Her pure heart- Episode 5

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Recap: anika knows pinky’s truth, asks shivaay for divorce and leaves house. Shivaay shocked seeing papers, reads letter and realizes that anika lied. Confronts nayantara and finds out truth.

Part 5

Khanna saw his boss loosing it, so he took him away from there and asked the men to leave nayantara. He took shivaay to OM.
Shivaay sat in the car lifeless. He got down from the car and dragged his feet to his room.

Pov: mom, my mother did this. She wanted to break my marriage. I knew she didn’t like anika but i never thought she could stoop so low. Oh god, anika left me to hide MY so called mother’s deeds.
Ah that girl has such a pure heart and my mother hates her. What do i do now ??
He decided to confront his mother. He went to her room

Shivaay -s, Pinky-p

S: mom
P: kya hua shivaay? Tu yha, chl acha h tu aa gya, ye bta tera or anika ka divorce kb tk ho jayga, bolna {{what happened shivaay, how come you are here? Anyways, tell me how long will it take for your divorce}}
S: kaisi maa hai aap. Kaise gir gyi aap itna, anika se itni nafrat kyu krti hai aap. Kya takleef hai aapko usse
{{what kind of a mother are you? Why do you hate her so much? How could you stoop so low}}
{{what are you saying shivaay? }}
P: kya bol rha shivaay. Maine kya kia, what i hav dones ha?(she knew shivaay knows something and she was really nervous now)
S: kitna jhooth mom or kitna jhooth. Kyu layi aap nayantara ko yha hm? {{Stop lying, why did you bring nayantara}}
P: kya bakwas h ye shivaay? Zarur us anika ne hi tuje ye patti padhai h. Dono ma beti hume barbaad krna chahti h {{what nonsense. Im sure anika fed all this in your mind. Both mother and daughter want to ruin our lives}}
S: bs mom, ek word nhi anika k against. Muje sb pta chal chuka hai, nayantara k phone se maine call kia tha aaj aapko. Yaad hai kya baat hui thi call pr ya vo bhi mai yaad dilao
{{enough, not a word more. I know everything. I called you from nayantara’s phone. Do you remember what you said on the call or should i remind you?}}

Pinky knew she’s going to lose her now. She cursed that nayantara and anika like a 1000 times in her head. She started crying
S: btaye mom, q kia aapne aisa {{Tell me mom, why did you do this}}

P: nafrat krti hu mai anika se(she said crying). Dur krdia h usne muje mere bete se. Anika anika anika, iske aage to tuje na koi dikhta h na sujhta h. Is maa ka to khayal hi nhi h.
Kya krti mai fr. Tere layak nhi h vo sadakchhap ladki
{{i hate her. She has separated me from my son. You don’t care about your mother anymore. she is your priority. What else could i have done? She isn’t good for you, that roadside trash}}

S: bs mom bs, aapko mom kehte hue sharam aa rhi h muje. Jis anika k bare me aap ye sab kehri h, vo khud muje chod k chli gayi taki muje aapka ye sach na pta chle. Khud buri ban gyi vo aapko bachane k lie
{{enough mom, i feel ashamed calling you my mother. Anika left me to protect you and you are bad mouthing her. She ended our marriage to protect me from your truth}}

Pinky was shocked, she couldn’t believe anika actually did that. She had no words
S: beta hu na mai aapka, to haq se kehti k aapko time chahie mera. Agr aapko aisa lag rha tha k mai aapse dur ho rha hu to mujse baat krti. Ha mana hum zyada baat nhi krte but isme anika ki kya galti h.
Biwi hai vo meri, mere time pr uska bhi haq hai. Is ghar me vo meri vajah se hai but iska matlab ye nhi k vo hume dur kar rhi thi. Ma ka darja diya tha usne aapko, lekin aap na maa ban saki, na saas or na achi aurat. Kya nhi kha aapne use, kitne bezzati kari, par anika ne kbhi aapko palat k jawab nhi dia. Tia jaisi koi hoti to kbka is parivar ko tod chuki hoti. Alag alag reh rhe hote hum sab. Anika ka dil kitna saaf kitna pure hai aap kabhi soch bhi nhi sakti
{{i’m your son, you should have rightfully asked me to spend time with you. If you thought we’re drifting away, you should have talked to me instead of plotting against anika who treated you like a mother. She is innocent. She’s my wife so she deserves my time. She did everything for you but you insulted her numerous times. She never raised her voice against you. A girl like tia would have broken our family by now. You can never even imagine how pure anika’s heart is }}

P: shivaay…
S: bs mom kuch nhi sunna muje, ja rha hu mai apni biwi ko lene. Or ab agr aapne kuch kia to mai sach me yha se chala jaounga, or tab us duri ki zimmedar aap hongi
{{enough mom, i don’t want to listen anymore. I’m going to get my wife. And now if you do anything, i’ll leave forever and you’ll be responsible for that}}

Saying that he left from there, leaving a crying pinky behind.
Pinky was broken, her son hated her. She regretted her deeds but she couldn’t accept anika even now(guys ppl don’t Change so fast she’ll need time to change)
[If you are wondering why no one asked about anika, when shivaay understood anika’s reason, he told them she wanted to spend time with her mother so they have gone out.
Oberois love their bahu, they didn’t neglect her]

Precap: S: where are you anika….

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