Punar Vivah 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 1st May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence
Ishita hears to arti talking about yash’s rude behaviour to radha. Arti pleads that she didnt do anything intentionally as she’s after all, her mother. she asks radha is ayu would be found, and everything would be alright. radha comforts her that soon everything would be alright, and asks her not to feel bad about yash, saying that she’s wise and shouls behave like one. But arti says that she isnt wise, as she lost her son, and yash is right in scolding her, as she hasnt proven to be a good mother, and . Arti leaves from there, beyond consolation. Radha too leaves. ishita smiles.

Buaji turns her around and asks why is she so happy to see arti crying. ishita says that she isnt, as who would be happy to see any couple seperating, and drawing

a rift between them. Buaji says that she isnt talking about any couple but about yash and arti. she says that seeing them seperate, ishita’s wish would have come true. Having been put the truth so blatantly, ishita is at a loss of an answer, to buaji’s questions. ishita denies it saying that, this sint what she wants, and arti herself is responsible for this. She thinks that she would have to stay away from buaji, as she can read faces, and would be a problem, if she knows that she was behind all this. she asks buaji if she can go, or buaji still has more questions for her. After she leaves, Buaji thinks that this girl is super smart, and she would have to keep an eye on her.

Arti, is sitting lonely in her room, grief stricken, yash’s words resonant in her ears. Yash, is in his room, lost in ayu’s memories. They are both, deeply hurt at the latest turn of events. The kids come to arti and ask her not to cry, as they would be sad too, and ask her the reason for her crying. Arti wipes her tears and says that she isnt crying and its good that they came as she has work for them. she tells them about yash’s anger, and asks them if they would feed yash, after trying to talk to him, and play with him, and get his mood right. Arti leaves to get food for yash. After she’s gone, palak says that arti isnt right, and yash and arti are actually not on talking terms. They decide to befreind yash and arti. when she comes back, the kids assure her that they would get yash’s mood right and leave.

In yash’s room, the kids try to get yash to eat, saying that they also wont eat otherwise. Finally yash gives in, and eats himself and feeds the kids too. Arti sees this from a distance and is happy. she thinks that yash cant do anything, but not see his kids unhappy. They ask him to sleep as he must be tired, while yash keeps saying that he isnt tired, and asks them to go to sleep in their room. on their insistence, yash lies in their lap, and they cuddle him, and press his head, so that he dozes off. arti says that

she would find out, who ayu is with, and would get him back safely.

In her room, Ishita scolds and reprimands the kidnappers for their carelessness, and thinks of not giving them even money.

He says that they would get straight to her, if she tries to be smart. ishita asks if she’s being threatened by them. they say that they arent threatening, but advising her, as she’s too of the same league as them, being a criminal.

Ishita doesnt like the idea of

The kidnapper reprimands ishita, for being a witchy woman, who doesnt even care for an innocent woman.

She thinks that she knows the name of the orpahanage, but wonders where this is.

As arti walks out of the house, she finds the kidnapper going, and wants to know who is it. As the kidnapper tries to run, arti catches hold of him

ishita is very scared, and thinks that now that arti has seen him, she would wake the whole family. And wonders if they are caught, and take her name, it would ruin her plan. she is very scared. But to her relief, the kidnapper struggles free from arti’s grip

Just then, the guys in the house, are told by arti, when they run out, about the kidnappers. they run after him. She tells radha

they come back and say that there was noone outside. But arti doesnt want to believe this. She vehemently says that she saw 2 people going on the bike, and she’s sure that they are the kidnappers. dhe treis to convince yash too. ishita comes in saying, that they understand her pain, but noone saw. Arti doesnt listen to anyone. when she finds

As arti begins to ggo out,

ishita thinks that like everytime,

Radha asks yash to stop arti. Noone, in the family could stop her. Finally, Yash stops arti, holding her by the hand, saying that she wont go anywhere. Arti says

yash says that she wont go anywhere, at this time in the night, but arti is undeterred., saying that she doesnt care if people think that she’s mad, and she would prove that she isnt mad. But yash forcibly takes her inside the housse, while she continues her rant of going after ayu. ishita smiles seeing arti like this.

After a month, ishita thinks

Yash doesnt even like to eat arti’s food, and doesnt even want to be with her, and the sweet dish that she’s preparing,

She says that she’s responsible for all thats happenning.

Buaji tanuts her saying that she considers her husband, as akash,
Buaji says that she’s seen so many girls, but she cant fathom what goes inside her head. she says that she’s sure that something is up, that she caant understand, and thegre’s some reason, that she keeps doubtoing

She says that when that happenes, she would herself come to her. Ishita takes her leave. Buaji thinks that she hopes ayu is found, as its been a month, and hopes that soon everything would be alright, and ayu would be fine and back with them. The screen freezes on buaji’s tensed face.

Precap: Ishita comes to the orpahanage, and says that she wants to adopt a baby, and the particular one, that was kept at their doorstep, exactly a month ago. The caretaker says tht she cant give that baby to her, as she gave that baby, to a couple, that morning only. when ishita asks who she gave him to, the lady says that she cant divulge that information. ishita is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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