Punar Vivah 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 9th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti sits in the kitchen in tears and remembers yash’s words last night demanding her support. She composes herself, wipes her tears and leaves.

Yash is hearing the complaints from his daughters about not dressing them up properly. Vidhi too jokes about their hairstyles. The kids request her to redo their hair, but vidhi doesnt citing other work. arti comes with their tiffins. The girls tell arti that ansh is outside. arti too cant stop laughing at yash’s inefficiency and jokes about their weird hairstyles and begins to mend his daughters’ hair. She starts doing while yash keenly watches. she cant seem to control her laughter, while suraj and vidhi watch from a distance. Suraj leaves when yash promises to make them better the next time. Arti leaves with the kids to atke them for school. when she returns, she hears a noise in the bathroom, and runs inside to find that yash is washing clothes. In their bathroom, while yash is trying to help her in washing clothes, arti tries to stop him from doing so. He says that she just has to pay taxes and he would finish all his work. He closes his eyes for her to kiss him, but her eyes wander to the gaping hole in one of her sarees that yash was beating with the washing bat. Before he can do more damage, she tries to get him out of the way. In this, she is about to slip in the soapy water lying all around, when yash holds her midway and they share a romantic eyelock. After some time, they break off their embrace when arti mention that its gone. when yash asks what, arti says she’s talking about the water and grumbling about it, leaves while yash curses the tap for its so incorrect timing.

Scene 2:
Location: At the temple
While gayatri has trouble climbing the stairs, she is about to slip when yash holds her and she blesses not knowing its him. She is happily surprised to see him and they together climb towards the mandir. but they come across suraj on one of the steps, who gives him a stern look. He says that his family doesnt need the support of strangers till he’s alive. he takes gayatri’s hand from yash and takes her forward. While yash is stunned, arti is upset to see this. Gayatri too looks back at yash in sadness. Yash sits on the temple steps in despair. Arti goes to sit beside him and reminds him of his own statement not to be sad in tough situations and smilingly face the problems. she gives him her hand and he too places his hand on hers and they together proceed towards the temple while yash calls the kids too to join them.

Inside the temple, yash arrives with his family while the rest of scindia family too is praying. The priest does everybody’s tilak. The scindia family’s prayers are disturbed when they hear yash’s kids talking of going to play and they are surprised to find them there. Buaji instigates suraj against arti accusing her of taking yash away from them and now putting up a pretense of being the ideal daughter in law, praying alongside them. suraj gives a cursory glance at arti filled with anger and rage.

The scindia kids are playing to themselves, when ansh’s ball lands with some elder kids playing. When he tries to talk to them, Ansh is teased by some bullies who tease him when he says that he would get his father to deal with them. The leader of those kids push him and throw him on the ground while other laugh. As the kids start walking back towards yash, a man’s silhouette comes forward to ansh and holds out his hand to him while he looks at the stranger with surprise. the man turns out to be prashant when light falls on his face. He tells ansh that till ur father comes, these kids would have gone. So he advises ansh to go and push the kid that teased him back and with a force that he would remember forever because if he doesnt then they would keep making fun of him throughout. He goes over and picks up a fight with that kid but being older, he overpowers ansh who falls to the ground on his push. Prashnt picks a stone and goes over to ansh, asks him to stop crying and get up. He then advises ansh to be strong and not to cry, instead take his renevege as strong and bold people do. Prashant hands ansh the stone and advices him to go and smash the bully kids’ brain with the stone. Ansh follows his advise while prashant watches victoriously. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Yash asks ansh to say sorry to the kid and his mother while prashant keeps arguing that ansh doesnt need to ask for forgiveness since the kid started the fight by pushing ansh first. Yash keeps telling ansh to ask for forgiveness, while ansh stands there undescisive what to do.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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