Punar Vivah 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Punar Vivah 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 14th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’ s residence in Mumbai
Arti rushes to find the dancer, who too finds her and says that she couldnt have left her, along after seeing her pain of losing the child. The dancer tells arti, that the person who tried to kidnap her child, ayu, is somebody from her family only, telling her that its Ishita. Arti is horrified that her worst fears have come true. she asks what else ishita told her. the dancer tells her everything. Vidhi comes and misinterprets the situation, and reprimands the dancer. But arti tells vidhi that she had in fact wanted to tell her everything. Vidhi is suprrised to hear ishita’s name, when the dancer mentions what a dangerous lady ishita is. Arti says that she must have taken someone else’s help then, after her first kidnap attempt failed.

She asks the dancer for her help, in any info that she can render. The dancer tells that the people involved in kidnapping belonged to her locality. She tells about the orphanage, where they kept the baby. Vidhi identifies it to be the same as the one that pari and prateik got their son from. arti is shocked at this revelation.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hotel room
Ishita is ensually caressing yash, while he is unable to jekr himself out of consciousness. he has a hazy picture of ishita, leaning on him romantically, and he tries to attain a conscious state. He gets up in a dizzy state, and goes to the bathroom. Ishita gets a call, from arti, and picks it up, and addresses her as arti bhabhi. Arti asks her not to call her that, as she has no right.

Arti goes on to reprimand her for her low life character, while ishita is very happy of her success, eyeing yash’s shirt. Arti says that she has found a solid proof against her, which she wont be able to defy. Ishita says that she is a little too late
Arti is shocked that yash is with her. Ishita takes pleasure in torturing her. Yash tries to talk to ishita, asking her to make him talk to arti, but he collapses on the bed. arti is restless hearing yash’s voice. Ishita cancels the phone,

ishita says that he can talk to arti, but first that would happen, which has to, and after that she can give her that happiness, that yash is now ishita’s and not arti’s, and he would forever be hers, caressing him all the while.

The driver tells arti that yash has gone to hotel blue diamond, and goes to the hotel along with her

Pratiek tells the family what arti told her. He says that

Vidhi says that she knows. when asked, vidhi says that she doesnt know whats right or wrong, but she relates thne entire story to them, shocking the family. Buaji thinks that becuase of her, ishita came in the family, and she had a doubt too and also told her not to do anything like that. Radha is in a state of disbelief.

ishita eyes yash sleeping on the bed. She comes to him, and says that she wishes he understood without saying, that she loved him even before arti came in his life, and that she loves him more than her life, and that he ws forever hers. she says that she was much tormented due to him, and asks him

Yash says in a dizzy state, that he loves only arti. Ishita gets irritated and starts to convince
Yash reprimands ishits for doing this, when she is his sister in law. She says that her love for him has driven her to do this. She tells him that she would leave anything for him, and she doesnt love akash at all, and has saved herself for him. Yash jerks her away. But ishita tries to convince him, that she would be a far better lover than ishita. He asks her to stop talking nonsense. She asks him not to talk like this. She asks him to forget arti, and be with her, just like he forgot his first wife, and got on with arti.

As yash is asleep, ishita leans on him asking him to just think of her, and noone else

Arti comes in and finds them like that, and her eyes are blood shot with anger. Arti drags her by the hair, and reprimands her for doing what she did, and calls her a taint on the name of a woman. ishita asks her to stop talking, as she’s had enough, and now she wont let her come between her and yash

Arti asks if she has gone mad, ishita says that she has gone mad indeed in yash’s love. Arti slaps her, for this, and while ishita tries to slap her too, she holds her hands, and swears that shew ould have to teach ishita a lesson

Arti goes on to throw a

arti tells yash everything that the dancer

Ishita tells arti that she would never find ayu, and even if she does, she would never be able to recognise

Ishita tells arti that she has already lost enough, and now even if she has to face the guillotine for killing her, she is ready to accept that. She goes on to stabg arti with a knife, but is interrupted by yash, who slaps her and shoves her aside.Yash says that hand should never be raised on a woman, but arti was right in calling her a taint on the name of the woman. Ishita is hurt. The screen freezes on arti’s face.

Precap: Arti tells yash that they should reveal the truth about ishita to the family, before she does any other evil thing, and that they should get to ayu, before she harms him anymore. But they are shocked to find that ishita is missing from the room. Arti calls out for ishita and runs after her. Ishita runs away from there hurriedly, and gets into her car and drives off, while arti misses her by the fraction of an inch.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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