Punar Vivah 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 15th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Divya remembers her moments with raj in his house. as the car screeches to a halt, divya is shocked to find sarita standing in the way. she gets down and asks what is she doing. Sarita tries to make her realise that she’s again doing what she did ten years back, and spoiling her and raj’s relationship, when they could have jointly handled the responsibility. Divya says that she deosnt want to break her remarriage. Sarita says that she has got a second chance at marriage, and maybe the new person loves her more than raj can ever do. Divya asks that she loves raj. Sarita says that nothing good would come out of this, as he doesnt love her back. Divya says that she has signed the contract for a new tv serial, and this is her final goodbye. Sarita stops

her and says that if she’s going, she should take this chunri, that she got from Raj’s parents, who gave it to her on her marriage day. Giving her the dupatta, sarita says that this dupatta would remind her that mnarriage is waiting for her, with raj when she comes back. Divya again tries to reason, but sarita tells her about the divorce, and that she is no longer between a lover couple. Divya is shocked, as sarita gives her the chunri and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location:Jagotia’s residence
raj, while working in the house, is sureprised that Sarita is crying. She says that its rain droplets, and not tears. Raj says that today she should be happy. He relates her about the incident of today’s matrimonial site. Sarita says that a person with such qualities wouldnt choose her. raj asks her not to undermine herself, as he wants to search a man, who’s ideal for her, loves her, and gives her all that she deserves. He says that then he would give her the chunri, that sarita has already given to divya. Sarita says that he cant get that chunri. Raj asks why and where is it? Sarita tells him that its with divya now, as a symbol of their love. Raj asks when and is surprised. Raj says that he has taken a oath that he would get her remarried, and she had taken the same promise, of getting him his love. She says that wherevere divya goes, she would be tied to him, hence she’s getting him remarried with divya. She tries to get him out, while he says that they shouldnt go out in this extreme weather. Sarita tries to hurry him up, saying that he has to leave as divya would go and they would miss her flight. but raj stops reminding her the oath that he had taken, that he wont see her till he gets sarita remarried. as he sits with his head in his hands, she comes to him and says that if he’s a man, it doesnt mean that he has to hold his emotions, and that crying is good for the health, and for the heart too. She motions him to cry, as she knows that he’s missing her badly. Raj gets emotional while she starts teasing him that he may not speak but write atleast. raj asks why does she care for him so much. She says that he’s her husband, then composes her saying that their relation is over and then after the court’s verdict, they wopnt be married too. She asks him to start writing giving him a blank paper. Raj says that their relation too is like this paper. He starts writing, and drawing two figures, who are alone, and decides to stop it, and make them friends. He extends his hand for freidnship with sarita. she gleefully accepts, and smiles back. She offers a coffee, and also decides to take care of extra sugar for him. she goes to get it, thinking that he has doen so much, and didnt even go to see divya, and she is indebted now forever.

In the kitchen, she happily fiddles with the cups, while making coffee for raj. She remembers her moments with raj. Fatso and munni, creep in stealthily and scare her. She asks why did they scare her. They tease her about her happiness. shgiela too asks her, and she says that they are good friends now. The fatso tells sarita the latest news that shiela is going out on a date with rohan. Fatso and munni are excited. Sarita says that she shouldnt go unchaperoned, and asks munni and fatso, but they refuse on account of exams, and asks if she can go along with her. Sending shielakamla asks why cant they go alone, or she has some other plan that she wants to go with them. sarita is hurt. Kamla refuses her to go with shiela and rohan. Sarita says that its tge age. but kamla taunts her that she couldnt control her marriage, and is now giving advise to shiela. Sohan calls for her, and she taunts sarita that she’s going and she isnt like her, whose husband left her. She is hurt, but hearing raj’s voice she composes herself, and gets coffee for him.

As sundari is about to leave, sarita says that she ‘s all alone now, and nobody came to leave her too. sundari says that she always liked her, and has seen her love and devotion. She asks why is he leaving her relation, as she doesnt understand the power of a wife, and wishes that she had understood the improtance of it in her age, she wouldnt have had to be like this, and leave being insulted. She again asks sarita not to commit this mistake, and one day she would get raj’s love. Sarita says that her descision has been taken and she wonjt go back. sundari says that everything is in god’s hands, and wherever she would be, she would pray that her husband’s love is only for her to beget.

sohan reprimands kamla for scolding sarita unnecessarily, and says that he too dislikes sarita as she couldnt sire a child, and asks her not to get involved in this, and think about what she should send to Raj’s family. Kamla too ponders. Sohan asks raj to get a gold necklace for Rohan’s mother. Raj says that he doesnt understand what women like and whats their taste. While kamla tages along, sohan says that she doesnt have any understanding of what modern women like. Sohan asks him to take sarita along for shopping. raj and sarita are both awkwardly facing each other at this prospect. Sohan says that they might be searching for each others’ life partners, but this is much easier. without causing any further delay, he asks them to leave, but on the bike, as he needs the car for himself.

As raj adjusts, and sariat is apprehensive to sit on the bike, raj asks whats the mater. sarita asks him to promise that he wont laugh. When he does so, she says that she’s scared of bikes, and fell too. He starst laughing but then apologises saying that he wont let her fall, and asks her to sit. She nervously tries to sit, holding the bike, but he asks her to hold his shoulder, if she wants. She complies, and closes her eyes, in anticipation. The screen freezes on her scared face.

Precap: It starts raining, and sarita, opening her umbrella, says that they have one umbrella, and in the earlier situations, they wouldnt have shared anything, but now that they are friends, they can share. raj comes under the umbrella, and a romantic embarassing eyegaze follows, in the rain.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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