Puppy Love – Kumkum bhagya Episode – 3

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Let’s move on the story.

In groom’s bus, abhi and Neil were continuously talking, blabbering and fighting with each other. Suddenly Neil asked,

Neil: abhi, where is our baccha yaar..??

Abhi: baccha..?? abhi thought for a while, then his mind stroked him whom Neil is referring..,and said him, arey he was here only yaar, he came with me only.. Where he went??

Suddenly a voice said,

Voice: am I looking like a baccha to u both..?? I am 24 but still u both… hmmmm..?? It’s waste of time to explain u both… Complained like a child in a childish way.

Neil: ally puru ( yes, it’s our childish purab) mera baccha,u got angry ahh..?? gussa mat karo na mera bacchu.. neil said controlling his laugh..

Purab frowned at him.. abhi controlling his laugh said, Arey mere bacchu, we are sorry na.. u r still like a child for both us,the same purab we saw when he was born.. am I right neil??

Neil: yes said smilingly.

Purab: really?? Asked like a child.

Neil n abhi in chorus: really mera bacchu..

Purab got overwhelmed and went to abhi n neil. All the three boys shared a tight group hug.

Bribe’s side reached first.

A grand resort was booked near the beach for the wedding.Everybody got down and dispersed towards their room. Pragya got down at last and started looking around. Maanvi went to the resort to show others their respective room.

Meanwhile groom’s side reached.

Abhi got down first,and stretched his hands. Suddenly purab came behind and jumped on him by surrounding his hands around his neck. At first Abhi jerked then he balanced himself and patted purab’s head and said,

Puru how many times i had said u not to do like this..

Purab: but bhai i love to do like this with u always said like a small child smiling still hanging behind him.
Abhi smiled at his antics. Seeing him smiling purab kissed his cheeks and slowly got down and said, i love u bhai, u r the best.

Abhi, love u too my bacchu.. Said by hugging him.

U both forgot me right..?? Asked Neil by coming behind them. Abhi n purab looked at eachother and said in chorus, how can we forget u bhai.

Saying so all the three laughed aloud.

Pragya who witnessed this by standing little away from them was smiling happily with tears.
Maanvi came n placed her hands on her shoulders. Pragu who was her, hugged her immediately with tears. Maanvi just patted her back and smiled as she knew that pragu always longed to have or share such movements.
Pragu broke the hug and looked at her smiling and mannu smiled back and said, come let’s go there.
Pragu just nodded her head n suddenly said something to mannu and she gave back a naughty look. They both had a HiFi and moved towards the boys.

On the other side, neil was keep on looking the entrance. Purab who noticed this signalled to abhi who was busy looking around. They both smiled at eachother and purab said, abhi bhai, i heard that the bride’s side already reached.
Neil who heard this glowed like a 100 watt bulb ?

Abhi: arey purab see someone is blushing man… Said in teasing tone.

Neil: abhi shut up man..

Purab: arey y should he bhai..?? He is saying the truth right..??

Neil again blushed. Abhi n purab laughed aloud.

Purab suddenly asked: abhi bhai better u stop laughing.

Abhi: why are saying so bacchu..??

Purab: then what bhai when are u going to bring a bhabhi for me..??

Abhi who heard this became sad.
Neil saw this n tried to change the topic ,when suddenly some two came behind abhi n neil shouted loudly ,as there was silence and it was getting dark ,all the 3 got afraid and purab ran away screaming in fear and here abhi n neil hugged each other in fear.
girls started to laugh aloudly and shared a HiFi as they succeeded in their plan. Boys who heard laughing sound and turned behind witnessed purab missing n girls laughing like a mad.

They both saw eachother and saw the girls in anger,but still our girls were laughing. So they cleared their voice to get their attention but they failed. So abhi in loud voice,
So neil she is ur stupid sister who is doing stupid acts like u.. And u mannu u also joined this siblings of stupidity..

Pragya and neil who heard this frowned him and maanvi saw him with forgive me look.

Maanvi: bhai it was she who said this idea not me.. Said with puppy look

Abhi: i knew it that i will be her’s idea only as she is the sister of this big stupid right..?? But u accompanied her ,u know i felt so bad.. Said with a pout.

Maanvi: i am so sorry bhai.. Said by holding her ears cutely.

Abhi just smiled at her and gave her a brotherly hug.
Then they both saw the both brother n sister fuming in anger.
Abhi: arey what happened ,y u both r looking at us like this..??

Pragu: hey u idiot, am i looking like a stupid..?? See bhai ur friend is making fun of us..
Saying so she went near neil n he side hugged her and said, hey man, how dare u call me n my sissy stupid, when both itself are the king of idiotic group of the world.. Scary idiots..

Maanvi: neil am i looking like an idiot..??

Neil smirked:is there any doubt in that?? If u call my sis as stupid then u r an idiot..

Maanvi fumed n asked: when did i call her stupid idiot..??

Neil: it’s ur bhai who said that.. And u supported that scary cat.

Abhi: neil i said u already don’t call me scary cat..

When neil was about to say something our pragu interrupted and said, what my bhai said is true.. U r afraid of my bunny.. He is so cute but u…

Abhi: hey u..

Pragya: pragya she corrected him.

Abhi: yes pragya or something.. I an not afraid of your so called bunny.. Hear it carefully..

Pragya: acha u r saying the truth right.. Then prove me.. Pragya demanded.

Neil: yes prove her. Asked smiling

Mannu: arey my bhai is not afraid of any bunny. He will prove it.

Abhi who heard this was stumbled and said in a shaky voice: ye..yes…ss.. I..iii..wi..wil..pro..prove..it..

Pragu by seeing his shaky voice smirked and said: ok then… As she was about to continue suddenly bunny came running barking towards pragya.. Hearing the barking sound,abhi jumped and went behind maanvi and hid.

Whereas bunny came n pragya bend down to take him in her hands. Bunny came near her and jumped into her hands,she took him up and laughed in joy and said, bunny my baby.. And kissed him.

Abhi who saw this was surprised becoz bunny was not this much close with even neil. Maanvi n Neil smiled seeing abhi,pragya and bunny’s reaction.
As pragya n bunny were enjoying with eachother that’s when bunny’s eye fell on abhi who was hiding behind maanvi.

Screen shifts b/w abhi’s scary face n bunny’s face.

Precap: “arey y r u looking at me like this..??” “

Yes, i still love her madly .. Becoz of my mistake and my family she left me” he said in tears. “Donno when i am going to meet…?? I m eagerly waiting to see him.. But”

Guys as i was about to upload the epi, suddenly we got call from my relative and we have to rush to my native. So sorry guys. I m typing during the travel. Once get the singal i will upload the epi.. Now i m fit n fine. Thanks everyone for ur care. I am feeling very glad.

I hope that the update is up to the mark. Again its a quite small one. Will upload a long update soon. Feel free if u feel the story is not worth or boring

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