Punar Vivah 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 24th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
All are tensed as sarita’s bag is searched by Vandana, while sarita’s colour literally drains off her face. Vandana opens the bag, and smirks evilly at sarita, finally having put her down, while all wait in anticipation, to see whats the result. Sarita looks at divya tensed. Vandana is shocked when she opens the bag, to find abhi’s inner clothes. Sarita says that she didnt want to humiliate abhi due to this. vandana wonders in frustration, as to where did the jewellery go then. Sarita and divya remember what had happened.

Divya asks her not to keep them in the purse, and suggets that they should keep it in the flower vase. granny asks them to stop this nonsense, while kamla laments how would she get her daughters married.

Vikrant says that its his responsibility to get her 3 daughters married, to the best person, and they wont lack anything, in lieu of what this house has given him. sarita smiles. Kamla addresses him as son and says that she cant let them do this. Raj is tensed. Vikrant says that is he is her son, then its his responsibility to get his sisters married, and ask them to let him take this responsibility. Sarita is very happy. Sohan says that he may have lost everything, but still he has one gem thats his son, raj, who would take responsibility and is the pride of the family, and hence this theft wont affect them, and the thief doesnt know, that as long as raj is here, the house wont be stripped of his happiness.

Raj feels very guilty. Soham asks raj to promise his mother that he would take this duty and fulfill it with diligence, and would protect this house and family. As sarita and ivya watch on, raj is speechless and tensed. finally he comes forward, and promises kamla, and says that she shouldnt bother, and that would happen that soham wants. sarita is very happy at this, while others look on. divya too is relieved. As his family

Kajri asks shiela to stay away from her husband, or else, but instead shiels asks her that she begest this. kajri raises her hand to slap her
shiela reminds her of that

She asks her to get lost, and not get in her way again. she throws kajri out, and she leaves resignedly.

Scene 2:
Location: vikrant’s residence
Sarita tells abhi to go to sleep, and switch off the tv. But abhi shows her Zee Tv’s latest advertisement. They both discuss the latest shows to be aired. Abhi asks about vikrant. he is in fact attending to the business call, of the meeting that he had to miss, and finding difficulty in noting down the necessary details, sarita comes to his help, and jots down notes. their heads collide, while trying to pick up a paper, and this time vikrant asks her to collide again so that they dont fight. after he’s done with the calls, he asks sarita if he can ask something. When she agrees, he asks why’s she doing so much for him, as his secretary also doesnt do this. She ask what if she asks the same question, as to why he took responsibility of the three sisters, which even her parents wouldnt have done. She takes his hand in hers, and getting emotional, thanks him, saying that she doesnt think tht anyone else could have done this, and that such a step can be taken, only by a true person, who is very genuine and noble, and also rare to be seen. He asks her not to cry anymore. They enter a romantic eyegaze. As she leaves, vikrant thinks that he cant say this to her, but he hasnt done this for anyone else, but can go to anmy lengths for her, and now wants his feelings to be expressed in front of her.

As she goes out, Vandana stops sarita and asks where did she hide the jewellery, and asks her to wonder how did she get to know that she knows their plan. she tels her about the phone call that she had intercepted. She asks sarita what does she want, by double timing both the men, and asks about her game plan. Sarita asks if she’s jealous, that they are getting intimate. she asks her to lay her true self bare, by giving the proof to vikrant, and then she would accept defeat. Sarita challenges vandana that she wont erver be able to seperate vikrant and her, as forming relations is her speciality, and breaking them hers. Vandana is irritated. Sarita leaves.

The next morning, Vikrant paces in the hall and thinks that before leaving today, he would bare out his heart to her. Sarita comes and gives his tablet to him, and asks him to leave soon. He says that he forgot the mobile too. she goes and gets it for him. Then he tells sarita that he wants to tell something to her. But she says that she already knows what he wants to say, and hence he doesnt need to say it. When he asks what, she says that she remembered that he forgot his hankey too, and places it in his coat, while he watches her. sarita says that now, he has everything, and should leave. He asks if he shoudl go. She asks if he doesnt want to, and reprimands him that he should leave or else he would get late. He turns to say that he wants to say something. Sarita asks him to say, but finding him hesitant, she says that when he comes for lunch, he can tell it to her. He agrees, and she wishes him goodbye, and walks out stupidly, and finds divya staring at them. She says that she was looking at the love and romance between them. He leaves shyly, while the screen freezes on Sarita’s happy face.

Precap: vikrant tells abhi, that they would play a game with mumma, and would hide all these gifts for her to find out. While searching for places, he comes across the visa papers, of Raj and sarita, where she is referred as raj’s wife. He is surprised to see them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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