Her pure heart- Episode 1

This is ff and it is slightly different from current IB-DBO track.
So Anika and Shivaay are trying to find out who’s helping that cheepdi nayantara
But there’s no pooja/function at home and there’s no om-gauri drama, om knows the truth and both have accepted their marriage. My ff starts from when shivaay asks anika to help him in his plan after getting sahil back.

Shivaay asked anika to see who comes down the stairs(like in IB 24th may)
Anika sees Pinky coming down but she dismisses the thought that Pinky could be involved with nayantara. Shivaay calls her but she says she couldn’t see anyone as rudra had called her.
She couldn’t forget about Pinky but she didn’t say anything to shivaay. Later in their room, shivaay and anika came up with the plan of telling nayantara that goons had come looking for her (just like IB anika told her to arrange for the money and sort everything) nayantara tried to talk to shivaay but he had left for work(no pooja like ib)

Then she decided to ask Pinky, anika followed her as per the plan. But what she saw shocked her to the core. She couldn’t believe pinky was behind all of this. She heard their conversation-
Nayantara: ae Pinky muje 20lakh chahiye abhi k abhi varna mai shivaay ko ja k sab bta dungi.
Pinky: lalchi aurat, mu faad kr mangte hue tuje sharam nhi aati
Nayantara: zyada mat bol, tuje anika ko is ghar se or shivaay ki zindgi se nikalna h to jo hum bol rhe hai vo kar
Anika couldn’t take it anymore.

Pov: i can’t believe pinky would stoop so low to throw me out of this house. She never accepted me.. fine, but how could she do this to shivaay. She never thought how this would affect him.
I can’t let this cheepdi take more money from oberois.
She started calling out ‘ma’ in the corridor to get nayantara’s attention. Nayantara goes from their and pinky hides in the room

Nayantara: kya hua beti
Anika: ma vo log chale gye, aap chinta mat kariye vo yha dobara nhi aa paynge, security dhyan rakhegi.
Nayantara: waah beta ye to bahut achi baat h, chl fir mai apne kamre jaati hu thoda aaram krne, tension kitni ho gyi thi…
Anika: ha maa aap jayiye

Anika goes from their to her room and breaks down. She couldn’t stop crying, couldn’t understand what to do. Pinky would never accept her. And if she told shivaay about this then the entire oberoi house will be destroyed. She couldn’t let HER family break because of one person.
Shivaay came looking for anika and saw her sitting near the bed curled on the floor. He goes to her.

Shivaay: anika kya hua tum ro kyu rhi ho, btao anoka kya baat hai
Anika: kuch nhi shivaay mai theek hu
Shivaay: anika sach batao q ro rhi ho, kisi ne kuch kha tumse? Sahil theek h na?
He was tensed, wondering what had happened to anika
Anika: (pov: i can’t tell him the truth, what do i say) shivaay vo mai nhi dekh pai kisse baat kr rhi thi vo cheepdi

Shivaay: anika isme rone wali baat kya h, ye plan fail ho gya to hum kuch or karenge, tum chinta mat karo mai us aurat ko hmare ghar se or life se nikal k rahunga
Anika hugs him like her life depended on it. Shivaay caressed her hair, but he still wasn’t convinced, something felt wrong.
Shivaay left for work. Anika sat alone in their room and kept on thinking.
She ignored shivaay the rest of the day coz she knew, one look at her eyes n shivaay would know something’s wrong.

Precap: anika fights with shivaay

Note: so guys this is my first ff. It was going to be a Ts but i won’t be able to complete it so I’m making ff.
This is my first time and i hope you like my work. I have been reading ff/os on ishqbaaz for a while now ajd thought i should write one
Please leave your comments positive/negative both.

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