Punar Vivah 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 22nd May 2013 Written Update


Scene 1:
Location: A Serial shoot and Jagotia’s mansion in Bhopal.
A lady is drying clothes on the roof, when her husband playfully comes and flirts with her romantically. He teases her at the fact, that everyone all the time keeps looking out for her, for every small thing. She says that all daughter in laws’ are like that, whether in bhopal or in mumbai. The shot cuts.

Just then, another lady in bhopal, is drying clothes

Sohan’s wife taunts

Scene 2:
Location: At a serial shoot set
The choti bahu heroine comes and gives

they all compliment on her acting capabilities, while explaining her the next scene, that would further generate public interest and increase TRP’s. As she does her touch up

At another event,

the heroine, Divya is reported to be retiring after the closure of the serial, Choti Bahu, with a grand celebration. she is bidding goodbye, while also entertaining her fans. They compliment her contribution towards the social life in India, and inculcating manners in today’s girls.

Sohan’s wife comments

A young girl, is very excited looking at her attire

All are taunting the Bahu of the house, for the closure of the serial. the girl in turn taunts Sarita for talking too much, if not eating like her. The whole family is in scuffle against each other.
Divya is having a nice time at her farewell party. Her family talk about

they mention that now she would become Choti Bahu in real life. When asked about marriage, divya is conscious, while her relatives say that now’s

She says that she’s returning to bhopal where her life and her love are waiting for her. The girl sewing is very shocked.

The reproters ask about the groom, at which she is speechless.
The girls of the house are discussing as to how their brother, Raj is going to be very busy tomorrow, as he has to go to the station, where she

Scene 3:
Location: In the train

Divya is enjoying the train local food, along with her family, saying that these typical moments cant be shared in the flights. ZHer brother

she wishes that everything is the same, and she hopes that her life is waiting for her.

She remembers how Raj had been running around searching for her, while she was seated in the train, hiding from her. while the train starts moving, he goes berserk that he wont be able to live without her, and that she shouldnt do this mistake. She gets emotional thinking about that. As bhopal arrives, she is instructed to wear a Burqa, so that she isnt flanked by her fans. Raj too arrives at the station, looking out for someone, his DIVYA. He calls up someone saying that today she shouldnt make him wait. Diya comes out wearing the burqa, and feeling the Bhopal air, she covers her face with the burqa. As she descends down the train, Raj feels something striking achord in his heart, as he looks on. As she starts walking, raj hurriedly walks down the stairs. they progress towards each other. As they cross each other, her burqa, drapes over raj’s face, and for both of them, it seems like time has stood. Finally he takes the veil off from his shoulder and walks off. Divya’s bag collides with another man, on the platform, and she thinks that some cheapo is after her, and hence tries to jerk herself and her bag away from him. The person himself is flabbergasted seeing how she is behaving, with his bag and himself, in tow with divya and her bag. Finally, she turns around with a jerk, throwing his bag in the air, and papers going strewn around in the air. Divya asks why is he following her like that, ignorant that her bag is stuck with his. As she goes into a barrage of reprimands, while his office papers are strewn in the air, he cant seem to take his eyes off Divya. He is brought back to senses, when he hears divya yelling at her. A crowd gathers up.

Her family meanwhile is searching for Divya. She is surprised to notice that the person doesnt even know her. but other do, and they create a huge crowd around her. After having been recognised, Divya immediately drapes the burqa over her face, and is escorted out by her relatives. The police too arrives, and escorts once they recognise her. while raj looks on surprised and confused. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Raj gets a cut while shaving, and his mother is instantly bothered, but he dryly asks her not to make a fuss about it, and goes off. She wonders that since he fell in love, this has been his condition, and that now he can return back to normal only when she comes back in his life. The third daughter, the serious one is very upset hearing this. Sohan’s wife is ignorant that Divya, raj’s love, has finally made an entry in his life back, and is in fact headed towards their home only.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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