Punar Vivah 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 28th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
While vikrant is sitting upset, abhi is tensed that sarita hasnt returned yet, and asks him to call her. He remembers the messages that he saw, and is angered, while abhi goes on a rant as to how much he wants hhis mother, and he wont do anything without her. vikrant breaks into an outburst, saying that he needs to shut up, as they were alright even before his mother. He is silenced when abhi says that he doesnt like him and wants sarita only. He says that he wont stay here if his mother isnt here, and would run away somewhere, and would never meet him. He runs out, while vikrant is tensed.

Sarita comes home and seeing it quiet, she calls out to abhi and not finding any response, she wonders why hasnt he come running to her, and

wonders if noone is at home. She opens a room, and finds abhi lying upside down. Sarita tries to wake him up, and asks him to get up to talk to her, but he doesnt respond. She takes out a gift, and abhi gets up, with a sulken face. She apologises for the mistake, that she came late. She asks him to smile now and not get angry. He takes the gift, and throws it. He hugs her, and says that he doesnt liek it without her, and if she goes, then he too would go with her. sarita asks what happened. He relates the ntire incident. she is surprised. She tells abhi, that noone will fight in this house, and would always smile with each other.

As vikrant is storming out with anger, she stops his way, and asks where is he running. She says that he has made a mistake, and cant hide now. He thinks that he too wants to answer this question. she asks whats he staring at, and that he would have to apologise forr his mistake. She says that he may not like saying sorry, but he would have to, since he has hurt someone, and she wont let that hapen in this house. abhi too comes, and faces him. She tells him, that he scolded abhi, and he is angry at him, as he is god’s wonderful gift. She says that he may have made a mistake, but his anger isnt justified. Abhi says that he didnt do anymistake. she says that if he has to stay here, then he would have to follow rules, the first being that nooner would fight, or get angry, and the third being, noone shall scold abhi. She and abhi are smiling, while vikrant is distraught. she tells the fourth rule, that all would bare their heart, fifth being, they would say sorry, on mistake, and the final sixth rule, being all would smile always. She reminds him that he has breached fifth rule, and should apologise. Vikrant doesnt respond. She whispers into his ear, that he should do this and say sorry, so that he too becomes arole model for abhi, who too learns this. She says that she doesnt want abhi to be a short tempered man. He turns around, and gazing at her, decides and goes over to abhi, to apologise for what he did, and hugs him. He says that he’s also sorry for what he’s about to do. Abhi says that he loves him. she too comes and holds them, her hand on vikrant’s. But he retreats it.

Scene 2:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
All are prerparing for the marriage, while kamla comes with flowers. Seeing her happy, shiela says that its good that she has normalised, after the huge theft in their house. Kamla says that when she saw raj’s determination, she was overwhelmed with emotions, at having found such an ideal son. Granny too is very hppy. divya gets emotional seeing this. Raj enters with a b ag, and divya remembers sarita’s words. As expected, raj asks kamla to come along, as therre’s something improtant to dicuss. Divya thinks that she would have to stop raj, even if that means exposing him in front of his family. She too goes inside.

Raj takes kamla to the room, while kamla is gloating on what an ideal son he is. Raj gives her papers to sign on. But before she can, divya comes and intentionally spills water, and apologises for it. Raj wipes the water. Divya ask whats so important in this paper. Raj says tht its a list for the items to be given to the police, about the things stolen. As he gives it to kamal to sign them, divya says tht she wants to have a look. She says that the jewellery, was listed by her and sohn and that she just wants to cross check it. As she sees through them, she finds that raj is saying the truth, and that these arent the property papers. He starts getting kamla to sign the papers. after the two papers are signed, raj asks divya to go and get coffee for her. Kamal to asks for tea. She leaves. Raj says that one more paper is left for her to sign. Kamla goes on telling her plans, and raj fin ally gets the propert papres, and kamla signs them. raj is praised by kamal, that he is an ideal son, and would pray to the lord, that every mother has a son like this. raj says that she did so much to him, and he never even said thank you. Kamal says that she isnt going anywhere, and he has a long time to thank her. after she leaves, raj eyes the signatures visibly tensed.

In the kitchen, divya is worrried about sarita’s predictions about raj’s plan.

Scene 3:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
In her room, sasrita finds the first gift, while abhi sees her. She goes on a trail of gifts. She understands that abhi is behind this, and goes on to find him, and thanks him for them. She kisses him and says that she’s very happy. Abhi says that she should kiss vikrant instead as he’s after the planning. She thinks that he must have been angry as she got late. Abhi tells her the entire planning, and also the other gifts that are in store for her. Abhi tells about their marketing today. While surfing in the almirah, Sarita finds the I LOVE YOU, card under the clothes, and when abhi tells her that his father kept it there, she is very happy and shy too at this new level of their relationship. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Merriment and festivites are on in full swing, when raj stealthily goes out, but divya rushes after him. she screams out at him, but is shocked when he leaves in the car. Meanwhile, Vikrant eyes a revolver, and then picking it up, says that today, vikrant suryavanshi shall do justice. He says that tonight the world shall see, how a husband avenges betrayal to him, and how he punishes the betrayers.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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