Punar Vivah 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Deserted building
Sarita is shocked to see rohan with kajri. Rohan tells Kajri nthat nothjing in the world can stop him from coming to her. sarita thinks that she would have to stop this marriage. sarita says that she has understood that Kajri isnt the servant but his lover. Rohan is shocked when he sees sarita’s shocked reflection in the mirror and scared that his secret is now up. Sarita thinks that its very important for her to talk to Raj Ji. Rohan and kajri hide, wondering what to do now. Sarita is tensed that there’s no network, and if they both run away then she wont have any proof of this. she calls out for rohan that the truth is out now and that they should come too. Rohan switches off the lights, but sarita is undaunted, and tells him that shiela would

believe her and not him, and that she would tell the entire family now. Kajri comes behind her, with sarita unaware that kajri is behind her, and hits her on the head with a vase, while kajri is shocked at the impact. rohan asks kajri what she did, as if sarita dies, then he would be in jail.

Scene 2:
Location: In the deserted building and Rohan’s and jagotia’s residence
Raj is shown tensedly trying sarita’s phone. kamla taunts him reemphasising about sarita’s infidelity. Raj asks her to see the rain, and bother about sarita being well, instead of taunting her. Kamla says that she isnt preparing for but breaking the marriage. Sheila comes too. raj is very angry at kamla for talking like this. kamla says that he would have to listen, and she knows that he wont listen to her now, but soon the truth would be in front of his eyes. Kamla asks shiela too that its good that she heard everything, as she should hope now that she doesnt break her relation. as kamla leaves, shiela is tensed. rohan and kajri are very tensed when raj’s phone keeps ringing, while sarita is unconscious. They are scared that raj will come till here looking for sarita. Rohan calls and tells his mother that they are in a big trouble. She too is tensed to hear this. She asks him to fend out for himself, as had he heard to her advise, then this wouldnt have happened. she decides to think what can be done.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road, and a deserted bulilding.
As raj goes out of the house to look for sarita himself, he finds rohan carrying sarita. kamla starts taunting about she being in rohan’s arms. Raj asks her to shut up and takes her inside. Sheila asks how is sarita with him at this time in the night. Rohan tells her that he found sarita unconscious in the mountains, and got her home. They thank him, while he starts sneezing. As he gets to go, kamla stops him saying that he should take a bath with warm water, so as to prevent himself from falling sick right before marriage, and says that she would give him raj’s clothes to wear. as they leave, Kamla thinks that there’s something wrong, and rohan isnt telling the truth.

While raj is sitting beside sarita, shiela comes and asks for a shirt for rohan. as shiels is disturbed at the recent happenings, raj asks shiela not to believ what kamla thinks and asks her to have full faith on sarita. Sheila leaves with the shirt.

As shiela goes into rohan’s room, she finds him naked till the torso, with a towel wrapped around him, and is shy. she manages to give the shirt, and turns around, but he catches her by the hand, and turning her around again, he pulls her close to himself. just as she is about to be kissed, he refraisn from her. When she asks if she has done anything wrong, Rohan tells that they may have started liking each other, but there’s someone who doesnt want them to get married. When shiela asks who, rohan says that its sarita who doesnt want them to get married. shiela is shocked, and asks why would she want this. She asks him to tell the truth making him swear on her. Rohan says that when she’s insisting so much, then he would have to tell the truth. Rohan tells shiela that he lied to her parents that he found sarita unconscious, when thne truth was that she had lost all control on herself, and that she couldnt bear the fact that he is marrying shiela and not her, and therefore did something, that he’s ashamed to even talk about. Shiela asks her to tell him everything. He begins to tell her that he was bathing in his bathroom and just like he’s out right now, in a towel, when he came like that, out of the bathroom, sarita came and hugged him from behind. shiela is shocked and hurt to hear this. she asks how can she do something like this, and refuses to believe it. Rohan says that he knew that she would never believe him, as sarita is very pure and takes care of everyone and cant bother anyone. He says that the truth is that he only loves her, and it doesnt mean the meeting of two bodies, but two souls. He says that he understands sarita’s s*xual frustration, after being untouched for ten years, and that may have prompted her to do something this shameful. While it has its effect on shiela, rohan remembers how he had been given this advise by his own mother. rohan thinks that he’s to marry shiela at any cost, and therefore has to do this. He apologises to shiela for making her feel bad, stressing that she needed to know the truth howsoever bitter it was. kamla hearing this is shocked and angered herself.

Raj, after finishing his talsk with the doctor regarding sarita, turns around to find sarita waking up. Sarita asks how she came here. Raj tells her that she came with rohan. She remembers everything, and tries to tell him, but he says that he needs rest right now, and asks her to relax while he goes to get the medicines. Raj leaves.

Later, as rohan is about to take leave, asking shiela not to tell this to anyone else. She sarcastically says that she hasnt even thanked him properly yet. She tells them that rohan loves shiela so much that he has hidden something from them all along. Sarita asks rohan if she should spill thye beans. Rohan nervously asks which truth. Sarita says that truth that is named KAJRI. Sarita gets the entire family together along with rohan, and tells them what she saw, While rohan’s head is hung low, all others are shocked to hear what sarita has to say about rohan and kajri. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: kamla slaps sarita that she’s heard enough nonsense. kamla says that the truth is that she is jealous that rohan rejected her and selected shiela, when she was trying to seduce him for herself.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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