Punar Vivah 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 18th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the restaurant
Vikrant and sarita to shocked to hear raj say that they arent getting married. The producer says that he would decide the dates for shoting with his team. He leaves. Raj is tensed, when vikrant comes up and faces him, while sarita is tensed. raj sees sarita too. Raj asks how come they are heer. vikrant says that he surprised or rather shocked them about his news of not marrying divya. He asks raj if this is true. raj is hassled, but vikrant says that he doesnt know why he said that, as he should start appreciating love. raj says that he does, hence doesnt want his lover, to let go of such an offer. vikirant says that all of it is destiny, and that this bet wasnt right, and he says that he deosnt think divya would want this film more than his

company. He tells raj that even though he doesnt have the right, still, he should marry divya, as life is too long, but seems short with the right life partner, and goes smoothly, as it gives them lenience in being able to cope with difficult situations. Vikrant says that he’s saying all this as he owes a lot to him, due to sarita, who came because of Raj, and changed her life, and today he is very happy with her. He says that woman may look weak, but is strong, and hence he should take divya’s hand, which he wanted to do for so long. He says that life has been very generous that its giving both of them second chances, and he should let it go in vain. Raj thanks him for the advice and leaves.

Sarita and vikrant are having a quiet awkward meal, with not much conversation. then vikrant takes off his jacekt, finding her to be cold, and drapes it around sarita. she thanks him, while he says that he knows that she feels cold in the AC. Vikrant excuses himself, without telling sarita where’s he going. He leaves, while the butler gets her two drinks. sarita thinks that she would follow vikrant’s advise diligently, as he has started trusting her immensely, and she would be completely faithful to the relation. Vikrant returns back spirited. She says that she wants to say something. vikrant says that this isnt the right time. Just then, the MC announces that the next song has been dedicated by virkant for his wife. As the romantic number plays, sarita is surprised. She is pleasantly shocked, as he starts caressing her face and hair, while seated opposite to him at the table in the restaurant.

Scene 2:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
In his room, as he turns on the lights, he finds his wedding dress along with divya, waiting for him. She shows him all the preps that she had planned for the wedding, emphasising for the past. She is distraught saying that all of this isnt in her destiny. she says that she may have vermillion thousands of time, in the serials but never in real life. Raj tries to calm her down, but divya goes berserk thinking that she wont ever be the real life bahu. Raj tries to compose, but divya says that she frees him from this bond of marriage, and tells him that the marriage and their relation is over now. raj tries to calm, but divya says that all her hopes and aspirations are now over, as their love story is over now. raj is shocked to see this side of divya. Divya says that she would bear the guilt that she ran away yet again from the wedding. Raj tries to pacify but she runs away from there, leaving him tensed.

Sarita comes to raj’s room and finds all of divya’s stuff strewn around, and is boggled. raj thinks that divya is back but is surprised to find sarita. raj asks how’s he here. He tells her how vikrant was insulting him. She asks him why had he gone to meet the producer, and continuously probes as to why it affects him so much that divya is losing this offer. She says that he went as he still cares and loves divya, as he doesnt want divya’s life to be spoiled, and asks him to realise it that he wants to live and love divya. she asks him why’s it so hard, for him to bond with divya. raj asks her to shut up, and says that he’s doing this for their future, and for divya’s its just plain humanity. she reminds him of her conditions, and how he betrayed them. She says that she had told him that he shouldnt tell anyone that they are running away, and today he told two people. She says that she wont be able to trust him anymore. As she begisn to go, he is frustrated and jerks her around to face her. He says that he loves her and wont marry divya at all. she asks if he arranged for them to run away, but hasnt arranged money for that. she asks him to marry the girl in stead, who doesnt want his money, jewellery and is his first love too. raj is tensed, while she leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
When they come home, abhi says that he had been waitingfor them to return. vikrant tells him that abhi wanted his mom to be happy, hence she had some work, which got them to be delayed. Abhi says that he has become very sweet. He says thats true, as someone has taken away the sugar from his tea, and stress from his life. sarita smiles, while he is mesmerised looking at him.

Abhi says that today he’s sure that vthey didnt fight at all. Vikrant asks how does he know. Abhi says that their faces tell it all. They again embarassedly face each other, basking in the glory of their new found little romance. Abhi says that now his tension, of them fighting in the date is finally over. vikrant teasingly says that always his mother starts it. Sarita says really. abhi is frustrrated that they started yet again. Both start smiling. Vikrant says that they may fight, but they are best friends too. Vikrant takes abhi for sleeping, while sarita follows. Vandana is shocked to see this.

Abhi is watching the commercial of Chennai express, while doing the lungi dance, seeing what sarita is smiling. She is told by abhi that he wont go anywhere on 20th october, as he has to see Chennai express. she says that she too would watch. abhi asks her to do the lungi dance first. Abhi and sarita start doing it, while she is embarassed when she finds vikrant watching her. she is about to leave, when vikrant stops her. but she says that this time she would watch Chennai express. As she leaves, teasing him, he is all smiles. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Seeing abhi and sarita asleep, vikrant places a hand on sarita’s hand, while she is asleep. she wakes up to find that vikrant is sleeping, with his hand on her. She smiles and again closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. vikrant, who was pretending to be asleep, opens his eyes stealthily, and finds that sarita is asleep. He starts smiling too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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