Her pure heart- Episode 3

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Recap: anika knows pinky’s truth, asks shivaay for divorce and leaves house. Shivaay is heart broken.

Part 3
Next morning, khanna came to shivaay
Khanna: sirji ye aapke lie kuch papers aaye hai, or ek envelope hai omkara sir k lie. Vo abhi ghar pe nhi h to aap rakh lijie {{sir i have some papers for u and an envelope for om sir, could u give it to him}}
S: kaise papers h ye khanna? {{what papers?}}
Khanna: sir aap khud hi dekh lijie, court k papers h(he said looking glum) {{sir see it for yourself, look like court papers}}

Shivaay took those papers and suddenly he couldn’t breathe anymore. The ground beneath his feet slipped. He held those DIVORCE papers in his hands and looked at HER signature with utmost pain. He realized that khanna was still there.
He asked khanna for om’s envelope and signalled him to leave.
Khanna saw his boss so weak and vulnerable for the first time, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He knew the reason was his beloved khidkitod lady boss but he didn’t know why. Even khanna couldn’t stop the tears that now escaped his eyes as he had witnessed their fights, he had witnessed their love blossom.

At anika’s place-
Yes, she had called the lawyer the previous night and with a heavy heart she had signed those papers and sent them to her beloved husband, sorry now ex husband.
Anika’s pov: i have left my shivaay behind, i have also left my chaand behind just like my heart and soul which belong to him. How will i live without him. No anika, you have to do this, for his happiness you have to do it. Pinky aunty will never accept you so it’ll be better if u learn to live without him.

At oberoi mansion-
Shivaay was still shocked that anika had actually sent those papers, with her sign on it.
He looked at the envelope and saw that it was anika’s handwriting on it addressing om. He found a letter inside and started reading
“Dear om, I know you and rudra will be hurt but trust me, i did the right thing. This is the best option for both your brother and myself. I know you must b wondering why i left suddenly and why did we take divorce but please don’t hate your brother for this. We just weren’t meant to be together. Please look after shivaay and rudra and please be the om you were not the one you have become. Gauri is your perfect partner and I’m happy you accepted each other. Please look after your brother you know how busy he gets with his work and forgets to hav his meals and medicines. I know it’ll be hard to accept but you’ll get used to it. Don’t worry about me or sahil, we’ll be fine. I know you will not disobey coz you weren’t just shivaay’s brother, you were my brother too

Look after dadi and your family.
Love anika”
A lone tear escaped shivaay’s beautiful blue eyes. Each word in that letter screamed that she cared for him. On one hand she had signed those Divorce papers and on the other she wanted him to be fit and fine. He was so confused now.
He was looking at his room which now lacked life, and something caught his eyes. A shiny little star hanging from a shiny chain. His heart knew what this was.

Pov: her bracelet, her Chand bracelet. She left it here. She left her chand when she left her sun(shivaay suraj jo hai, i hope you remember)
He went n picked it up. Caressed it with his fingers. She left her bracelet, but she never takes it off. His super fast brain started working.
She left her heart behind, yes she didn’t want to leave, she doesn’t hate me.
And with this thought his weak little heart started beating again, though it still ached for her but he knew she didn’t mean anything she said, it was all a lie.
He’ll get her back.

Precap: shivaay on a mission

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