Puppy Love – Kumkum bhagya Episode – 6

Abhi and pragya got settled in the near by swivel chairs  opposite to each other. Pragya was continuously looking at the moon. Abhi smiled seeing that and initiated the conversation.

So fuggy, what are u looking at..??

Pragya frowned at him and said, pls don’t call me by that name… Said with a cute pout.

Abhi in his mind, she looks so adorable, and says, ur name is cute like you… Cute name for the cutest girl i have ever met.. Said by pulling her cheeks.
Pragya smiles cheekily.

Abhi remembers her crying and asked her, fuggy,why were you crying..??

Pragya gave a sad smile and said, got remembered someone.. Abhi felt bad and asked hesitatingly, if u don’t mind you can share with me.

Pragya smiled and looked back at the moon. Abhi with a sad face said, if u r not comfortable, no need to say..

Pragya who was looking at the moon turned towards his side and smiled seeing him and said, nothing like that rock star. I will say you. Who knows my pain can get reduced..

Abhi hearing this look at her with lots of eagerness and curiosity. Pragya folded her legs and got settled in her place. She looked at abhi and started to narrate her story to him.

Abhi actually i am in love with someone. He is my life,soul, my everything. We both are cousins. He was my uncle’s son. They are very rich. My uncle is very arrogant,but is very helpful in nature. Everyone in our family are very scared of him or we can even say it has respect.

As she was saying this abhi’s face was Changing. He was looking at her with shock. Suddenly he interrupted and asked, now where are they..??

Pragya smiled at his curiosity and said, i don’t know… Abhi was shocked. She further said,

Actually abhi i am the only child to my parents. I was born after 5 years of longing. We were middle classed until i started to work.My parents always used to pamper me a lot. I was very notorious when i was a child. But always i am surrounded loneliness. Becoz i had one to play or share. Everyone used me when they needed,after they used to ignore me. It took me ages to realise that fact. As the time passed,my loneliness became my friend. I always used to be alone and also got used to it.

Then he came into my life.  I taught  that he will make my loneliness vanish aways. But.. No i was wrong.

Abhi,who was he…??

Pragya,My uncle has 2 sons. Abhishek and purab. Purab was always childish and used to tease me alot. But abhishek was different. He was matured. He was as helpful as his father. We both always used to quarrel. But how and when i don’t know, i fell for him. He was one who first proposed me when i was in eighth grade while he was in tenth. Yes, he was 2 years elder to me. Purab was 1 year. I also accepted his proposal seeing his caring,helpful and jovial nature.

I used to call him pooh lovingly and he calls me doll.We used to chat through msg. No phone calls, or anything.. only messages as i didn’t i want to disturb his studies. I was madly in love with him. I used to concentrate on my studies less. Suddenly after some days he started to me ignore me and stopped messaging me. But my thoughts never stopped, it was always roaming around him.Actually i was city girl ,but i also had some principles. I used to talk with boys which he doesn’t like. I also thought he will be busy in his studies so i didn’t disturb him.

During my summer vacation when i visited my native, he gave a big shock to me.

By now pragya had tears.


Pooh, pragya i wanna talk to you something important. In a stern voice.

Hearing her name from her pooh’s mouth,the smile in her face faded.
She just nodded her head and followed him.

He took her to a separate room.

Pragya, what happened pooh..?? Why did u call me.

Abhi gave an irritating look to her shouted at her, stop calling me pooh.. It’s just irritating.

Pragya with tear filled eye, why,what happened po…

Abhi interrupted and said, listen to me carefully, i don’t love you. I just even hate to see ur face.

Here pragya was shattered hearing those words and asked in shaky voice, why are saying like this pooh..??

Abhi again shouted at her, i said right, stop calling me pooh. And yes i don’t love a cheap girl like you. U r such a hypothetical girl. I just hate such people.

Pragya was now crying silently.

Abhi who saw her crying felt very bad but continued, here after don’t you even show me your face and never dare to talk to me.I just hate you.

Pragya, pls say me the reason.

Abhi, i said you right.. U r a hypothetical girl and i hate such people. Moreover ur childish behavior irritates me to the core.

Pragya, if i change, will u accept me..?? Asked longingly.

Abhi, shit u r such a shameless girl..  Its boys who always go behind girls,but here a girl.. Shit..pls don’t talk to me or ever show me your face..Saying so he turned to leave but stopped by hearing her words.

“I thought u will make me forget my loneliness but..” He interrupted and said “hear me carefully, always ur loneliness will be ur companion where ever u go. So get used to it. Go and try another guy, not me, i am not your prey.”

“U r thinking me very wrong” she said weeping heavily. “Whatever i m thinking about u is right. Bye u looser”… He saying so he went 

” you will surely regret all these talks of urs” which was heard by him. He simply smirked and went out.

Pragya was just shattered at that place and was crying.

Flashback ends.

By now pragya was crying silently but abhi was lost in his thoughts…

Abhi in his mind, so she is my doll.. The one whom i am longing for. Finally i met u doll. I am so sorry that i hurt u a lot,but i promise to fill ur life with happiness now by making ur loneliness away. Then he saw pragya who was crying silently as same as when he left. He felt like someone stabbed his heart.

He slowly went and sat besides her and touched her shoulder. Pragya immediately hugged him and cried hard. Abhi also had tears seeing his love in such that also becoz of him as he heard his stupid friend’s words by not believing his love.

After sometime pragya composed herself and abhi just turned away wiping his tears.

Pragya saw him and said, i am sorry i was just..

Abhi interrupted and said, it’s ok no problem.. I can understand.. With a gentle smile.

Pragya just smiled back at him. Again abhi asked her, do you still love him..??

Pragya just smiled and looked at the moon and said, yes, i m still madly in love with him.. I know he would have misunderstood me,one day surely he will realize that.. She turned towards abhi and said, u know rockstar, first i thought what i had for him was just an infatuation.. But i was wrong,becoz whenever i tried to froget him “his memories used to haunt my sleep,which gradually changes into dream,which i knew will never come true…” Then i came to know that what i had for him was pure love. She said smilingly.

Abhi was just amazed hearing her and realizing her true love. Now he came to know that she was not greedy for his money.. What she had was only true love..

Pragya again turned towards the moon and thought, where are you pooh..?? I am longing to see you..

Screen shifts between their faces.

Hope i have given a long update. I know its bit emotional one.. But one this the main part of the story.. Hope all ur confusions are cleared now. I know i still i didn’t say why the 2 family got separated… Don’t worry,Will say it soon.

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    Suprbbbb sherly….. I think abhi wont confess to her that he is her pooh….. Plzz dnt make him say that.. Make some lovely moments between them….. Waiting fr next update….

  4. I think he will not say that he is her pooh and feeling very bad for pragya nice one but emotional one to waiting for next update

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