Punjab loves Tamizhnadu (Part 1)

vanakkam, namastey, sat sri akal, gadi khamba, salam aleikum, hi, hello etc…. for all my loving people around the world. just wish me back in your language. let everyone learn something about the world.

“akka! ready a?” ( sis, are you ready?” )

“oh… na ready. pogalama?” ( yeah. shall we go?)

my cute sis was much excited to go with me. I m an architect by profession. but I m working as a photographer temporarily for a magazine. my sis does the editing work in the same magazine. so now we have to cover for a competition ” colourful India” where in 6 months time, there will be an expo. so, we will have to leave for Punjab and I will be accompanied by my father for a week as we have to search for a rental house. we were in the airport and we sat in our flight. the flight departed and we reached the Punjab airport. we are now in Amritsar. our company booked a room for us in a hotel.

me and my cousin dharshini freshed up and reached the bus stop. it was full of rush.

” brother, where is this address?” I enquired a man in tie.

“kya, subah subah aati hai yeh log… badi angrezi bolti hai” he murmured and left.

I did little understand what he’s saying. but I m sure he was not saying the directions. well. what to do now?

” akka, naama taxi kupta enna?” ( sis, shall we call a taxi)

that’s a nice idea. I just contacted my office which is in Amritsar and hired a taxi. within 10 minutes, a taxi stood before us. we got in.

driver: beta, yeh jagah toh nasdik hi hai, aap log toh bus mein jaa sakti thi na?

me: uncle, we don’t know Hindi. we are from tamizhnadu.

driver: acha, phir toh angrezi mein baat karna padega. I m tukkaram.

me: I m Tamizh and she’s Dharshini.

driver: fine beta. in two minutes we’ll reach.

after two minutes we were in front of our office. I paid him. then we went in. I had some formality papers to sign and darsu was busy with her work. and we were provided with a scooter for our convenience. we finished our work and we were returning to the hotel in our scooty with the help of Google maps.

in our room

me : appa, neenga kelambunga. nanga paathukarom. amma veetla thaniya irupanga. ( dad, you can leave. we can manage. mom is alone at home )

darsu: aama mama. officela sollirukom. rendu naal kulla fix aidum. ( yes uncle, we informed and they’ll find a house in two days. )

my dad: sari ma. nalaiku night flight ku poiduren. sariya? ( fine, tomorrow I will leave in night flight. OK?)

me: sari pa. darshu, sapda order pannu ma. ( k dad. darsu, order for the food dear)

we ordered some food and ate them. that night we had some chat and slept. the next day very busy because we had a load of mails from our company and so the was spent in our laptops. I booked a ticket for my dad. he was sad to go but what to do.

that night we went to the airport. there dad saw someone coming and the person ran to him. he hugged my father and they were very happy to meet each other. he introduced himself as pratap Singh. he and my dad were school mates. he enquired about me and said that we can stay in his house. we denied but in vain. he asked our hotel address and said that he will send a car. my dad was very happy. then we send off my dad. we returned back to hotel in taxi.

suddenly a bike crossed our way and slipped. two guys stoop up clearing the mud on their shirts.

guy 1: abbey, Teri toh… kya gaadi chal raha hai? agar kuch hojata toh?

guy2: yeh mooh nahi kolega, …

I got down from the taxi.

me: hey, what can we do if you slipped from your bike?

guy 2: yeh ladki, chup kar. beech mein bolne ki jarurat nahi. waise… tu toh bahut hi sundar h. chal na mera ghar…

me: what? I can’t understand. speak in English.

guy1: yaar, yeh kya? angrezi mein chapad chapad karti hai.

driver: memsaab, they are useless. let’s leave.

me: OK.

I turned to leave but that guy 2 caught my hand.


its not me who shouted. its the guy who caught my hand. my sis just punched him in his nose. he was bleeding. the guy 1 tried to attack my sis. how dare he is? I rushed and gave a tight punch in his nose and it started to bleed. both were standing with their hands on their nose. it was funny to see. ha ha ha… then we returned to hotel. in 15 min, there stood a car in the entrance and it was for us.

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  1. salam..nice starting guru..I am from Kerala. .lol we are neighbours πŸ™‚

    1. I have some roots in kerala. my both grandmas are from Kerala. and I too have many friends in social sites. so, will you be my friend? πŸ™‚

  2. u know what my nickname is darshu but my name isnt darshini.im frm north india.
    I really like ur story….updt soon.

  3. Hai….I am a Mallu…..nice starting…..
    Chankzzzzzzz…..keep it????

    1. will you be my friend swathi? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  4. Hey super ah iruku pa ..waiting for your following episodes…love it ….tamil ff is something rare ya…:-) πŸ™‚ :-)where r u from ya ..I mean place πŸ™‚

  5. hi im a bihari.very nice plot….

    1. hey manya, bihari mein hello kaise boti h?

  6. vanakkam. I m a Tamilian. and we don’t say ‘vanakkam’ every time, only in meetings and news.

  7. Namasthey. I’m from hyderabad. Nice story πŸ™‚

  8. Great epi…n yaa..i m gtn to learn sm tamil too…wah!! Thnk u

  9. atulya, north India mein kaha rehti h? just simply asked.

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