Punar Vivah 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 29th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Sarita is distraught at what she was just a witness to. she remembers Raj’s words and his advise about remarriage. She comes to the window, remembering her efforts to please raj going in vain, and bursts in tears.

Scene 2:
Location: Divya’s residence
The next morning, Gaurav’s mother is very excited about the marriage proposal by Choti bahu, divya. Gaurav asks her not to embarass him. Gaurav is asked by his mother as to how he liked divya. Divya asks if she minds talking to gaurav alone. His mother readily agrees for that.

On the roof, Divya tells gaurav that before they get married or take it further, shne wants to clear some things. she tells him about Raj, who she has passionately loved for the past 10 years,

even though she left Bhopal and went to Mumbai for her familial obligations. She tells him the entire story, of how raj taught her how to live life, and how they were meant to live together, but she had to leave him for going to Mumbai, as responsibilities beckoned her. she tells him about what she found about raj, when she came back, saying that he has moved on with a new relation, and has forgotten her. She says that a man may have a past, but he never wants his wife to have one, and before he knew about it from someone else, she decided to tell the truth about her life to him. She says that its now on him to decide what he wants. Gaurav hears this and silently goes inside. He comes down, and is asked by his mother about their talk. While all wait patiently, gaurav says that its a yes from his side, making everyone happy, and assk them to ask Divya as to what she has decided. Divya standing behind her, is surprised and stands beside him. He asks her if he felt that he would say no. He says that statistics say that a marriage depends on 50% honesty and 50% love. He thanks her for her share of honesty, while he delivers the remaining 50% percent, and that the descision is now hers. as she agrees, all congratulate her. He says that he’s going to Geneva for a summit, and once he comes back after a week, they would get angeged. His mother says, that he wont let her go alone, and would go with her daughter in law. She says that she’s getting the best girl in the world, for her son, and the whole world is going to envy her, and hence they dont have any reason to wait. she decides that they would get engaged today only, and find a suitable time to get married in the next 7 days. Divya is suprised that its today only.

Scene 3:
Location: Jagotia’s mansion
As raj enters his house, he finds a newspaper article, about divya’s pending marriage, and is shocked and upset too. the paper falls from his hand. the milkman comes and greets him, but he is too faced to answer. He goes out of the room, without entering. as the milkman calls for milk, and the eldest and mature daughter comes out to take it, the milkman told what he saw, that Raj went without entering. she tells him that he must have had some incomplete work. as she goes inside with the milk, she casts a glance at the newspaper, and seeing the article about divya, she understands what must have bothered Raj, and is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
As he drives aimlessly on the road, he is reminded when Divya is given acting lessons by him, for a similar scene where she, the actress is getting engaged, and she isnt able to deliver the dialogues properly with emotions. He asks her to imagine their own engagement, and what would she feel if they became each other’s for eternity, through this engagement. He goes on to make a ring, with a branch of a tree, and tells her that this is their engagement ring, and that she is forever becoming his, with this ring. He teaches her that a good actor is one who can put her heart’s emotions into their characterisation of the role. She dlivers an outstanding dialogue, as she goes on to say what she actually feels on having him for herself, through this engagement, while he looks in admiration.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road, and Divya’s residence
As raj drives aimlessly on the road, divya dances on her engagement, with pain in her heart at losing raj, and getting into this relation, full of mixed emotions. Gaurav happily looks on. Her performance receives a thunderous applause, and amidst huge claps and media, she exchanges rings with Gaurav, while the reporters give bytes about her engagement.

As Raj breaks off a signal, and is stopped by a policeman, who makes a joke that his running away would be due to his lover, going away with someone else. He charges a fine of Rs. 500 for the same. Having hit a raw nerve, the policeman is charged by raj. Raj says that he should also tell the fine about a lover, who leaves him at the station for the past 10 years. Seeing this kind of defiance, he angrily takes Raj into custody.

Scene 5:
Location: Jagotia’s mansion
Sohan’s wife is taunting sarita for the outburst that she had, because of which raj doesnt even come in the nights. The mature daughter thinks that the family wont ever understand the reason of their Raj’s displeasure. As the entire family is very excited about Divya’s engagement, the mature daughter comes in and tells them not to be so excited, as its Choti Bahu who is responsible for the tension in their house, and that its because of her, their condition is like this. She abruptly stops when sarita too comes in. Sohan’s daughter goes inside without clarifying. The screen freezes on Sarita’s confused face.

Precap: As Divya calls out on the Laxmi Raddi Bhandar number, that she got from the diary, the policeman picks it up, and says that this is the police station. Without giving Divya a chance to speak, the police inspector assuming that its raj’s lover, tells her that she should come to the station asap, as if she doesnt, then they would beat Raj to pulp. Divya is very tensed to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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