Punar Vivah 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
The lady tells arti that the baby has been found and she should come and take it. Arti is superjoyed, but is confused when she is told to get her ID proof, and the required documents, and also heer husband has to be present. The lady tells her that Pari had called them for an adoption, and they have found the baby that meets her requirements. Arti says that she would call pari, to taalk to her. As pari comes, arti thinkss that god is testing her patience, by giving her false hopes time and again. pari listens to the caretaker, who explains the whole process of

Pari says that she didnt tell anyone, not even prateik. She told them that she had wanted a baby, i.e. a couple of months old. Pari says that now she would have a hard time convincing him, as he wants him

own child. She tlls arti about the dilemma, that a child going away has created rift between her and yash, and the prospect of a child coming has seperated herself and prateik.

Pari says that she herself is so tensed, and she doesnt feel like taking her help. But arti promises her to help, as that would bring hope and haappiness into the family, once again. Pari thanks her and arti decides to go and talk to prateik regarding this. they both go. While prateik is adamant on his stance, but arti tries to convince him that ayu would bring happiness into their life. Arti tries to show, how she isnt a mother to palak and payal, though not related biologically, and the same is for yash and ansh. She says that they wouldnt have been able to adopt to the kids, who they didnt give birht o, had they followed what prateik is doing right now. She tells him, that a child would fill their void in their lives, and asks him not to let go of this oppurtunity. She brings pari to him. Prateik tells paari that whatever doubt he had, has been cleared by arti, and decidesd to adopt the baby. Pari thanks and hugs him. She then turns to arti and thanks her too, for this generous contriution, even when she’s sad, thinking about others’ happiness. she says that she hopes that she gets her ayu soon.

Ishita comes to arti, who’s very tensed. and tlls him that she’s got halwa for him, and tells her that he shouldnt torture himself for arti’s mistakes. She sits by his side, and then tries to feed him. He tells her that he hasnt given her the right to impose her ight on him. yash asks her to preserve her own respect, as a woman, and also as a daughter in law of this family. He asks her to leave. ishita is frustrated and begins to leave. Just then Yash gets DCP”s call, shocking ishita. He tells yash that they have found the owner of the car, and hence they would find ayu too soon. When yash repeats this, it shocks ishita who thinks that she would have to go, asap so that they dont get to ayu. yash too tells the DCP that he would soon come. Ishita leaves.

Ishita is tensed. Akaash comes and says that now he feels that she doesnt love him. He tries to get romantically involved with her, saying that he’s changed for the better. She says that she had come to get some peace of mind, and asks him to go and sleep. He says that he hadnt come to disturb her, just that he doesnt get sleep without her. saying so, he leaves. Ishita says that the only person she loves is yash, and she would do anything, to get aayu out of the orphanage. She thinks that she would have to send ayu away from the orphanage. As only then she would be able to take arti away from yash.

Arti and yash sleep with their backs turned to each other, both wide awake. He thinks that he knows about the car, but not about the kidnappers. He thinks that he loves ayu dearly and misses him very much. Arti too is thinking the same. they turn towards each other at the same time. Finally yash allows arti to sleep in the cuddle of his arms. They are both, much in paain, but still there for each other. While arti looks upto yash, yash wipes the tears from the corner of her eyes, and lovingly caresses her hair. yash wakes up surprised at her daydream. Arti turns around again, while yash is in a stance. Finally yash too turnds around. They both silently weep.

Scene 2:
Location: In the Orphanage
Ishita comes to the orpahanage, and thinks that this is the place that contains the connecting link to yash and arti, and today she would send it very fr away. She sees the caretaker and says that she wants to adopt a baby. The caretaker begins to explain everything and the requirements needed. But ishita impatiently says that she wants to adopt the particular one, that was kept at their doorstep, exactly a month ago. The caretaker raises doubtThe caretaker says tht she cant give that baby to her, as she gave that baby, to a couple, that morning only. when ishita asks who she gave him to, the lady says that she cant divulge that information. ishita is tensed. She gives her money, and says that rules can be changed. The caretaker is surprised, but says that now she understands why does she want this baby only. The caretaker asks her if she has any connection with the baby, as it might be that she’s the mother to that child. Or else how does she know that such a baby came to them. she concocts up a story, that one of the ladies told her so. When she asks why the bribe, ishita explains that she was just giving a donation. ishita leaves in haste, so that she isnt probed further.

The caretaker says that she definitely thinks that this lady was related to the baby somehow. Ishita is irritated at the caretaker, and wonders how to find out where’s ayu. She is distracted by the bell in the temple. the screen freezes on ishita’s tensed face.

Precap: Arti, while holding the baby, thanks yash for being with her, and supporting her. Yash says that this is indeed their ayu. Ishita, watching them, from a distance, wonders where they got their ayu from.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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