Her pure heart- Episode 4

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Recap: anika knows pinky’s truth, asks shivaay for divorce and leaves house. Shivaay shocked seeing papers, reads letter and realizes that anika lied.
Part 4

Now he knew those papers were meaningless, he tore them and threw them so no one could file them. He hid the letter in his cupboard and sat near the pool deep in thoughts

Pov: okay, let’s see, why would anika do all this. That day she was crying when i came. She said she couldn’t see who nayantara was working for. Oh, i knew something was wrong. I get it now, she knows who is helping that cheepdi. But why would she protect that person. Maybe that person is our family member. No that’s not possible, we all love each other, why would someone from my family try to break our marriage.
Cmon shivaay soch kuch…
anika left yesterday and so did nayantara. This means that she was here so that anika would leave me. And when anika left, the mission was also over that’s why nayantara left. Hmm, i think i should go and speak with her yeah I’ll get the truth out of her dirty mouth, may be then i can find out the reason why anika is doing all this.

He called khanna and asked to trace nayantara’s location. He left the room in his sso style with full tadi. He was determined to find thw truth and get HIS anika.
Khanna came and saw his boss’s changed attitude and he knew sso is back. He happily gave the location to his boss.
Shivaay, accompanied by his entourage left in search for nayantara. His men found her and captured her. They tied her to a chair and shivaay entered with full tadi. He threatened her and asked her who she was working for.

Nayantara: damaad ji, ye sab bahut mehnga padne wala h, ye mat bhulo vo bacha ab bhi mere pass h {{you will pay for this, keep in mind that i still have that kid}}
S: galat fehmi mat palo, sahil tumhare pass kabhi tha hi nhi. Tumne kya socha tha shivaay singh oberoi se panga logi. {{you are mistaken, you never had sahil. What did you think, you could mess with SSO}}
She was shocked and now she was scared coz the person in front of her was not the shivaay who has scared for sahil. This was a tiger in front of her, ready to pounce at her
S: ab btao kyu kar rhi thi tum ye natak, huh? {{now tell me the reason behind this drama}}
Nayantara: anika ko teri zindgi or us ghar se nikaalne k lie.. or mai kaamyaab b ho gyi, hahaha (evil laugh) {{to kick anika out of your life and OM. And i succeeded}}
S: kyu? Kiske kehne pr? akhri baar puch rha hu, btao kiske kehne pr anika ki ma hone ka natak kar rhi thi tum {{Why? Im asking you for the last time, tell who asked you to act as anika’s mom}}
Nayantara: sach sunne ki himmat h? {{do u have the guts to listen}}
Shivaay: bakwas band karo or jawab do( he screamed) {{stop this nonsense and answer me}}
Nayantara: hahahaha, tu soch bhi nhi sakta, kisne muje bulaya tha. {{You can’t even imagine who’s behind this}}
Shivaay slapped her(though he didn’t want to coz she’s a lady and hitting a lady isn’t something he would do but he couldn’t control anymore)
Nayantara: pinky (she screamed)

Shivaay was shocked

Nayantara: teri maa ne bulaya tha muje. Alag karna chahti thi vo tumko. Nafrat karti h vo anika se. Ache khasi rakam di h usne muje {{your mother. She wanted to separate you two. She hates anika and she paid me heavily for this job}}

Shivaay couldn’t believe his ears
S: kya bol rhi ho, kya saboot h tumhare pass {{what are u saying? do you have any proof}}
Nayantara: nhi suna gya na sach. Mai sabit krdungi k mai sach bolri hu badle me tu muje jane se yha se…. {{you couldn’t digest the truth. I’ll prove it but then you have to let me go}}

Shivaay nodded
Nayantara: Ruk tu, call laga apni ma ko mere phone se. {{wait, call your mother from my phone}}
Shivaay called.
Pinky: ab kyu phone kr rhi tu muje, itne paise leke tera mann ni bhara. Tera kaam pura ho chuka h or uski keemat mai tuje de chuki hu, ab dobara muje phone kiya to andar karwa dungi tuje. Vaise bhi kisi ko tujpe bharosa nhi hoga, sb meri sunenge Pinky oberoi ki.
{{Why are you calling me? Isn’t the money enough for you. Your work is over and i’ve paid you. Don’t call me again or i’ll get you arrested. Even if you try to tell anyone, they won’t believe you, all will listen to me, Pinky oberoi only}}

She disconnected the call. Shivaay was now dying from inside. He couldn’t handle this betrayal.

Precap: confrontation

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oh how much i wish shivaay gets to know the truth in IB also.
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