Punar Vivah 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’ s residence
At the breakfast table, akash asks about yash and arti from radha. Radha asks him o give them time and space to recover from the loss. Buaji too comes, and radha gives them tea. But buaji says that people are ridiculing yash and aryti, and their remarriage, as they have gotten a whiff of everything that happens in the family. Buaji says that they also know about the adoption of a child, byu pari and prateik. Radhaasks them not to think of the people, and should ahve faith in the relations, of her family, and even if they are going through a tough time, they would come victorious through it. buaji says that she can fend for her family, but she told them what she saw. Radha is upset as to how to bring back people’s happiness in their family. Akash

asks her not to feel bad, as once ayu comes and pari and prateik, come back with their child, happiness would be restored in the family. radha goes to give tea to suraj.

Pari and prateik, return with ayu, but not knwoing its him. pari asks why has he been so silent, and if he actually is happy. Pratiek says that he realised that the famly they were looking for, has finally been complete. He thinks that its because of arti, they are so happy today, and wishes that she should also be happy soon, once she gets ayu back, and goes closer to yash. Vidhi and everyone are very happy at the child’s arrival. They all congratulate pari and prateik. Prateik thanks arti, for her contribution. While all are excitedly entering the house, buaji stops them, saying that someone else’s blood, cant ever be given the respect and name of the scindia family. She accuses them of misusing Suraj’s disapperance. She says that this child wont enter their house. all are shocked, and they try to reason with buaji. Buaji says that the happiness is short lived, as its not earned. Arti reprimands her for talking like this, and asks her to see the innocence of the child, and not the background, and consider it God’s blessing. Buaji asks her to shut the lecture, and is adamant on her stand. Yash reminds her that she is very religious, and here own Lord Krishna, was adopted. They also give ansh’s example. Arti says that they have the faith, that suraj would accept him. But buaji is still adamant, and ask pari to throw it back, where she got it from. All are shocked to hear her say this. Arti takes the kid from pari, and gives it to buaji, asking her to throw it herself. Buaji is very scared and
tries to give the baby back, but noone takes it from her. Buaji’s heart too melts at the sight of innocent eyes looking at her. She says that arti was right, as she herself never made a child play in her lap, and hnce she didnt understand the difference a child brings. She apologizes to arti and everyone for the stinging words, saying that she would see that the child doesnt leave this house ever, and also takes the responsibility to ask suraj to accept the child. she gives it to pari, and they happily begin to enter inside.

As yash places a reassuring hand on arti, she thanks him for his support. Radha says that its sad that ayu has gone away from them, but this reflection of ayu, would cheer them up again. She says that he wont replace ayu, but would help you to bear the pain of the loss. Prateik says that he hopes he could bring up ayu, so that their seperation ends. Arti, while holding the baby, thanks yash for being with her, and supporting her. Yash says that this is indeed their ayu. Ishita, watching them, from a distance, wonders where they got their ayu from. radha asks them to get inside, as he wants to perform the necessary ritual.

Ishita wonders how andwho got ayu home. she thinks that once ayu is found, it wont be long till her reality come out, and what if they tell everyone. Buaji pats her on the back, and asks her that she’s looking very nervous and scared, and is sweating. ishita blames the heat for it. But buaji reminds her that she was just in the AC car. She says that she feels that the reason for this nervousness is something else. ishita thinks, that by buaji’s statements she can definitely assume that she hasnt been caught yet. Buaji asks her not to even think about doing anything wrong, as she’s already lost contact with her parents, and if she does anything here, then she wont even have a place to live, after being thrown out from here. She asks buaji to mind her own business. Buaji says that she’s doing just that, to preserve p[eace and happiness in the family. Ishita tells her not to do so, and not bother her, as that would be haarmful for buaji’s health only. as she leaves, Buaji thinks that this girl isnt at all right, and she would have to keep a watch on her.

While the baby is crying, pari thinks what to do to make him stop crying. The baby is inconsolable. She is scarred if something has happened to him. Arti senses her dilemma, and comes to her room, and asks why is he crying. Pari explains her problem. Arti asks her not to cry herself, and helps pari with her experience. She begins to talk, while rocking him, and the bay goes quiet. pari says that in her lap, he went quiet, as he would have felt at peace. Arti says that she too feels at peace, having held her. She says that radha was right, as she actually is relieved having held her, and knows that ayu would definitely be right and alright. As he doesnt take the bottled milk, pari thinks that maybe he needs the mother’s milk. Pari requests arti to feed him, for his hunger. Arti is surpsied and speechless. Arti says that he would be habituated to bottled milk, in the orphanage, and says that she should now learn to handle heer own son . But pari says that she too is his mother like woman, and therefore, she should give him the motherly affection that he needs, as she herself felt like she was holding ayu, when arti held her. Arti thanks her for letting her have this right, and thinks of him as her own son, ayu. she brightens up holding her. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Yash tells arti that she doesnt know that he loves her very much, nd thats his biggest strength. Arti is overwhelmed to hear this, and hugs yash tightly, Yash too engulfs her, by placing his arms around her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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