Punjabi swara and sanskar (Epi-1)


One-day a girl and a boy was sitting in a park and remember their first meating how they fight with each other and then they got married without there will and then how they became a perfect couple. It was a winter morning swara was walking in a dhaba. She was buying water bottle and she gave money and leave .but her bok leave in that dhaba.she leave and again come to take the bok and saw a boy drinking water and she thought that it is her bottle and she take it force fuly and drink the whole bottle the boy was amazed to see her that he don’t protest .but he than com to reality by a sweet voice of a girl .

he then ask her why did u drink my bottle of water .she say oy kittey kah maharaj hay Tu jo tune meri bottle sy pani pini hay bara aya pani pine .khotay we puttar. Bata zara tera name kiya hai daffer May n.a. panchate pay sikayat Karin gi Teri .the boy say mera name hay sanskar kurana and ur name .she say mennu kiya jarurat anjanose bat karnay ki .wase mera name hay swaragini ,swaragini khanna. Then her brother laksh com and take her sanskar keep looking at her…….

Credit to: zara khan

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