Punar Vivah 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 8th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’ s residence
All are getting ready to leave, while the kids are playing in the courtyard for one last time. They get into the car and drive off.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s residence in Mumbai
Arti is reaching out, to suitcases kept on the almirah, and is about to fall, disbalancing herself, but yash catches her midway, and they both start smiling, but soon they grow stiff, having remembered ayu. They begin doing their normal chores, trying to avoid the other. Yash is setting up portraits of them in the room. Arti thinks that in Mumbai, their love took a different turn towards romance, and they conceived ayu, and now that they have come back, their ayu isnt with them. Yash goes on about his work, and yash too is thinking the same, and wishes

deeply that ayu was with them, and hopes that wherever he is, ayu is happy. Arti thinks that its difficult to live like this, where they have grown so apart, thay cant even be with each other. Yash thinks that he knows arti isnt to be blamed for what happened, but whenver he thinks of ayu, arti’s image crops up in his mind.

Radha asks the kids not to be naughty as they would break something. She is busy setting up the stuff along with the others. Hearing ayu cry, arti expresses her concern, and takes the baby, at which the baby instantly stops crying. Arti wonders what kind of a relationship she has with this child, and everytime she holds him, she calms down. Pari too comes in saying that he shouldnt be habituated to the lap, and shows everyone the gift ishita has given, and shows a pram. Arti is tensed. they discuss as to how many things are now available for the baby. Pari thanks ishita, but she says that she too has a connection with the child and hence gifted her, and she would have done the same for arti’s ayu. She apologizes that she shouldnt have said that, and did it unintentionally. Arti is upset and leaves from there. Radha too leaves along with her, to help her unpack. They get the carton in the room. Radha says that they should leave it here only. As arti begins to go, her saree gets stuck under the carton, and when she tries to take it out, she accidentallt tears off the lid of the carton. Arti is surprised to find yash’s photo in akash and ishita’s bag, and wonders why are they there. she wonders if akash is upto some surprise and goes on to explore more. She is surprised to find love letters written by someone who had been approached for marrying yash, but he declined. She thinks that ishita was the girl who had been asked to marryu yash, before arti’s proposal came, and yash had declined to marry her since she wasnt even m,arried once, and he didnt want to spoil the life of an unmarried girl. Then again, yash left her at the altar, when ansh had gotten kidnapped. She understands that twice yash had declined her offer, and that has made ishita want him all the more. She is shocked at this revealing. She finds a silhouette in the window and is scared, and then sees akash entering the room. she says that she had found the carton lid torn off, and hnec was arrannging the things. Akash comes and asks her not to work, and tells her to bles him so that his love life may also start. Arti wonders how ishita so easily is betraying him and herself too maybe. Akash is very hopeful that just like yash and arti’s romance started here, his love life would start too. Arti leaves citing reasons for some other work.

Arti walks out in a trance, remembering what she just saw, but wonders that maybe its long in the past, and now maybe there wouldnt be much of anything to worry about. Ayu’s crying voice distrcats her however, and she starts approaching pari’s room.

Ishita, however reaches before her, and asks pari to quietn her child fast, or else, she would find another reason to come and take her baby. Arti, at the door, is surprised to hear her talk like this. Arti hears ishita telling pari, that she just tries to prove that she’s the best mother in the world, and pari completely naive. Pari expresses her problem. ishita says that its just a fake concern, as the truth is that she, after having lost her child, now wants to take pari’s. She blames arti’s carelessnes due to which ayu was lost, and palak got wounded. She says that arti has her eyes on your child, and therefore also gave her child’s name to pari’s. Pari says that she wont even let arti’s shadow be cast on her child. Arti leaves hastily in anger.

As she walks out in a huff, buaji asks why is she angry. When arti avoids, buaji asks again, but she doesnt say anything and leaves. Buaji understands that she has known of some plan, that ishita is concocting again. she thinks that ishita is troubling herslef, even thinking about putting arti in trouble, but wonders that this itself gives spice to their otherwise boring life. She decides to go talk to ishita.

Buaji goes to ishita, and taunts her for trying to beutify herself. They get into a verbal scuffle, at which ishita asks why is she here, as she doesnt have the time to talk to her. Buaji tells her that she would have to listen to her as she is responsible for getting her in the house, as she suggested her name for marriage to yash. Ishita reminds her that both the times, she didnt get to marry yash, and ended up with the fool, Akash. Buaji reminds ishita about yash being her elder brother in law and warns her not to come in between arti and him, and . She reminds that arti isnt very happy with her as it is, and therefore she shouldnt risk coming in her eyes, doing something inappropriate. Ishita is tensed. She asks what has she done, that arti is angry at her and tells ishita what she just saw. She tells ishita that today she stopped arti somehow, but if she doesnt mend her ways soon, she would find herself facing arti’s ire. After she leaves, Ishita wonders what has she heard, and thinks whether its about the ayu thing. And even if she knows what harm could that possible do to her. she wonders that arti may seem to be very smart, but she doesnt even know that the ayu, she so badly misses is gone because of her. The screen freezes on her vicious face.

Precap: Ishita romantically tries to seduce akash, surprising him too, saying that he is the connecting link between her and her ultimate love. Arti is very shocked that she wasnt wrong after all, that ishita is in a one sided love with yash, and now she’s so mad that she is going to the extent of using akash to get to yash.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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