Punar Vivah 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 1st August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Sarita tells the entire plan of rohan and his family. but rohan asks her not to concoct these stories, as he refected her. kajri goes to shiela and says that she was forced to do this drama by raj and sarita,a dn apologises for it. sarita, unable to bear it any longer, slaps her tight on the face. Rohan spills out warning sarita, that she shouldnt dare raise her hand on hsi wife. As rohan realises his mistake, rohan’s mother is grieved at this, and shiela is shocked at his outburst and confession. sariota says that she did this intentionally, so that rohan spills his beans. She asks shiela and her family if they want any more proof, as they have that too. She asks raj, and he complies by showing their marriage picures and the marriage certificate,

seeing which sohan and his family are stunned, while rohan and his family are speechless. He reprimands rohan’s mother for trapping innocent shiela, and spoiling her life, for a child, and tells them how much has medical science advanced for having an heir. He is about to hit rohan when kajri comes in between. kajri says that its not his fault, and actually his mother is to blame, as she was throwing her out of the house. Kamla breaks down, and rohan’s mother says that she apologises for this huge mistake, and says that they shall keep shiela as the elder bahu, to their home, and its the querstion of just one child, who both the mothers shall raise and asks them to finish the pheras. she says that its good for her daughter too now. raj says that shiela would stay unmarried all life, but they wont let her get married to rohan. Rohan’s father says that he too has two wives, who he loves and respects, and rohan too would follow in his footsteps. Kamla threatens him not to talk about her husband, and she has suffered and she wont let her daughter go through it. sohan is tensed.

kamla asks them to leave instantly, or else she would beat them to pulp. rohan’s mother silences her and reminds her that they would have to pay a heavy price for this. kamla acepts the challenge, and that she wont let her daughter’s life be spoiled. She asks raj to throw them out of the house. Rohan calls out emotionally to shiela. But she holds raj and asks him to call the police and get him handcuffed. rohan and his family are tensed. They all leave, while rohan threatens them that he would have his revenge for this insult.

In her room, Shiela takes off her jewellery in frustration, while sarita looks at her and lest her vent out her anger. as she cals to shiela, she comes running to her and apologises for her grave mistake, of not believeing and slapping her. sarita says that it isnt her mistake, but love that made her to do so. Sarita says that she too has doen such things in raj’s love. Shiela says that its come out from the heart, and she doesnt need to hide it, as she knows that she loves raj too much. she says that she would try her level best to have her remarried to the man who she loves the most, i.e. Raj. They hug each other.

In her room, as sarita is trying to apply her medicine on the leg, Raj helsp her out, while she clutches at him, as she winces out in pain. He caonc ernedly dressed her wounds, while she falls in his lap, in her dizzy state. raj is scared and he calls out to everyone. they rush to him, and all try to get her to gain consciousness. they try the doctor’s number and ask her to come asap. All tend to sarita, while kamla doesnt like the proximity of her with raj. All are tensed as the doctor tends to Sarita, and they wait outside. Shiela asks granny to go and sleep and not bother about sarita. she says that she would get juice for sarita, while asking granny to sleep.

The doctor tells raj that there’s nothing top worry, and its just stress, and she shouldnt have stress, and emphasises that as a husband, he’s completely responsible for her. He says that he would comply. The doctor says that if anything else happens, he can call and consult with her. She leaves, after refusing raj’s offer to see her outside, and asks her to stay with sarita. as sarita wakes up, raj asks her to rest and not worry, as the doctor has prescribed. Keeping sarita in shiela’s care, raj leaves to get her medicines. Shiela gives her juice, and sarita drinks it slowly. Shiela says that there’s going to be a big change and sarita wants to know what is it? She asks sarita to wait for it.

Raj sees kamla sitting lonely, and asks her what happened. Raj asks what is it, that she cant say anything to anyone. He tells her to go apologise to sarita, for her mistake, if she wants to, as sarita deserves this much after saving shiela’s life. As raj leaves, kamla is in tears. She hesitatingly starts walking, wehn sohan too agrees about sarita’s contribution to saving shiela’s life, and that she is much mature than them. kamla is in introspect.

While sarita is reminisceing abotu rohan’s care, Kamla comes and tells sarita that before going, she saved shiela’s life, and she thanks her for that. She has done a huge favour on them. She says that she came here to remind sarita that tomorrow is the hearing of her case, for their divorce. sarita is shocked to hear this. Kamla asks her not to worry, as this relation would break, but she would be free from a lifelong pain. sarita says that she has full faith on her relation, and that she would be happy where raj is happy. Kamla caresses her face, and leaves. Sarita is tensed thinking about the next day. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As raj and sarita are eating the sweet dish given by shiela, she thinks that now this delicacy shall show its magic and do what has never happened before in their life. As she leaves, inflicted by the intoxicant effect, sarita and raj get into a naughty and playful mood, and dont realise their romance mingling into it. Shiela is happy at her plan’s success.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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