Punar Vivah 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 24th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
The whole family is shocked to hear sarita’s outburst. rohan is tensed about the fmily’s reaction and if his shiela card would help him bail out safely through this. she also tells about the necklace in kajri ji’s neck. She tells raj too about what she saw when they went to rohan’s place for card selection, and that kajri was putting nailpaint, and also how his mother too covered it up. She also tells about the lie of the surprise party by him, and what she found when she followed him. She says that only a very true friend was there, who was waiting for him, his Kajri. She tells what she saw, rohan meeting kajri as lovers. She also told what happened next, and how she didnt get any network, and how she had been hit by Kajri. also as

to how Rohan fooled them when he got her home. She says that she’s the girl who’s responsible for this relation, but now she herself is saying to break all relations with him. Granny laments about the situation. Kamla slaps sarita saying that she’s heard enough nonsense. Kamla says that she had never raised her hand on her, but the truth is that rohan has stopped bad things from happening. kamla says that the truth is that she is jealous that rohan rejected her and selected shiela, when she was trying to seduce him for herself. They are all shocked at this. Sarita tries to clarify, but kamla says that she wont be fooled. She asks sarita to give her proof. Sarita says that she herself is the proof, as she saw everything. Kamla refuses to believe, as she’s never proved to be a good wife, or a good woman, and rohan has more credibility than her.

Sarita says that she has one proof. When they ask her what, sarita asks shiela to tell everyone what happened with her in lovers’ Park. Shiela asks sarita to stop, as she is disgraced to call here bhabhi, and this is how she repayed her back. she tells everyone that sarita is lying. She says that she knows the truth, from rohan who told her not to tell everyone. but she wont be quiet. she tells everyone what rohan had told her, surprising everyone. She says that sarita is concocting a lie out of revenge. Sarita is in tears, while kamla asks raj to believe atleast her sister now. Sarita pleads out to raj, but kamla says that they have heard enough, and its better not to have a daughter in law, than have one like her, who never was and nevere will be a member of this family. Kamla says that she tried to destroy her daughter’s future, and therefore she doesnt have any place for sarita in her home. Kamla takes her by the hand and throws sarita out of the house, while raj stands as a mute audience. sarita is deeply hurt at the behaviour being meted out to her. Kamla slams the door shut on her face, while she is in tears. She moves from there, and starts walking out of the house. she sits in the verandah, and is shocked to find raj there. she lowers her eyes, but raj wipes her tears, surprising her.

Raj opens the door, surprising everyone, as he brings sarita too inside along with him. They all are shocked and angry too see him with her. Raj clasps her hand into his, and with stern dtermination, is about to step in the house, when kamla stops him saying that this woman wont step in the house. Raj says that this house is as much sarita’s as its hers, and noone can ask her to step out. He says that they may have any kind of relation, but till divorce she’s his wife, and even after that he wont bear anyone talking rudely with her, or insulting her. raj says that sarita would leave when she feels like, and till the time she’s here, they would all let her live respectfully. and if anyone’s got a problem, then they should take it up with him. Raj and sarita enter the house. While she’s nervous, raj tells her that for ten years, even though being married, and staying with her husband without any physical intimacy, she didnt philander, she wouldnt do it now. Raj tells rohan that he doesnt believe in his accusations, and its regretful that those who know her better also believe this. Raj confronts shiela as to why does she believe this. Sohan tells him that today he has doen something wondrous, and hopefully the results are good. Kamla asks if this means that the son in law is true, and sarita’s talks are the truth. raj says that he doesnt know that, but sarita is definitely not at fault. And as far as sarita’s accusations are concerned, raj says that maybe sarita had a misunderstanding. When kamla again argues, Raj asks kamla what proof does she have that what sarita is saying is false. He takes sarita inside to his room, while all are shocked. kamla asks sohan as to why isnt he saying anything. sohan is amused.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Rohan remembers kamla’s promise that she would get him married to shiela, while driving on the road./ He wonders that sarita doesnt give any more problems, as raj too is with her. He hopes that his and kajri’s plan is a success now.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road, and a deserted bulilding.
Inside, sarita hugs him saying that she got very scared today, that he too had beloieved her, and let her be out of the house. she thanks him for the faith that he showed in her. Raj says that he may have favoured her in front of the family, but the truth is that he too doesnt know who to believe. As sarita is shocked, he asks why didnt she tell him anything, as they could have gone out together and found the truth, and she didnt get anything out of it, except for humiliation and distrust except for his company, when even he doesnt have an y proof. he says that she should have told him everything, and that what she did wasnt right. As raj loeaves, sarita is tensed. She brings a blanket for raj, who’s sleeping out, and drapes it on him while he’s asleep. she says that today has been her true griha pravesh, and she wont let that faith that he exhibited today, go in vain, and would do everything to retain that faith and save shiela’s life. Sarita thinks that she has her husband’s faith and power, that even sita didnt have. She is dtermined that she would unveil the truth about rohan and kajri, Raj’s wife and this house’s daughter in law. The screen freezes on her determined face.

Precap: Rohan’s mother warns sarita, that if she doesnt stop her snooping around soon, she might lose her only ray of hope, Raj Ji, who she would happily snatch away from sarita. As she begins to go, Sarita asks her to wait for her reply. She says that whatever might happen to her, but she wont let her sister in law’s life be spoiled. Rohan’s mother is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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