Punar Vivah 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 7th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence
Arti tells pari that she must have kept the AC on, due to which ayu caught fever. She asks pari to go in the kitchen, and make some Kaada for the baby. Ishita sees this and says that she wont let anything happen to her plans, and that she went through a great deal of risk, while kidnapping the baby, but arti came back in yash’s life, despite her efforts, but not anymore.

While pari is preparing the kaada in the kitchen, ishita comes in and tries to instigate pari, after having first asked for ayu’s health, and aso tells that a mother shoud ideally be with the baby, but arti carefully sidelined her and instead herself went to take care of the baby, and be with her. Pari says that arti is no less than ayu’s mother and had Arti has already

lost her own son, and hence she cant see anyone having a good time, with their child. Pari slaps her tight, and warns her not to talk like this ever again, as she knows arti much too well. read full updates daily with pics only at desitvbox.com ishita says that she might feel bad right now, but one day, she would realise when the baby would search around for arti’s lap, rather than hers, and she would understand the pain of rejection by an adopted child. She tells ishita that Arti woud never want that she gets mother’s affection. Pari says that she’s wasting her time with her, as these things dont affect her. As pari leaves, ishita is determined that this woud have its effect.

Arti asks pari not to worry, and takes ayu with her, so that she can take and monitor his temperatur on an houry basis, and feed the kaad when he is awake. As arti leaves, pari is tensed. Ishita finds pari tensed, and is happy that she has finally succeded in her plans, and that this slap would cost her tight, as now everytime she plans a revenge on arti, pari’s name would also come up with her.

While arti is playing with ayu, yash calls up prateik informing about the latest developmenst about thei shifting to a new house in mumbai. Prateik asks yash not to talk indirectly with her, through him, as he already knows it all. He asks yash to tell it to arti himself. Arti breaks into a huge burst of laughter. They get into a friendly banter, each accusing the other of being flirtatious. Yash instigates her on the name of girls. Arti gets into a protective mode, while yash keeps trying to ask her to calm down, due to the baby. Finally he lies in arti’s lap. Arti reminds yash that they never thought they would fall in love with each other so bad, when at first they couldnt even stand the sight of each other. They get into jovial romancing.

While leaving, the kids discuss how much they woud miss this house. All are emotional, and unwilling to leave the house. All share their experiences. Radha says that suraj’s love and pain for the house is paramount, and he has already called up ten times since morning. Buaji calls her for another call by suraj, and she leaves to attend the call. Buaji asks them not to be sad, as it would be a fresh new beginning to their life.

Vidhi gives the baby to arti, saying that she would help in the kitchen packing with buaji. Ishita sees this and gets to her plan. Ishita again tries to instigate pari, showing her arti playing with the baby. Having its desired effect, pari goes to charge at arti. Arti tries to tell pari, that since a long travel is required , and pari wont be able to manage it, hence she says to pari that she would keep the baby, as she dosnt know how to. Pari retorts back saying that he would be able to, if arti ever allows her to, and why would she, as pari is after all her mother, legally after having fulfilled the entire documents, and adopting the baby.

She asks arti not to interfere in her baby’s matter as she’s after all her mother and arti just a caretaker. She asks arti not to search for ayu in her baby, and leaves. Arti is surprised and hurt at pari’s words, and keeps mumbling as to what did pari say and did she even realise the implications of it. Ishita then goes on to instigate arti too, saying that pari is right that its her baby, as god knows whose tainted blood it is. Radha, who has just come in, hears this from behind ishita. Arti too is shocked to hear this. radha asks her to stop, and tells her that she shoudnt ever think about talking like this, and goes on to lecture as to what is the baby’s tatus now, after having been given the scindia family’s name. Arti also warns her not to call any child, tainted blood in front of her anymore. The screen freeze on Arti’s face.

Precap: Buaji reminds ishita about yash being her elder brother in law and warns her not to come in between arti and him. She reminds that arti isnt very happy with her as it is, and therefore she shouldnt risk coming in her eyes, doing something inappropriate. Ihita i tensed…

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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