Puppy Love – Kumkum bhagya Episode – 2

Hi guys, sorry i am again late. As i already said the reason is my health. Don’t know what happened to me suddenly.

Let’s move on the story.

Arora house

Pragya got ready in blue geans with white and black stripped t-shirt with 3/4th sleeves.

As she was packing in hurry burry,Ragini came to her room.

Ragini: is everything set??

Pragu: yes mom…

Ragini: okay, i came to inform you that i will not be coming with now as dad has got some important work here. I had already informed this maanu’s mom n dad. So take care of yourself.. Okay??

Pragu: okay mom, but when u will come there ??

Ragini: Dear,we will be on the night before the wedding.. And no mischief’s and naughtiness there.. Okay?? Should Behave like a matured girl..

Pragu pouted sadly.

Suddenly Neil came there,

Neil: arey still my princess is a kid,how can u say that..??

Pragu hugged her dad, saw her mother smilingly…showing her that she has got a support.

Ragini seeing this said,

Ragini: Neil u r pampering her a lot. Becoz of she is still behaving like a child. U know what..? today morning she was arguing with me to take her bussy along with to the marriage.

Suddenly a voice came,

Voice:yes ma,u r right.. She is becoming more stubborn now a days..

Ragini: Arey mannu beta, when did u come..?? U have to move now right..??

Manvi:Now only maa, becoz of thiz lazy queen i had come here to check whether she slept again.. Said frowning at pragu.

Pragu looked at her father like a innocent child. Neil seeing that said,

Neil: arey ,y u two are always behind my princess, see she is such a child, don’t scold her unnecessarily..said in a stern voice.

Hearing this maanvi and ragini sighed in disbelief.

Maanvi: dad this is too much, becoz u she is very stubborn and u know, she asked neil to bring his bunny to the marriage. No,moreover she ordered him, and he being a slave for her love agreed to this.

Pragu: kitty,when bhai itself is not having any problem,then what do u want?? Asked liked innocent angry child

Maanvi: arey u know na abhi bhai is scared of bunny.. Then what do u expect from me.

Pragu: u and ur idiot abhi bhai.. She is such a big rockstar but still afraid of my bunny saying so she laughed

Neil: princess u should never tease someone with their weakness, it is a very wrong thing princess

Pragu: okay papa, i m sorry.

Neil: that’s like my princess… Said smilingly and kissed her forehead..

Seeing this maanvi n ragini smiled.

How much ever neil pampers his princess ,he always taught her all good values. However childish pragu is that much she has good values in her. Her parents were always proud this character in her.

Pragu: kitty,so where is bunny..?? Asked excited..

Maanvi: as u were late we all came here, the bus is waiting for us down. And ur bunny is also in that bus,troubling everyone..

Pragu in extreme excitement: really, then i am going bye, mom dad see u there soon.

She immediately picked her bag and kissed her parents cheeks and rushed out.

Neil laughed seeing her excitement.

Ragini shouted: arey go slowly,u will get hurt..
Pragu shouted back: i will take care mom.

Maanvi shouted: arey wait i will also come. But pragu didn’t hear her as she was already went out.

Maanvi sighed: yeh ladki bhi na.. And then looked at ragini and neil who were smiling at her.

Maanvi took their blessings and hugged them.

Neil: sorry beta ,we couldn’t come now.

Maanvi, it’s okay uncle, i understand. She smiled

Ragini: take care of her beta, i don’t have any worries as she is coming with u guys. She always longed for siblings especially a elder brother. I am very much glad and happy that she got that from both u n neil. Convey my regards to him.

Maanvi: sure aunty, come soon or you both will get severe punishment..
Neil and ragini laughed and said: sure.

Maanvi also laughed and went bidding adieu to them.

Actually guys the groom family and bride family were traveling separately. It was a destination wedding in goa.

Screen shifts to groom’s side.

Abhi entered the bus with fear looking out whether bunny was there or not.

Suddenly neil came from behind and barked at him. Abhi immediately jumped in fear and went hid behind neil’s mom,sarla ma and screamed: mummyyy…!!! Pls anybody save me from this devil.
Neil who saw this was laughing out aloud like a mad. Then only,abhi noticed the surroundings,bunny was not there and everyone in the bus were laughing at him.
Then he saw neil who was laughing like a mad. He stared at him and stood infornt of him with his hands folded on his chest and here neil was still laughing. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder ,he lifted his head and saw abhi standing there with a anger grin on his face ,he immediately started running n abhi was chasing him. Their journey started with lots laughs and fights among the buddies.
Finally abhi n Neil settled in a place.
Abhi: Hmm,so where is that devil??
Neil: he is coming along with maanvi.
Abhi: oh i see..
Neil: y r u asking!! ? Seems like u r very desperate to see ur devil ahh??
Abhi: arey nothing like that.. Okay when will we reach the destination..??
Neil: by evening i think..
They countinued their talk..

Screenshifts to the brude’s side.
Everyboby were enjoying the trip by playing n singing but our pragu was busy with her bunny n mannu. She was continuously talking to bunny and bunny also used to reply her with a bark. Everyone present there found it very cute and manvi sitting with her was admiring it and in b/w she also used to talk with them.
Pragu: kitty, where is buls di..??
Maanvi: arey i forgot to inform you that she called me a while and said that she will reach destination tomorrow only as she was suddenly held up with works..
Pragu: ohh..
To be continued…

Precap: meeting of abhigya and abhi n bunny.

Its quite a small one.. Once i m fit n fine i will update a long one.
Sorry guys,if i m boring u all with my story. I just thought to give brief description b/w the bonding all the characters share… Thanks alot for support. If there are any silent reader thanks to them too.. If u like this epi pls pen down your comments..

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