Punar Vivah 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 26th July 2013 Written Update

Sheela reminded Raj of the relationship he and Sarita shares, then with folded hands beg Raj & Sarita to leave her alone and don’t enter in her life as she can’t live without Rohan or eles she will kill herself , Raj is shocked to hear this.
Sohan then end his call, while Kamla ask if everything is okay with Rohan’s family hoping they didn’t call off the wedding. Sohan told her everything is okay, Kamla thank god. Sohan then told her she should make sure Raj & Sarita doesn’t spoil Sheela’s wedding.
Tears roll down Raj’s eyes as he remember Sheela’s words, Sarita then bought food for Raj, Raj blames himself he can’t give peace and happiness to no one not her Sarita or Sheela. Sarita then tell him they need to save Sheela from this relationship and they need

to exposed Rohan with proof. Tomorrow is the mehendi ceremony and they need to behave as if they are happy with the marriage and everything is okay but they also need to find proof to expose Raj. Sarita then beg Raj to eat, she feeds him.

Guest start arriving at the Mehendi Ceremony, Rohan mom arrive criticizing Kamla and her family. She then saw Sarita and told her just how Sarita made Raj slap Rohan that how she will also be slapped, right at the Mehendi ceremony and that person will be her own sister in law Sheela. Sarita says Sheela may be angry but she can’t never disrespect her. Rohan mom then say we will see who wins.

Rohan is adoring Kajri mehendi, she told him that Sheela will also have mehendi in his name but hers will be more colorful as she knows Rohan loves her very much, Rohan then said that is why I am getting married afterall. Rohan mom calls his cell to be on time.

Sarita is dressing up, when Raj arrive she ask how should she keep her pallu, Raj told her to leave it down she then looks into the mirror, Raj then notice her blouse isn’t hooked, Sarita asked what is wrong? He told her to look at herself, so she did. Everything is okay to her. Raj then hesitantly told her the blouse is open, she immediately turn around. Raj then signal her he will help her. As he touches her back, she closes her eyes and she plays with her fingers. After Raj finish, she leaves.

Rohan deliberately walk into Sarita and hold her hips. She remove his hands, he praises her then told her she was saved but who will save Sheela as she will soon be his wife. Till now Sarita have done nothing and she will never be able to do anything he then leave. Sarita is angry.

At the Mehendi ceremony, Rohan tell Raj he is happy Raj is part of his happiness. Sarita then comes, Rohan & his mom shared a look. Rohan mom then told everyone they have a ritual where their bahu bhabhi is apply the mehendi on the foot first. Sarita then go, but Sheela say she wants some water. Kamla tell her to get the water.
Sarita arrive with the water and Rohan mom put her foot out and make Sarita tell on Sheela and the water fell on her hands, Sarita is shocked.

A woman then say that is not auspicious, Rohan mom then say when one mind is bad it is inauspicious. Sarita the turns to Sheela only to get one tight slap from her leaving everyone shocked & Rohan mom happy, Sarita just keep looking at Rohan’s mom. Raj begin to walk but his dad stop him to not create a scene on Sheela Mehendi ceremony as he must remember what she said. Sarita the began crying and leave as Raj watch helplessly.

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Raj & Sarita talking about DID SuperMoms Special Episode
and later
Sarita tells Rohan 2 days are enough for her to exposed him and his truth to everyone.

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