Puppy Love – Kumkum bhagya Episode – 4

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Let’s move on to the story.

Episode starts with bunny staring at abhi.
Abhi: arey y r u looking at me like this..?? In a scary voice.

Bunny barks at him. Abhi got scared and tightened his girp around maanvi.

Abhi: mannu pls save me yaar.!!!??

Maanvi: bhai nothing to get afraid he will not do anything..

Abhi: is it..??

Suddenly bunny jumped from pragu and went to abhi.. Abhi started to run and bunny was chasing. Both were running around maanvi,pragya,and neil. Abhi was continuously screaming while running where as bunny was chasing him by barking at him.

Abhi: arey y u four are standing as if circus is going, save me from this devil.

Pragya: then u agree that you are afraid of bunny..

Abhi: arey meri maa, is this the time to test..??

Pragya: 1st answer me.

Abhi: ok i agree, i am afraid of this devil.

Pragya gave a victorious smile. Seeing that abhi said, enough of ur smile,now save me yaar….
Pragu smirked and called bunny, bunny baby come here, see i have ur favorite biscuit in my room,come let’s go and have it…
Bunny barked at her seeing abhi ,saying something which she understood and says him, arey he is not much bad, see he is only afraid of u… Come here baby..

Bunny again saw abhi, he gave a “what” look. Then bunny barked at him once and went back to pragya. Bunny saw her and she smiled at him and says,come let’s go baby.. Saying so she went to her room smirking at abhi

Abhi sighed in relief and looked at mannu and Neil,who were witnessing this seen,suddenly they broke into laugh… They both were laughing aloud and seeing that abhi glared at them. They shut their mouth by keeping their hands on their mouth. Abhi laughed seeing their reaction. They both also smiled and abhi side hugged the both.

As they all were moving towards room, abhi said, by the neil,ur sis is very cute yaar,but Lil ladaakoo(sanda kolhi). Neil smiled hearing his statement and said she is indeed cute yaar..

Suddenly maanvi asked, so bhai, when are you going to get married..?? As ur number is next. Abhi’s smile faded away hearing her, neil who saw this tired to change the topic but maanvi again interruptted n asked y bhai, no answer.. Are u in love with someone ahh..?? Abhi who heard this Suddenly ran to his room. Maanvi looked at neil and he gave an assuring look. Seeing that maanvi nodded and signed him to go behind abhi, neil just smiled at her understanding nature and ran behind abhi.

Abhi stromed into him room and looked around. He was heartbroken,he sat on the bed by keeping his hands on his forehead, tears welled up in his eyes.
Neil came to the room and saw abhi in tears. He went near him and placed his hands on his shoulders. Abhi turned and looked at him. He stood up and went near the window.
Neil, abhi do u still… Before he could complete abhi interrupted and said, yes neil i still love her, truly,madly and deeply. Even though i have not seen her for ages, but still the love i have for her is not decreased.
Neil, then you can search for her right..??.. Again abhi interrupted and said, how can i face her neil, that time i was not matured,eventhough my words were like knife, becoz of mine and my family she left me. Saying so he broke into tears. Seeing abhi like that Neil felt very bad and went to console him,but abhi immediately ran out. Neil understood that he needs to be alone.

Screen shifts to pragu and maanvi’s room.

When maanvi entered inside the room, bunny ran out. She jerked and saw pragya who was smiling seeing bunny. Slowly she moved to the corner of the bed and sat there looking outside.

Maanvi came and asked what happened Pragu. When she turned to her side she was shocked to see pragya in tears. She immediately sat besides her and asked, what happened pragya..?? Asked worriedly. Pragya just smiled with tears and said,
Seeing abhi neil and purab i am again reminded of that loneliness which i m always surrounded by. The loneliness which i am afraid of. The same due to which my pooh left me. Still his words are echoing my ear.

She just closed her eyes and the words again echoed.

“Pls say me the reason”

” i said u right, u r a hypothetical girl. I hate such people, moreover ur childish behavior irritates me to the core”

” if i change ,will u accept me..??” She asked longingly.

“shit, u r such a shameless girl. Its always boys who come behind girl, but see here.. A girl.. Shit, pls don’t talk to me or ever show me your face.” Saying so he turned to leave but stopped by hearing her words.

“I thought u will make me forget my loneliness but..”

He interrupted and said “hear me carefully, always ur loneliness will be ur companion where ever u go. So get used to it. Go and try another guy, not me, i am not your prey.”

“U r thinking me very wrong” she said weeping heavily.
“Whatever i m thinking about u is right. Bye u looser”… He saying so he went

” you will surely regret all these talks of urs” which was heard by him. He simply smirked and went out.

Thinking all these pragya just broke into tears. Maanvi hugged her and consoled her. After sometime she composed herself and broke the hug and wiped her tears. Maanv saw her and asked, do still love him..?? Pragya just smiled and said, yes, still i love him but….
Saying so she ran out.

Screen shifts between pragya n abhi’s face.

To be continued….

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  5. Superb and lovely emotional update but little bit confusing whom Abhigya is referring to can’t understand.

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