Puppy Love – Kumkum bhagya (Intro)

Abhishek prem mehra: A charming and handsome guy. One n only Rockstar of India. Pragya’s cousin.Carefree nature. Loves his family. Bestest buddy of Neil moreover like a brother.Loves his doll alot.

Pragya Arora: A very adorable girl. Very beautiful,anyone can fall for beauty(no chasma). Working as a secret agent,which is only known to her family and her close buddy mannu (Manvi).Loves her Pooh alot. Very childish yet intelligent.

Maanvi: Pragya’s best ever buddy and her colleague. Loves Neil. Very much close to pragu and both share everything with eachother.

Neil Khanna:Abhi’s forever buddy. Loves Maanvi. Treats pragu as his own sister.they share an very unique bond.

Ram mehra and priya mehra: Abhi’s parents.Ram is very much arrogant as his is very rich also has very good helping nature. Priya is a housewife who is very loving but is often misunderstood by their relatives. Their children r their world.
Neil arora and ragini arora: Pragya’s parents. Neil is a retired army officer where as ragini is a housewife. Their whole world revolve around their one n only loving daughter pragya. They r very much proud of her.

Purab: abhi’s brother. Always playful and childish.

Bulbul: Cousin of pragya. Moreover like an elder sister to her. Matured but childish when she is with pragu.

Abhi and pragya are seen standing wet under the shower.
Both intensely looking eachother’s eyes.
Abhi’s gaze moves towards her rosy lips.
Pragya pushes abhi and runs out crying heavily… Here abhi is seen shattered.
“How can i do this..?? How can i betray my pooh..?? ”
“Shit!!!what did i do now.. How can i..???”
“I m so sorry…”
“I am sorry too.. I shouldn’t have left you..”
Saying so both hug eachother..

What happened??

Why is pragya crying??

Why is abhi seen shattered??

Who is asking sorry to eachother??why did he or she left..??

Who are these two hugging eachother??

Note: Pragya’s parents and maanvi’s parents r family friends. both treat eachothers daughters as their own. Same goes with Neil and abhi. Due to some misunderstandings Mehras and aroras are not in good terms for years so both abhi n pragya don’t know that they r cousins. Since pragya is a single girl child she always carved for an elder brother which she finds through neil.

Hi guys. I am a regular reader in TU. But this is the first time i am writing an ff. Hope u all will support me. If u like this pls do pen down ur comments whether to continue or not.

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  1. Honey

    welcome dr..nic one

    1. SHERLY

      Thanks alot..

  2. intresting teaser
    beautifully written
    glad to read without any errors
    eagerly waiting for your next update

    1. SHERLY

      Thank u very much… I will try to keep up to ur expectations…

  3. Gud come . Go on

  4. Prabhigya

    Abhi and Pragya r cousins
    Wt’s going in ur mind Sherly??
    REALLY !!!!???????

    1. SHERLY

      Wait n watch… Tomorrow I will solve all ur confusions. Thanks for ur comment..

  5. cousins means brother sister right then how it happpen no no please abhi and pragya how could we even imagine it

    1. SHERLY

      U r wrong..tomorrow all ur confusions will be cleared…Thanks for ur support

  6. Good story. But please don’t make them cousins.

    1. SHERLY

      Thank you shanaya.. the main point of this story Is abhi n pragya are cousins..so I can’t change..I know what u r thinking. Everything will be cleared tomorrow..

  7. superrrrrrrrrrrrr pls conti yaaaaaaaaa

    1. SHERLY

      Thanks alot for ur encouragement..

  8. Sowji


  9. Prathi

    Welcome to TU dear and please do clear others confusion about them being cousins I hope you understood their doubt

    1. SHERLY

      Thank u so sis.. yes I can clearly understand their confusions.. in tomorrow’s epi I will clear it all.. thanks alot again

  10. Super start…. Continue dear…..

    1. SHERLY

      Thanks alot

  11. SamyuSam

    Intresting dear…. But many of them are confused,, i think,, pra aunt or uncles son is abhi.. Bcz we can call our aunt or uncle’s son as cousin….. I think soo… Nd plzz continue it yaarr,, its seem intresting

    1. SHERLY

      Yes u r right… I will clear everyone’s confusion tomorrow.. Thanks alot..

    2. SHERLY

      Hmmm… lets n watch whether ur guess is right or not… stay tuned to know more.. thanks alot for ur overwhelming comment..

  12. Abhi and pragya cousins ah can’t even imagine and nice teaser.

    1. SHERLY

      Thanks alot.. stay tuned to know further..

  13. its very super osam

    i think cousin means ragini is ram sis.. so they can be only say cousin in our cast aslo father’s sistEr son or daughter is our cousin so chill guys…
    n in last that both were tensed na i think pragya was asking sorry to pooh..but pooh is abhi n she dont know.. tat abhi is only her pooh ….. so same for abhi ..
    abhi loves doll n its seem doll is pragya n abhi dont know her tat exactly doll is pragya..
    so its seem they both love each other from childhood…. n then coz of there family fight they both got seprate n then never meet each other

    n last who saying sorry to whomm
    tat i cant tell coz i am aslo getting confused ……. so for this lets see.. wat happen next……

    sherly is i am right or not

    1. SHERLY

      Hmmmm… Let’s wait n watch whether ur guess us right or not. Stay tuned to know more… Thanks a lot for your overwhelming comment..

  14. B_Ani

    nice story…but cousins???? what’s happening dear?

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