Punar Vivah 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 21st May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: At the event in mumbai
The girl gives the laptop and apologizes profusely to yash. He thanks her too immensely. She asks him not to bother. She says that she too is from Bhopal. she takes her bag and is about to leave, when yash reminds her that she is yet again taking his bag, and gives her, the bag that belongs to her. she says that she too had some work here, but it didnt turn out to her favour.

As she is about to take leave, Yash asks her not to be sad, and if this didnt hapen, other works would follow. Yash asks if she’s the same one who saved his child. She agrees, and is about to talk more, but is interrupted by a butler, who asks her to get going as there’s some work that is required. She takes his leave, while yash wishes her good luck.


Location: Scindia mansion and at the event
cultural programmes are on in full swing at the scindia mansion, which all enjoy. arti gets yash’s call, who tells her about his work’s success, and how he misses her. Arti asks yash to take her to a disc, to enjoy the night life here. he continuously says I LOVE YOU to her, and cancels the phone. Arti is happy.

Yash finds the new girl, standing lonely, and crying. he asks her what happned. she says that she did her job, and would now leave. Yash tells her to enjoy happiness when it comes her way. she says that she didnt get the job, but they want her to arrange marriage events. she is unsure if she would be able to manage. Yash tells her that she can do this, and she just has to believe in herself and her talent. She says that he speaks just like that person, who got her rid of her fear. when yash asks who, she spills out Raj, and then gets nostalgic, thinking about it. He says that means she lost lots in bhopal. Meanwhile, yash tells the girl, that the person who has waited so long for her, would wait for longer, if he truly loves her. The girl looks up at yash in hope. He says that he has the faith that when she goes back to bhopal, she would definitely find him waiting for her, and that is true love. He says that he would tell about her to his wife. He clicks her picture to show it to arti.

Arti too talks to the bride commenting on the heroic name, RAJ. she drapes a dupatta around sarita, and says that their love would be strong, and that she believes in arranged marriage more than love, and wishes her all the happiness in the world. Sarita says that leaving her parents’ house, she is here just on the faith of raj’s love. She says that she has small dreams, maybe a small house, but a big heart, and loving children, and a love filled life. arti too agrees that for relations, love is needed, to sustain a marriiage, and that she would pray that she always be in love with raj, and he too reciprocates the same.

Arti dances, while she and sarita anxiously wait for the groom to arrive. They keep staring at the vacant door, in anticipation. The groom however is very frustrated, as his dilemma drives him crazy, as he aimlessly drives around the city. Sohan Lal is very tensed at having to answer guests, about his son’s disappearance. He makes up excuses about the traffic. Sarita too is getting tensed. Raj is very frustrated, as he cant seem to make a decsision, or accept the changes in his life, and is visibly angry at his fate.

Sohan is very angry, when they cant find his son anywhere, and starts reprimanding his wife, for their son’s carelessness. He asks her to call and find out if he picks up. She does so, and they find that he isnt picking hers as well. he blames her for raj’s misbehaviour.

As Vidhi begins to remind arti about their flight, arti asks to wait till the groom arrives, and the ceremony starts. But vidhi says that they would miss the flight, and all they can do now is to pray for sarita. Vidhi reminds her that she needs to be in Mumbai, for her kids’ admission tomorrow. she wants to go meet sarita, but cant as suraj rushes them so that they dont miss the flight. Arti looks back and finds sarita very tensed, and prays for Raj to come back soon, wherever he is. She leaves.

Sohan’s mother too expresses her concern, that this would mean insult in the family. Sohan says that raj would have to do what he wants him to do, as he’s the one who built everything. As sohan’s wife begins to say that they are blaming her for everything, without any mistake of hers, as he was the one who fell in love. sohan is very angry at the mention of love, and says that love could have happened after marriage too, and that she should have explained this to him, as he had found such a good girl for him. His mother asks her to be silent, and assuage his in laws. He is at a loss for saying anything, scared of the insult that would follow, if Raj doesnt show up. His wife asks what would happen, if raj doesnt show up. Sohan says that the in laws’ are much more influential than theirs, and they would definitely seek revenge for this insult. Sarita hears this from behind the curtain, the family’s concerns over Raj’s disapperance. This upsets her and she accidentally breaks the vase kept there, which alarms sohan and his family.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s residence in Mumbai
Arti contemplates with yash, as to what is in sarita’s fate. Arti says that till they were there, noone came, and tells him everything that she had overheard. Yash is surprised that the marriage was against raj’s wish. she tells yash about sarita’s dreams. She says that she had tried to call, but couldnt get through. Yash says that she should be positive, as whatever happens is for the good. Yash goes on to tell arti about divya, the girl he met at the event, saying that she too had left bhopal, and her love back to fulfill her responsibilities. Arti laments that god always takes tests of couples in love. He asks her not worry and shows her the picture. As arti looks at it, she zooms in and finds Raj’s photo in divya’s hand, and is upset and shocked. She asks who is the man in the photo. Yash identifies him as Raj, the person who is Divya’s love. Arti tells that this is raj, who was to get married to sarita. Yash thinks that this means raj is getting married in Bhopal, and Divya is in mumbai pining for his love.

Arti says that now she understands why raj didnt want to come to the wedding, as he’s in love with divya, and is being forced into this marriage. Yash says that now they would have to see who gets raj’s love, divya or sarita. Arti too wonders who would get Raj, and whether raj would accept sarita, as the girl in his life, or wait for his first love. She laments as to why this happens. Yash asks her not to worry as everything would work out soon. They hug each other. The screen freezes on their face.

Precap: A narrator exclaims that Divya has been a famous tv actress for long, and has earned everyone’s love as Choti Bahu. Now it remains to be seen, as to how this actress’s real love life is, and goes on to depict a scene of Divya’s first interaction with Raj, at the station.

Update Credit to: dtb

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