Punar Vivah 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 15th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
when yash jokingly refers that she didnt love him, arti gets up and goes and palak boos yash that she loves yash but her kids more. Yash says that they can love each other and he would leave, pretending to be angry. Arti stops him asking him top smile. she says that she has made samosas for him, she had intentionally made for the kids but he too can eat. yash again, pretending to be angry leaves. kids are tensed and they send arti off to get him to be smiley again.

while yash is changing, arti stautues him and he complies. Then she tries to please him saying that she is determined that she would let yash go of the anger, or else he would keep standing still. yash doesnt say anything despite her instigations. she tries to romantically engage him and unable to resist any longer, he catches hold of her pallu and she is nervous with romantic excitement. He comes slowly towards her, grabbing the pallu, bit by bit. Finally holding her by the shoulders, he turns her towards him and they enter a romantic eyelock. She places her hand and face on his chest while he hugs her. while she closes her eyes in anticipation, he plays with her strands of hair, and their interlude is disturbed by the kids barging in and they all hug each other.

Next day, he asks her to give the towel. She remembers that she had already kept and asks him to try a different trick to get her in the bathroom. Just then, the servant comes and tells arti that prashant has come with a lawyer to see her.

As she goes down, the lawyer representing prashant’s side, asks her to sign the document confirming her acceptance of the legal letter. Prashant gives arti a legal notice citing it as a revenge for her slap, saying that she didnt agree on cordial mutual terms, therefore now he forcefully wants his right back. when she reads it, she is horrified to find that prashant has applied to the court for ansh’s custody. Prashant says that this has been done since ansh is his son and he would get him back from her. Arti is shocked. prashant says that now he would drag her to the court and see how can she prevent him from seeing him own son. gayatri tries to intervene but is stopped by suraj. prashant gives a threatening, reminding that he had said he would take revenge for her slap, and torture her to see her own son. yash says that custody is still a distant topic, he wouldnt even let prashant cast his shadow on their son, ansh. He challenges that prashant can try anything within his reach, but he would give a befitting reply to this legal notice. prashant leaves.

Arti is very upset at the notice but yash calms her down saying that he wouldnt let prashant succeed in his attempy. suraj, while leaving, is stopped by yash who tries to show what a bad man prashant is, who has come back for his own son, after having left him when he was in arti’s womb. He triws to talk to pankaj discussing about any suitable lawyer, but suraj says that he shouldnt expect anything or any kind of help from suraj or anybody from his family. Yash is shocked to ehar suraj talk like that.

Yash says that whatever happend between them is their personal matter, but he cant see anyone taking advantage of their situation, since he knows he love ansh. Suraj says that this woman, referring to arti, has broken his house and family down in two parts, and therefore he wouldnt help her or anyone, who supports her in any manner. As suraj mentions that he would have to leave his wife, if he wants their help, yash stops him in between saying, that he would fight alone and from now on, he wouldnt bother anyone for any of his problems as long as arti is with her. he tells her that ansh is his son, and if he has to fight the whole world together, for his son, then noone could ever defeat them. he promises to hire the city’s biggesr lawyer for their success. he takes arti and leaves the room. Suraj gets a call, from the bank saying that the 20 lakhs that he asked for is ready. suraj says that he would reach soon.

Scene 2:
Location: In a lawyer’s chamber
Yash, saying that being impressed by the lawyer’s profile, asks the lawyer to take up their case, saying that he wouldnt face any problems from their side, financially too as they would deposit his fees regularly in their account. But the lawyer says that he cant since he has already taken up on prashant’s offer to fight the case from his side. Yash and arti are shocked to hear this. He also tells them, that noone has ever been able to win a case from him. And that they should hire a cheap lawyer as it would clearly be a waste of time and also the magistrate, who will hear this case, is a one time judgement man and therefore, instead of sweating over the case, they should spend the remaining time with their son. yash says that even though he seems confident, still this time the lawyer would have to face defeat for the first time since this time, he is faced with a dad who would leave no stone unturned to keep his son close to him. They leaves his chamber.

Outside, arti poses a question to yash that if this lawyer is the besta nd the costliest in the town, then how is prashant managing to afford him, since even if his parents have that kind of mony, they would never give it to prashant for this work. She is worried as to who is helping prashant in this. The screen freezes on their tensed face.

Precap: Yash reprimands suraj for helping a person who couldnt belong to his own parents. But suraj retorts back saying that even his own son turned his back against his own parents and for now, he isnt concerned about right or wrong, he is just bothered about winning. Yash looks at him disbelievingly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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