Punar Vivah 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 30th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
The whole family is watching the news reporter, on the tv giving a byte about divya and her past life, the time wehn she was with raj. As sarita watches this, she thinks that the ring that she is donning, she has seen it somewhere. She is confused that she is missing something, that links Choti Bahu to their house.

On the roof, Sarita is still confused about that ring. She wonders where she saw the ring. She remembers that 8 years ago, on Diwali Night, he had seen it. she remebers how she had seen it kept on the mantle, and wondered what kind of a ring it is, and a note was kept alongside that had somne romantic poetry scribbled on it. Just then, Raj comes and is confronted by sarita, that this talks of love are not for her, and that this

ring isnt for her, and demands to know the name of that girl. When she doesnt let go of the ring, Raj enters into a scuffle with her, throwing the ring on the ground. He angrily looks at her, picks up the ring and walks off. As she comes back to senses, she remembers divya in the house, and her sister in law’s outburst last night. she concludes that it is Divya, for whom Raj hasnt been able to give himself to her. Sarita confronts and asks the daughter, Shiela, that Raj’s first love is Divya Malhotra, the Girl in choti Bahu, as its a wall, that has given her much pain. When she doesnt respond, Sarita picks up a knife, and threatens her that she would cut her wrists if he doesnt tell her. Shiela spills out that it is Divya. sarita is shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Divya’s residence
Divya’s sister is very excited about divya going to the shopping with Gaurav and his mother. Her bhabhi tells her o call the Raddi wala forst before going. She goes on to take his number and dial it. As Divya calls out on the Laxmi Raddi Bhandar number, that she got from the diary, the policeman picks it up, and says that this is the police station. Without giving Divya a chance to speak, the police inspector assuming that its raj’s lover, tells her that she should come to the station asap, as if she doesnt, then they would beat Raj to pulp. Divya is very tensed to hear this. Raj, however is turned to stone, after divya’s engagement news. He doesnt respond even.

Divya is told that Gaurav has arrived. she gets ready and goes out to meet gaurav. She gets into his car, and they exchange pleasantries. She asks gaurav, if they can go to the police station first. He is surprised but agrees nevertheless. They arrive at the police station

Scene 3:
Location: Police Station
As Divya and Gaurav come inside, the police

Divya says that she is here for the

the police says that now that she has come, she should pay the fine evenn.

The police inspector gives Raj’s stuff to her, also saying that his fam,ily wants to meet her face to face, and if he can bring them to the shooting. She agrees and asks where she has to sign. the inspector helps her in completing the formalities. Raj, with his back turned, in the lockup, doesnt see that its divya, who’s come for her bail. as the hawaldar goes to release him, he walks out of the cell, and towards Divya, with his head down, not realising that he’s walking towards his first love. Divya too senses sometension, at his proximity, and in that the driving license of Raj slips from her hand, and as she nends down to reach for it, she finds Raj’s photo in it, and is pained and stunned. Before she can react, Gaurav comes saying that the person who she needs to thank has come. Divya is scared and leaves from there. Gaurav turns to raj and says that his bail has been done, and wishes him the best of luck.

Divya runs and sits in his car, and gaurav comes back to her, and asks what happened, and is greatly disturbed that she’s crying. Divya turns and says that the guy, they just released, is Raj, her first love. She tells him that Raj taught her how to livf\ elife, and attributes her success to him, and is shcoked that he has become a Raddi wala now, someone who was the best Creative Director, in college, but he has turned to handling hi8s family business. She is very upset and gaurav too is hurt seeing her like this.

Scene 3:
Location: Jagotia’s mansion
Raj arrives, while sarita has known the truth about raj’s first love being Divya. Sarita remembers her wedding night, which went completely opposite to what she had expected. Raj comes in and takes a pillow and walks off. when sarita asks what happened, He says that she shouldnt expect anything from him, as they would forever be strangers, even being together for whole life. Remembering that, She cries on the bed. She thinks that its because of di8vya that she has been alone for the past 10 years, even after her marriage with Raj. She thinks that she’s still a virgin after being in matrimony for the past 10 years.

Scene 4:
Location: Divya’s residence
As the haldi ceremony is on in full swing, and all are giving haldi to Divya, lost of fun and laughter is in the air. divya too is happily enjoying the function, while the ladies gossip about how good Choti Bahu will be as a Bahu in real life. When one of the guests call out that if an unmarried girl is left to put haldi on Divya, then she can come now, as that would get her married sooner. A voice calls out that she wants to do so. Divya is shocked, when sarita, with vermillion, in her head, comes to put Haldi on Divya. The screen freezes on Sarita’s treary face.

Precap: Sarita asks Divya, that now would would be right time to prove what a big heart, divya aka CHOTI BAHU has, by being under the same roof, as her, and get Raj to love Sarita like his wife, and give her the Wifely status, that she needs, and thereafter get married to Gaurav, in her real life.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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