Punar Vivah 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 17th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
Sarita’s phone starts ringing. Vikrant is tensed to hear the phone ring. Sarita wonders why has raj called at this time. Raj calls up sarita, but vikrant picks up instead. Before he can answer, raj frantically talks assuming that its sarita on the other side. sarita comes, and is surprised and tensed to see vikrant with her phone. finally vikrant, tells raj that he’s attending and not sarita. raj is shocked and tensed. Vikrant looks at sarita with a steely gaze. sarita is tensed. He gives it to her, taunting her that she shouldnt miss it, like the ones she did it for him. He leaves. Sarita thinks that vikrant trusts her so much, and she is somehow betraying him by lying. sarita reprimands Raj for calling like this, at odd hours, and

why the haste when she has told him to be patient. When she asks whats his urgency, Raj gets frustrated that its his problem and he would solve himself. saying so, he cancels while she is tensed.

Outside, vandana warns him not to be so lenient, that sarita is openly talking to raj. vikrant tells vandana if they start doubting each other, then the relation is dommed. Vandna asks that if he is in love, to trust so much. Vikrant says that he has started doing so since some days. he asks if she has a problem. She says that she doesnt as she doesnt know what magic he has done in these days. He says that he doesnt know about magic, but there’s something right about her, she’s right, she’s true and that he has started liking her, and then leaves. vandana is shocked.

While vikrant is getting ready, abhi tells that they would have different meals today. Abhi says that they would eat outside. He says that mumma works hard, hence he has to treat his wife today. abhi is relentless, and sarita wants to protest, but abhi sends them both to get ready. Vandana offers to get dressed too, but abhi asks herr not to, as she should stay at home and eat healthy. she is disappointed. abhi thinks that he wants to send only mumma and father on the date.

In the evening, while sarita is getting ready, he is again mesmerised. He too gets off the official mode, and unbuttons two of his top buttons, and talks to hismelf in the mirror, that he looks okay. sarita tries to point out about the buttons, but he pretends not to understand. he finally comes to her and asks whats she trying to say. Sarita asks him to close the buttons. when he asks what, she does so for him. They enter a romantic eyegaze. As she tries to tie her hair, he tells her not to, and she complies. They both start smiling. As they come out together, they askl abhi why isnt he dressed. abhi says that he has a test and he hasnt studied. He asks them to go, while vandana takes care of them. sarita offers to stay back, but abhi asks vikrant to take her out, while he stays back. Vikrant complies. sarita instructs abhi on what to do, while she’s gone. Abhi agrees and wishes them a nice date. Vandana is irritated. She asks abhi wheere did he learn about dating. Abhi says that its due to the film that she was watching yesterday. As abhi runs, with vandana after him, she accidentally collides into kajri’s cake, and smears it all over her face, kajri doesnt leave any chance to taunt her.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Rohan asks her to go away as whenever she comes in front of him, he realises his mistakes. she starts smiling, and says that even if he asks her, she wont go, as he needs someone right now. she says that its good that kajri didnt become a mother, as what could have become of the child, and he would have been homeless like his dad. Rohan too expresses his frustration at kajri’s indiffernce to his insult. She asks him not to think of the person who’s not with him, but with one who is. As she gains his trust, she smirks thinking that this trust is exactly what she needs to take his revenge on him.

Scene 3:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
The producer tenses divya, when he calls up to say that raj has fixed a metting with him in the restaurant. Divya tells him to be extra cautious as raj is very careful, and that he shoudl never know that this film idea is just a trap for him. He complies, while she is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
As the Fm starts playing romantic songs, and both remember about abhi’s words. Sarita asks what kinds of songs he listens to, as he isnt in that age now. Vikrant says that all FM stations play such songs, during the ervening. She says that she would herself surf then. But she finds that all stations are indeed playing such songs. vikrant starts taunting her. she decides to turn off the radio. In the duel to see who keeps the radio, their hand collide, and they share a romantic moment. they turn away wakwardly. Vikrant satrts humming intentionally. saqrita places a hand on his face to stop him from singing. He asks her to put it away. She asks him to promise that he wont sing. he says that he would do so, when she promises that she wont fight today. She does so, and takes her hand away, after he promises the same too.

Scene 5:
Location: In the restaurant
Vikrant overhears raj talking to the producer that the marriage shall be postponed, and thast divya would definitely do this film, and that he should book dates for her for the next month. The producer says that they would need divya’s consent anyways. the producer asks what if she says no after seven days, then the film would be disposed off forever. He begisnt o go, but raj stops him and tells him that they wont get married. the producer is shocked. Sarita and Vikrant too are shocked to hear this. the screen freezes on sarita’s tensed face.

Precap: The MC announces that the next song has been dedicated by virkant for his wife. As the romantic number plays, sarita is surprised. She is pleasantly shocked, as he starts caressing her face and hair, while seated opposite to him at the table in the restaurant.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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