tumne to jo kia mere liye kia. anika rona band karo, tum aise rote hue bilkul achi nhi lagti {{you don’t need to apologize, you did everything for me, stop crying it doesn’t suit you}}
He wipes her tears and kisses her forehead.

S: anika I’m sorry mom ne.. she cuts him off
A: shivaay plz, vo aapki ma hai, vo muje pasand nhi karti mai bardasht karlungi par aap plz unse nafrat mat karna. Unhone jo kia gusse me kia, or gusse me insaan kuch bhi kar sakta hai aap jante ho
{{she’s your mother. I can bear her hatred but please don’t hate her. She was angry, and you know people can take extreme steps in anger}}
S: par anika mai unhe maaf nhi kar sakta {{But i can never forgive her}}
A: shivaay unhe mauka di jiye {{give her a chance}}
S: unhone tumhe samajhne ki kabhi koshish nhi ki, tumhare saath itna kuch, hmare saath ye sab kia fr bhi tum chahti ho mai unhe mauka du
{{she never tried to understand your perspective. She did so much with you, with us, still you want me to give her a chance}}
A: ha shivaay, aapko unhe mauka dena hoga. Apne bete ko dukhi dekh kar unhe apni galti ka ehsaas ho jayga {{yes, you have to give her a chance. Looking at the pain in her son’s eyes, she’ll realize her mistake}}
S: acha ab utho or ghar chalo, sab wait kr rhe hai {{ok, now get up. Let’s go home, everyone is waiting for you}}
A: nhi shivaay, mai nhi aa sakti, jb tk Pinky aunty mujhe apna nhi leti mai nhi aa sakti.{{no, i can’t come until pinky aunty accepts me}}

Precap: Will Anika go back with Shivaay?

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